Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration. Among other things, preparing and sharing the most delicious food items is an important aspect of the festivities. Desserts form a key part of such delicacies. White chocolate, made of sugar, milk, and cocoa butter is a rich ingredient of many such items. Here is a list of some of the finest white chocolate-based items that are ideal as Christmas gifts.

Best White Chocolate Food Ideas For Christmas Gift

1. Dried Cranberry and Chocolate Cookies:


These are cookies studded with white chocolate chips. The cranberries and rolled oats present in the item gives these cookies a special crunchy feel that you are sure to relish.

2. White Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Cookies:


These cookies also have a liberal portion of white chocolate embedded in them. These are family thick in size like the ones available at the baker’s stores. Their golden and crispy outside and soft texture inside make them a favourite item at every Christmas meal.

3. Big White Chocolate, Almond and Cranberry Cookies:


In addition to white chocolate, almond and cranberry are the main ingredients of these cookies. Both almond flour and toasted almonds are used. These cookies are quite crispy and chewy and present a wonderful double nutty flavor.

4. Macadamia Nut Butter Cookies:


These are soft and delicious butter cookies that would literally melt in one’s mouth. The white chocolate adds to its soft and creamy nature. This is a food item that can be prepared with ease in just about 25 active minutes but enjoyed for days together.

5. White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies with Dried Cranberries:


This is a fabulous type of crunchy cookie that brings together tart cherries, macadamia nuts and creamy white chocolate chips. The flavor is something you should taste and experience.

6. Matzo Bark with Pink Peppercorns and Fennel:


This is a wonderful treat that brings together White Chocolate and Matzo Bark as main ingredients. Other ingredients like crushed pink peppercorns, fennel, and flaky sea salt counterbalance the sweetness of the white chocolate. Thus we can enjoy a tender peppery and floral brunch.

7. Warm Blondie Pudding:


This is a fudgy dessert item that makes use of ground almonds rather than almond flour. Thus it is gluten-free. The confectionery item can be served by itself as a delicious dessert. To make it more attractive, it can be topped with fresh raspberries and crème fraîche. The active time involved in preparing this amazing dessert is just 20 min.

8. White Chocolate Walnut Muffins:


This is a muffin with a difference. Apart from the walnut as an ingredient, it combines the right blend of white chocolate is present. Further, it is caramelized and toasted to produce a delicious and irresistible item at any Christmas meal.

9. Matcha Tea Marshmallow Crispy Treats:


This is an unusual and unconventional treat. It is a special combination of tannic, floral green tea and delicious white chocolate. It goes well with crunchy and buttery original Rice Krispies. The slight salty tinge adds to the richness of the combination.

10. Coconut Rocher:


This is a very simple but delectable chocolate teat with very few ingredients. It is an ideal delicacy for the festive time. Their value can be enriched further by adding roasted and slivered almonds into it.

11. White Chocolate and Pumpkin Mousse Pie:


This is an innovative American version of the traditional pumpkin pie. It has a marvelous pumpkin and-white-chocolate-mousse filling along with a superb crunchy crust. It takes 45 active minutes for preparing this holiday treat.

12. No-Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake:


This is a new version of the cheesecake developed by a famous chef and cookbook author Kamran Siddiqi. The main ingredients are melted white chocolate and citrus zest which make up a creamy filling to create a special flavor. It is usually topped with jam and strawberries. It can be refrigerated and used for a period of 3 days without losing its original quality.

13. White Chocolate S’mores Gooey Cake Bars:


These cake bars are simply fabulous as a Christmas snack. The main ingredients are a cake mix, butter, egg, sweetened condensed milk, graham crackers, a few marshmallows, and of course a small number of white chocolate chips. They are ready in about 45 min and have a golden look.

14. Mint Cookies With White Chocolate Ganache:


The key ingredients required to prepare these delicious cookies are butter, egg, flour, finely chopped mints and white chocolate. They would tempt anyone to try and enjoy the crisp and soft texture and taste.

15. White Chocolate And Ricotta Cheesecake:


It is a delectable and mouth-watering form of cheesecake that serves as an excellent dessert item. It is surprisingly light on our tummy despite the white chocolate content. It involves only half an hour of active baking as well.

