Christmas poems are a good way to bring the memories of the old Christmas celebration and happy moments we had with our family and friends. We have written some of the Christmas poems that are funny and humorous. here you can find that funny Christmas poems for kids and adult.

List Funny Christmas Poems

  • Christmas Figure
  • Come, Santa
  • Gifts on Christmas
  • Christmas Cheer!
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Where are you, Santa?
  • My Snowman
  • My Christmas Gift for You
  • 12 Gifts of Christmas
  • Is Christmas Fun?

Funny Christmas Poems For Kids

Christmas Figure

Funny Christmas Poems

Christmas Figure

Most people love to eat,
That’s everyone’s weakness
Especially on holidays,
There’s a lot of sweets,

But after holiday,
We face this figure problem
Had bulky sides and huge belly
So the main goal now is to be SEXY!


Funny Christmas Poems for Kids

Make your kids enjoy the spirit of Christmas more by letting them read these Funny Christmas poems for children that are funny and personally created by me just for you. I hope you enjoy these funny Christmas poems for children.

Funny Christmas Poems for Kids

Come, Santa

Once upon a time,
I made a wish while holding a dime,
“I wish Santa come here on Christmas
Put something special on my socks”.

So every night,
I watch out for Santa,
Waiting for a huge guy
with huge belly to show up.

Then one night, my wish came true.
I saw someone huge near on my socks,
Putting something there,
I was shocked it was my DAD!

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Funny Christmas Poems about Christmas Gift


Gifts on Christmas

Christmas is here!
Let’s celebrate with cheer,
I will coz I’m happy,
I’ll get the gifts that make me merry.

Oh my friends, be my Santa,
Just like my Mama and Papa.
Gifts and cash are so much welcome,
That would surely bring me so much fun

Funny Christmas Poems for Adults

Make them burst with laughter with this Christmas poems with funny wordings just for adults. Don’t worry, I kept it clean so these funny poems can be used as Christmas card messages.

Christmas Cheer!

Christmas is my favorite,
Filling my desk with gifts,
Christmas party there and here,
Bringing so much Christmas cheer.

But guys, just take it easy.
Eat treats and drink beer moderately.
For when Christmas is over,
You won’t have a huge belly!

Short Funny Christmas Poems

Poems for Christmas, especially funny ones, don’t need to be too long just to convey the meaning and its thoughts. You can always have short funny christmas poems to share to your loved ones and friends this Christmas. Enjoy these short christmas poems funny.

Christmas Gifts

This Christmas,
I won’t ask much,
Whether it is gifts or cash
All will be accepted in a dash.

Short Funny Christmas Poems

Where are you, Santa?

Santa, Santa, where are you?
This Christmas I’ve been looking for you.
I’m gonna wish something as I’ve been good.
Except this Christmas Eve, I’ve ate a lot of food!

My Snowman


My Snowman

Snow, snow, lots of snow
I thought of something to put on show,
Make a big snowman and put carrot as its nose,
Sadly, I’m too short to do so.


Animal Christmas Party

Everyone is happy, ready for the party,
Dress up in animals, some are Santa with huge belly
I’m a donkey, you’re a monkey
Then let’s go to the Christmas party!

Funny Christmas Poems for Cards

Instead of writing a simple Christmas messages on your card, why don’t you spice it up by including funny Christmas wording on it in form of poem? Here are some of examples of humorous poems that you can use. Yes, these are also created by me. One poem is even made perfect partner of 12 gifts ideas for Christmas!

Short Funny Christmas Poems

My Christmas Gift for You

I don’t have much for you this Christmas
Except for this card packed with care and love
The gifts will be delayed, though.
Expect them to come in whole year round.
Merry Christmas!

12 Gifts of Christmas

Rather than singing the twelve days of Christmas,
I will ask for twelve gifts of Christmas
Laptop, new phone, ipad, clothes, ring and jewelry box
Add some gift basket, more gadgets and cash.

Just kidding, my friend, don’t fret.
My Christmas wish list is something simple, yet still twelve.
Happiness in life, love, peace, prosperity, success and good health.
Sexy figure, handsome boyfriend, career, some cash, yummy treats and wealth.

Simple, isn’t it?
Merry Christmas!

Humorous Christmas Poems for Children

Want more humorous and funny Christmas poems for your children. These are some of the best kid’s Christmas poems. I hope you enjoy this funny poems about Christmas that you would enjoy!

Is Christmas Fun?

How Christmas is a time for fun,
When all you save for the year are gone
Buying gifts and be stuck in the shopping craze
Long lines in the cashier lane never fail me to be amazed.

For many people, Christmas is their favorite
Getting the things they wish for as Christmas gift,
But for me, it’s not just because of that.
Christmas is time for sharing the love, and you have to remember that.

Short and Silly Funny Christmas Poems

Want to put a dash of silliness and fun in your Christmas greetings? Why don’t you try these funny and silly Christmas poems? I’m pretty sure this would make someone smile on holiday.


