Cakes were introduced to japan centuries before the sugar became widely available in the country and was affordable to purchase, as result many japan introduced their unique way of baking cakes and sweet dishes, they started using rice, sweet beans, natural sweet plant sap and nectar as their ingredients as they were only available at that time.

Japanese people have a deep love for cakes and other sweet delicacies so much so that they say that they have “betsu-bara” or second stomach especially for cakes. When the sugar was introduced to japan via Europe, their love for cakes intensified and took a turn altogether and Japan experienced a boon and created western-style cakes by mixing their own customs and traditions. Japanese cakes are authentic treasure-troves of amusement and happiness. They will wow you by creating cakes by mixing their own traditions and will make you fall for them again and again. So, if you want to bake your own Japanese cake, inspired by their ideas or to order one for special occasions then we are here to help you out.  We have listed down below the best Japanese cake ideas for you all, they will not only help you but will also take you through their enriched culture.


Sakura flowers or cherry blossom flowers hold a special place in Japanese tradition it symbolizes that spring has arrived. Japanese are very proud of their cherry blossoms, so much so that everyone during the season of cherry blossom starts singing cherry blossom songs. This cake is easy to make and like cherry blossoms, the cake has a delicate pastel shade or you can simply keep it white. Branches of cherry blossom tree along with flowers look extremely beautiful. This cake is often prepared for weddings or anniversaries. It is often decorated with the double happiness symbol in traditional script.




Who doesn’t love pandas? Everyone does, right? If you are celebrating your baby’s birthday, then this can be a great idea because everyone on the face of this planet loves panda and finds them cute! Most of the times it is been decorated with bamboo tree design or cookies, but if you are baking this cake for a girl you can decorate the cake accordingly; you can put a flower on the head of panda and decorate the cake with Christmas tree design. These cute panda cakes are also prepared on New Year parties or Christmas.


Do you love ancient Japanese temples, like how authentic they appear, Japanese temples famous worldwide for their structure, you can prepare and decorate the cake in the Japanese temple style or get it prepared. Temple heads on the top of the cake look amazing and further you can add more detailing on the cake by adding windows and side roofs. This can be a great option for a Japanese Christmas cake.



This beautiful Japanese Christmas cake or Kurisumasu keki is characterized by strawberries placed beautifully in fluffy white whipped cream over light sponge cake. This is not only perfect for Christmas but also for small get together with friends and family or can be served to guests.



Dolls hold a special place in Japanese culture because of Hinamatsuri festival or doll’s dayin which a platform is covered with red carpet and many dolls representing the emperor, empress and attendants from the Heian periods are displayed along with other ornaments. Inspired from this festival Japanese have come up with the traditional Japanese doll cake, this cake looks beautiful and elegant on baby girl’s birthday party or at a girl’s party to add that girly touch. Most of the times a small doll is placed upon the cake or a whole doll is carved on the cake and doll is beautifully decorated and dressed up that you won’t like to cut it.



Lotus flower in Japanese tradition is considered as a symbol of purity; therefore, a beautiful lotus flower cake can be a good option for Japanese Christmas cakes. A big and beautiful white or pink lotus flower is placed on the top of the cake with its green coloured leaves sometimes more detailing is done to make it more beautiful.



Baking your very own FAN-tastic Japanese cake was never too easy; if you have a special place in your heart for Japanese fans then you can prepare this sophisticated Japanese fan cake along with cherry blossom flowers and strawberries. This Japanese fan cake is perfect for Christmas occasions.



Swan cake looks beautiful as well as elegant, a small swan is carved out of sugar moulds and is placed upon the cake, or head and neck of a swan are made and placed in the front of the cake and whole body of the cake is been decorated like its wings or whole cake is carved like a swan. Most of the times a pair of swans is been made on the Christmas wedding cake which depicts the unbreakable bond of love and togetherness and it is also symbolized as the greetings for the newlyweds that they should never ever be separated and they should live a life like that of pair of swans never separable.



This cake can be a good option for your little champ’s birthday party or for someone who loves dragon. Dragons have always held a special place in Japanese mythology and are still considered important on many traditional festivals. Sometimes dragons are drawn along with the other Japanese mythological creatures or characters which depict some mythological story. These dragon cakes are very popular in Japan and are served often on New Year or on Nagasaki Kunchi festival.


These were the best Japanese cake ideas, select your favourite from the above and prepare your very own cake.

Merry Christmas !