16. Coconut Key Lime Thumbprints:

This is a special type of cookie. The recipe for this was revealed by one of the contestants at the World Food Championships held in Las Vegas in 2013. This cookie appears more or less like a shortbread thumbprint cookie, but has better flavour and taste.

17. Elegant White Chocolate Mousse:

As the name suggests, the mousse is definitely elegant and delicious. The main ingredients are whipped cream and white chocolate combine to provide a special touch to the overall flavour.

18. Curry-Kissed Coconut Fudge:


This will a hit with all those who enjoy the typical coconut-based flavours of Thailand, and are fond of fudge. This coconut fudge can be modified by adding a small quantity of sweetened curry powder.

19. Blackberry Cheesecake Cups:

This is a mini dessert where the flavour of white chocolate enriches the flavour of blackberries. The wonderful combination of crunchy chips, blackberry puree, and pretzel crust that is sweet and salty makes this an extraordinary festive treat.

20. Unicorn Manes:

Who doesn’t love the traditional shortbread cookie? These can be made delicious by dipping them into white chocolate melted baking chips and colorful sprinkles. The final effect of this treat is stunning.

21. Chocolate Pomegranate Candies:

This is one recipe where both white and dark chocolate are blended with other natural ingredients to create a wholly new and tasty treat for the festive occasion and perfect to be gifted away.

22. Triple Chocolate Mousse Tart:

When you are in no mood to bake something, you can think of creating a triple chocolate mousse tart. You can have a flexible order for different layers and achieve slightly different effects by being creative. Your guest will surely adore your gift.

23. White Chocolate Cranberry Almond Tart:

This is a tart that brings out the best of the key ingredients – sweet white chocolate, tangy cranberries, and the crunchy healthy almond slivers. It turns out to be a favorite festive dessert.

24. Limoncello Cream Pie:

The lemon pie served after a fabulous Christmas dinner is simply irresistible. It is cool and refreshing. The flavour is heightened with the addition of limoncello that adds further charm to the creamy and tasty slice of the pie.

25. Raspberry Cream Sugar Cookies:

These sugar cookies are made by filling them with raspberry cream cheese that is quite tangy. It is best to enjoy the great taste of the cookies after leaving them in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes.

26. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies:

We all know how popular the red velvet cake is. Here is a pie that is an adaptation of the traditional red velvet cake. For the purpose of filling, packaged cream cheese frosting can be used. The overall effect is marvellous.

27. Peppermint White Hot Chocolate:

This is a very welcome independent item to warm up after a day out in the cold Christmas season. Your guests would surely feel cheered and grateful. It can also go well along with a festive brunch or an elaborate afternoon or evening tea party.

28. Cheesecake Pops:

This is a dessert that can be prepared quickly and easily at short notice. It goes well at any kind of meal. The toppings can be varied to suit the occasion and the tastes of the hostess.

29. White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies:

This is an item that fits well into any grand party including Christmas lunch and wedding receptions. The bars can cut into a triangular shape to make them look more appealing. Then the final touch comes in the form of drizzling white chocolate over each piece.

30. Potato Chip Clusters:

This is a treat that requires no baking and is easy to make. It has three unusual ingredients – potato, white chocolate, and candy clusters. It is sweet-and-salty and the crowd likes it at Christmas and other parties. These can be transported conveniently and presented to friends since it does not melt or become soft soon.

31. Double Delights:

Here is a combination treat. A blend of white chocolate and vanilla in this out-of-this-world cookies make them simply fabulous. They are most popular at Christmas time but available round the year.

32. White Chocolate-Strawberry Tiramisu:

It is an innovative adaptation of the classic tiramisu dessert. It brings together: strawberries and white chocolate to create a totally new effect. To make it more welcome for diet-conscious guests you can lighten it up with non-dairy whipped topping and low-fat cream cheese.

33. White Chocolate Christmas Torte:

This is a raspberry filled cake that will be accepted as an extraordinary and delicious dessert with any festive meal. The white chocolate effect cannot be missed out.