Christmas is here and the best part is the good cheer,
Everyone will understand the music gets loud in the car,
This is the only time to hit it hard with good beer,
But be careful not to end up in cheesy bar.

Everything that happens, all credit Santa gets,
And when they ask for your Christmas spirit,
It’s okay to show them the liquor cabinets,
After all its Christmas and there is no limit.


Christmas is here,
Kids wish for plenty,
And our pockets get empty,
Santa is praised, you get to pay.

How I wish to see,
The day I send Santa the bill,
So he knows that empty pockets can kill,
Christmas is here so let’s all make merry.

Funny Christmas Poems to Read

Reading Christmas poems is one of my past time especially when holiday is approaching. That’s why I am fond of writing some too. Here we’re sharing some of our fun to read Christmas poems. Hope you enjoy them too.


Christmas ruins all my efforts around the house,
And after months of workouts and celery sticks,
Christmas comes and suddenly I can’t limit my pick,
Even though I know I’ll need to get a larger blouse.

So I decided to write to the Santa again,
Asking why he let all the holidays go to my waist,
Post-Christmas does not have such a great taste,
Every last bit of food that I like must be banished.


While I guard the stockings and tree in the house,
I chase away all the greedy cats and mouse,
Time to have hot biscuits, or warm milk, or pie,
No one will know because they think Santa always eats.

The man with a beard and big sack never lands,
I see a figure coming down stairs with gifts in his hands,
Stealthily he walks to the tree and places them down,
Won’t the kiddies be glad when they wake up tomorrow


My father knows the proper way,
To make it sweet, a perfect day,
When it’s Christmas he wears his pants rolled,
Now I know he has truly grown old.

I was embarrassed to walk with him,
His beard I wished I could trim,
I saw him loving the mess I made on the wall,
Now I’m sure to love him with no fear at all.

Funny and Witty Christmas Poetry

Thinking about, when you say Christmas, one would only think of happy moments, decorations, feasts and good time. But looking at it closely, you’ll see that it isn’t about all that. That’s what this witty and funny Christmas poems are – Christmas Credits and Christmas Irony – all about.


I work, I buy but the bearded man gets my credits,
My milk and cookies everyone loves, but he gets my credits,
At the end of the day, they look forward to the man with the beard,
For though I do my best Christmas is still about the man with the beard.

Christmas is the only time that nobody wants to be intelligent,
Mature men drink themselves silly, looking unenlightened,
The strangeness of the day and the normal abnormality can lead Santa to be frightened,
At the end of it all, the big bellied man gets all the credits that come with Christmas!


Christmas is here and real,
The stores get bigger and fat,
Everyone’s appetite grows with every meal,
But guess who is going to pay for that!

It’s Christmas I celebrate looking to win,
But when it ends, stores grow fat and my bank account thin,
Still I want to flow with Christmas, making a snowman from snow,
I won’t stop, though it will hurt, I must enjoy a Christmas show!

Funny Christmas Poems for Kids and Kid at Heart

Who doesn’t recognize a snowman when sees one? Snowman will always be associated with Christmas, as much as Santa Claus. That’s why we wrote fun Christmas poems about, well, snowman. Here are they:


Snow, snow and more snow, I make a snowman,
In the morning, the snowman’s nose is not around,
The bunny ate it, now it’s not in the compound,
The snowman’s woes never end until Christmas ends.

The chubby fat snowman must have put up a fight,
To save his precious carrot nose and make it through the night,
Santa should have prevented the nose from turning into lunch,
The stubborn bunny enjoyed Christmas made easy with a free crunch!


It’s Christmas and I’m three,
Made a snowman for my sweet Santa,
I put it right next to me, so he could not flee,
But he wet my bed and ran away with Santa.

I know he came, because all I wrote was under the tree,
What surprised me is that daddy was wearing Santa’s shoes,
I asked why but mummy laughed, looked at daddy and led me to my gifts,
Funny Christmas made a weird impression, and to Santa today I there’s a drift.

Funny Christmas Greeting Poems

And like I said earlier, it would be great to add poems in your greetings too. Here’s another fun and humorous Christmas greetings poems that you can write in your Christmas card. You may even post this to your social media site as you greet all of your friends, family and virtual, a happy and merry Christmas. Just don’t forget to add credit back to us, alright? Here it is. Hope you like it.


Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Christmas is here,
Dance, celebrate and make merry with good cheer,
I slide down your chimney and sometimes hurt my butt,
But hey! It’s all worth it coz I get to eat the candy and milk.

Many wish to be slim with fat bank account,
But why their houses full of cheese, rum balls and beer,
Enjoy Christmas is my joy and greatest cheer,
After dropping my gifts I shout ho! Ho! Ho! With a belly full of wipe cream!

On the side note, these funny Christmas poems aim to make someone or whoever to laugh and smile, not to offend. When shared right, this will surely give fun to someone’s Christmas. This can also a perfect Christmas gift to anyone to cheer them up. We hope that you like these funny Christmas poems. share these with your friends and loved ones to spread good vibes. Lastly, enjoy the holiday. Merry Christmas!