What better way is there to celebrate the Christmas season than by throwing a party at your home? After all, Christmas is a happy occasion and everybody should have some fun. But Christmas parties can be a tricky business and even a simple wine and cheese party requires careful planning and a lot of preparation in order to be successful.

Here are some great ideas and tips for planning a Christmas Party that is fun, festive, and most importantly, free of stress for the hostess.


Tips #1: Christmas Invitations

Make your Christmas invitations at least three weeks ahead. Christmas is a busy season and you’re not the only one who’s going to have a party. Chances are, your guests might be invited to ten other Christmas parties. So be sure your party is on the top of their schedules. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort on a fancy party only to find that nobody is coming. You may invite your friends, colleagues, relatives- whoever you want, but be sure to do it early.


Tips #2: Sending out Christmas Card Invitations

While you may manually send out invitation cards, there’s an easier and quicker way to manage your party invitations. There are many invitation service in the internet such as Evite.com, where you can easily track who has RSVPd or who hasn’t. You also have the option of adding some graphics to your invitations to make them more appealing.


Tips #3: Choosing a Christmas Party Theme

Choose a party theme that is easy to handle. Tree trimming parties are fun and completely in sync with the essence of the season. In these parties, you let your guests come over and help you in decorating your Christmas tree. If you decide to have a tree trimming party, be sure to put the Christmas lights beforehand, because this can be a difficult procedure.


Preparation for Christmas Party


Tips #4: General Cleaning

Have a major general cleaning a week before the set date for the party. You can do the cleaning one chore in one day until everything is done. Once the major part is done, you will only have minor cleaning to do a few days before the big day.


Tips #5: Christmas Party Foods

Prepare classic foods that your guests are most likely to enjoy. There is other more appropriate time for experimenting with exotic foods. Prepare those foods that you are already confident cooking.


Tips #6: More Food Tips

Here’s another tip about party food. Avoid serving foods with potential for leaving stains such as Asian Christmas recipes using soy sauce. This can damage your guest’s dress, your rug and your furniture.


Tips #7: Ask for Assistance

Involve every family member in the party from the stage of planning to the big day itself. It doesn’t have to be a heavy responsibility. You can assign your kids in taking the coat of your guests; let them help set the food on the table.


Tips #8: Decorating Home for Christmas

Beautify your home with decorations that are easy to handle. Great examples would be poinsettia plants, pine branches, amaryllis etc.


Tips #9: Photographs

Don’t forget to prepare your camera. It’s always good to keep memories of people at their most happiest.


Tips #10: Beauty Rest

Once the preparations are settled, allow yourself to relax and have a good time so you have enough energy left to be a lively hostess on the day of the party. Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve that.