34. White Chocolate Macadamia Gluten-free Cookies:

White baking chips along with macadamia nuts combine beautifully in this recipe to give us superb butter cookies. They are a very different and welcome change from the traditional chocolate chip cookies.

35. Cookies ‘n’ Cream Fudge:

It is a novel item of baked confectionery that brings the crunchy chunks of cookie sandwiched between other delicacies. It turns soft as time passes. It is another great festive treat.

36. Dipped Gingersnaps:

These are also a kind of cookies that are quite soft and chewy. The delectable gingersnaps become even more inviting when they are dipped in white chocolate. A great treat to remind us of the festive spirit all around.

37. White Hot Chocolate:

This is a sweet and creamy White Chocolate hot drink. It can be prepared within minutes and has just three key ingredients. These are milk, white chocolate, and some vanilla extract. Optionally, you can take the liberty of adding a pinch of salt to the hot chocolate to moderate the sweetness.


38. Malted Milk Melting Snowman Cake:

As the name suggests this is a wonderful item to be presented at any important Christmas meal. The taste provided by the exotic combination of white chocolate and malted milk is splendid of course. But the greater attraction is the thematic shape of the cake in the form of a snowman at the top part that creates the real spirit of Christmas. Kids would love it most. They can even decorate the cake with buttons, icing, and chocolate sticks and have great fun.

39. White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake:

This is a great pudding that involves no cooking. The flavor is simply irresistible and hence it is the right kind of dessert for any type of festive occasion, especially Christmas, to have in a relaxed manner.

40. White Chocolate Mousse With Poached Rhubarb:

White chocolate mousse with poached rhubarb garnished with pomegranate seeds

This is a wonderful dessert just right for the Christmas season to make your guests cheerful. This light, white chocolate mousse has s other ingredients some fresh and sweet rhubarb that is poached for better taste. As a topping, we can add some crunchy oats that will enhance the overall texture.

41. White Chocolate And Cardamom Tart With Raspberry Dust:

This special combination tart turns out to be a favorite white chocolate dessert that will leave a nice feel in the mouths of the guests. We usually sprinkle some dried raspberry dust as a topping to lend an extra flavor.


42. Blackberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Cups:

This is one of the best white chocolate recipes because it includes blackberries, which are known to acquire a different and enhanced flavor when mixed with this ingredient. The base of this cheesecake is just spectacular, as it combines both pretzel and chips. The garnishing is done with whole blackberries, a classic idea that never fails. The blogger has shown how to present this cheesecake as a gift too.


43. White Chocolate Peanut Butter:

We didn’t even know White Chocolate Peanut Butter existed until we saw it on Fifteen Spatulas. So we can bet your recipient will be pleasantly surprised when they get it from you. You have no idea how easy it is to make this dessert, especially since it sounds so fancy. The best part is that it can be stored for several months in the refrigerator, so that makes it a brilliant make-ahead Christmas food gift idea as well. But don’t make it months before presenting.


44. White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark:

Talking about white chocolate and peanut butter combination, how about making this decadent White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark? Barks is no less than a staple during Christmas, so that makes it perfect for gifting as well. This bark has a white chocolate base with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla and is topped with peanut butter and roughly chopped pretzels, which provides a salty kick to the otherwise sweet and delicious dessert.


45. White Chocolate Cupcakes:

White Chocolate Food Ideas for Christmas Gift

A box full of cupcakes never fails to bring a smile to faces, especially when they are white chocolate cupcakes. You can make the base with any vanilla cake mix, but ensure that the frosting is nearly perfect. This particular recipe has cream cheese and white chocolate frosting and is then topped with white chocolate curls. Such a perfect white Christmas dessert idea.


46. White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Fudge

Here’s another lovely combination of white chocolate and pistachio which we couldn’t help including in our list of white chocolate food ideas for Christmas gift. This fudge is made with 6 rich ingredients, which include cranberry, pistachio, white chocolate, making it perfect for the holidays. However, they are a bit sweet, so keep the health profile and taste of the recipients in mind before gifting them this fudge.


47. Mint-White Chocolate Mousse Cake:

White Chocolate Food Ideas for Christmas Gifts

This Mint-White Chocolate Mousse Cake is so gorgeous and so perfectly made that we might think twice before cutting it. The color combination of green and white looks absolutely fantastic and fitting for Christmas. And the deliciousness of mint and chocolate together is known across the world. We also loved the idea of decorating the cake with a chocolate transfer sheet. They are easy to use and take the presentation to another level.


48. Irish Cream Brownies with Caramelized White Chocolate Buttercream:

White Chocolate Food Ideas for Christmas Gift

This dark, decadent and fudgy chocolate brownie with caramelized white chocolate buttercream will take your recipients’ taste bud for a swing. We love the fact that it isn’t any regular brownie. This dessert has amazing flavors of Irish cream, along with chocolate and of course, white chocolate, which is caramelized to give the brownie a distinct flavor. You’ll definitely enjoy baking it.


49. Saffron White Chocolate Cornflakes Tart:

If you’re looking for something different to gift to your friends and family, this Saffron White Chocolate Cornflakes Tart would be perfect. It may sound like any ordinary tart, but this tart has rich Indian flavors, which make it stand out. Both saffron and ghee or clarified butter are staples to Indian cuisine and this recipe makes good use of it. Apart from these two ingredients, the recipe also calls for rose petals and pistachio, which give it a traditional touch. We also loved the idea of using crushed cornflakes for the tart base.


50. White Chocolate Cranberry Almond Tart:

How gorgeous looking is this white chocolate, cranberry, and almond tart? We guarantee you that it tastes even better. So imagine how happy the receiver will be with this gift? We loved the idea of pairing white chocolate with sweet ad tangy cranberries. And almond provides the much-needed texture and crunch to this delish dessert. You should definitely try it out.


51. White Chocolate Blondies:

White Chocolate Food Ideas for Christmas Gift

How about gifting your near and dear ones some classic blondies? And when they are topped with white chocolate chips they become the perfect crowd-pleaser. These blondie bars have a fudgy texture and are infused with white chocolate, which gives an entirely different flavor to it. We’d suggest you pipe the brownies with melted chocolate to give it a beautiful look. And there’s nothing like too much chocolate, right?


52. White Chocolate Candy Cane Truffles:

We love the idea of sending truffles as a food gift. They are small in size, dry, and are incredibly easy to make. And a box of chocolates or candies never really disappoints anyone, isn’t it? Here’s an amazing white chocolate and candy cane truffle recipe, simply perfect for Christmas. It’s soft and gooey on the inside and is topped with crunchy and refreshing crushed candy canes on the outside. The combination of white chocolate and peppermint is just incredible.


53. Rose Petal-White Chocolate Bark:

Here’s another brilliant white chocolate Christmas gift idea for you. Firstly, this bark looks absolutely gorgeous with rose petals and pistachio tossed on it. And we’re confident they taste regal too. Plus, it’s very easy to make, which is such a prerequisite when you’re making huge batches of Christmas food gifts for friends and family. Just ensure that you have all the ingredients handy and it will be done in minutes.


54. Red Velvet Brownies:

White Chocolate Food Ideas for Christmas Gift

We just cannot get enough of red velvet because they look so Christmassy with their red and white color combination. These brownies do not just look beautiful but taste even better because they are filled with white chocolate chips. And this brownie doesn’t require too much cocoa powder, which is so very essential because red velvet isn’t about cocoa at all. It has a different flavor of its own and this recipe has done its best to maintain the authenticity of real red velvet.


55. White Chocolate-Strawberry Pie:

Pies make such fantastic food gifts that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing this supremely awesome and beautiful looking White Chocolate and Strawberry Pie. The blogger suggests using strawberries fresh out of the farm for this pie, but if you can’t get it, regular, supermarkets ones would also do. The pie has a graham cracker crust, which is filled with a mix of cream cheese and yogurt and then topped with melted white chocolate. The pie is decorated with fresh strawberries and melted white chocolate again. Easy, isn’t it?


We see that all kinds of delicious desserts and other food delicacies get enriched by the right mix of white chocolate. It is an excellent ingredient that helps to produce marvelous food ideas, especially for the Christmas season. These, in turn, can be shared as loving gifts to take the Christmas joy to a higher level.

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