filipino-christmas-foodsMany tourists visiting the country has a lot to look forward to other than the smile of the people, places to go and friendship because Filipino Christmas foods is also another reason to spend Christmas in the Philippines. If this is your first time to visit the country and especially on Christmas then you should not miss all the foods commonly served during the holiday season.

Take note, the Philippine is called “land of the fiesta” because every year different provinces celebrate fiesta but the one celebration that is considered the biggest in the country is the holiday season, which the Catholic Church dubbed as the biggest and most celebrated fiesta of all.

The following are popular Filipino Christmas foods, which will surely tickle the taste buds and make a person, crave for more.


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Morcon is always considered a holiday dish for Filipinos. The dish defines what meat overload is. Each morcon roll is stuffed hotdogs, sausage, egg, cheese and pickles and carrots. These ingredients are stuffed inside a round beef flank. This dish is already a sumptuous feast by itself already.


This native Filipino delicacy is always a Christmas staple and would sure to bring back nostalgic childhood memories on every bite. Bibingka is a rice cake that has toppings of contrasting flavors. Every bite is such a remarkable experience. The melted cheddar cheese on the tiny slices of salted red egg is uniquely delicious.

Embutido (Filipino Meat Loaf)

Puto Bumbong

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This purple-colored dessert is truly a Filipino native delicacy. The sweet rice is even more interesting to eat because apart from the delicious taste many people find it one of a kind, simply because it is cooked, using a specially made bamboo tubes and steamed just right. The puto bumbong served hot with grated coconut, margarine and sugar.

Crispy Pata



This Spanish-inspired menu is commonly cooked in the Philippines the whole year round but is also another Christmas and holiday staple dish. Paella is rice and viand all combine into just one pan. The white rice is topped with the delicious mix of seafood, meat and green vegetables all cooked in a shallow pan. It is definitely one loaded dish to look out for.

Kaldereta Caldereta

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Filipinos’ one beloved favorite Christmas and holiday dish is the traditional pansit. Believe to cause long life; pansit will always be on every gatherings and festivities. It is a dish of rice noodles cooked with meat and stir-fried with vegetables. It is not just delicious but is also one healthy dish.


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A perfect for a cup of hot chocolate while the family is opening up those presents under the family, the traditional ensaymada sure fits the season. This delightful buttery treat makes the Christmas evening light and complete. The perfect saltiness of butter and the sweetness of sugar make it perfect. Topped with cheese, this traditional Filipino bread will always be there.

Leche flan

Indulge your sweet tooth on something as delightful as leche flan. This creamy dessert made from milk and egg yolk is just tasty. The caramelized sugar adds that brownish color and that sweet pungent aroma. It is a classic delightful treat for every family celebrating the festivities. A truly popular delicacy from the Philippines, leche flan, is nothing short of splendid.

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad can be commonly found in any Christmas table. One remarkable thing about this Filipino dish is that it is so simple to make. You could also use varieties of different ingredients. Whether you prefer to toss are some chicken slices or tiny cubes of carrots, which would be your choice. This creamy white treat would always remind you of home.

Quezo De Bola

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Queso de Bola can be used as a present and at the same time centerpiece on the Christmas table. This Filipino Christmas staple is something unique. Preferably eaten in small slices, queso de bola is known for its salty taste. The red round ball of cheese is always a Christmas mainstay.

Roasted Chicken




Christmas Ham

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Pinoy hamon is always one of the main courses on every Christmas deal. It symbolizes Christmas for Filipinos. The pork leg is cured and smoked until it achieves that soft tender state. Unlike its Spanish counterpart, Filipino ham is sweeter and much flavorful. This is another must have noche Buena food and definitely part of the Filipino Christmas foods.


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Lechon would always be a part of a big Filipino celebration. The whole pig has been slowly roasted to perfection. The crispy skin is always something to look out for as a lot of people would always go for the skin. The remaining slices could be made into other dishes like lechon paksiw.


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Who says barbecue is just for summer? Filipino Barbecue is something that could always be found on almost any Christmas feast. The secret of the flavor actually comes from the marinating cocktails and the richness of the sauce. The key is to brush the skewered pork while it is being grilled on hot coals.

Buko Pandan

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Another creamy rich sweet dessert from the Philippines is Buko Pandan Salad. The main ingredients would be shredded young coconut meat and pandan-flavored jelly. The shreds and jellies on that sweet thick milk is definitely too inviting. Its unique flavor would always make this dessert a Christmas staple.

Buko Salad

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Buko salad is a creamy rich treat from the Philippines. As coconut is an abundant plant in the place, buko salad could be easily made from young coconut meat. All other ingredients are also locally-produced like sugar palm (kaong) and nata de coco. This local dessert delicacy will always earn its spot on the Christmas table.

Crispy Pata

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Filipinos just love their meat so much it shows on their dish. Crispy pata is one dish made entirely out of pork’s leg. It is first simmered in boiling water to make it tender and easy to eat along with some spices to make it flavorful. Once the meat is tender, it is then deep-fried for that crunchy crispy bite.

Fruit Salad

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Filipino Christmas desserts would usually be a salad. The Filipino fruit salad is a combination of those fruit cocktails in a can and adding something fresh like young coconut shreds. Adding pineapple chunks or tidbits also adds something different to otherwise all-sweet flavor. Other fruits could also be put on the salad, all according to your preference.


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Beef kaldereta would show how the main course should be done. This one serious beef stew is loaded with color, flavor and aroma. Aside from beef, goat meat could also be used in this dish. Some would add peanut butter for a richer texture and that unique sweet taste. It is loaded with different spices and herbs that would make your Christmas fuller.

Sotanghon Soup

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Filipino families would always have something to feast on while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Chicken Sotanghon Soup is that light perfect meal that could be shared during Christmas Eve. The soup is really more comforting as it warms the chilly night. The soup is tasty and healthy at the same time.


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Pinoy Style Spaghetti is something uniquely Filipino. The sweet sauce makes it different from its Italian counterpart. Mostly peppered with ground beef and hotdog slices, this pasta dish can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. Every year it never fails to show up on the Christmas table.

Hot Chocolate

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A good old cup of Tablea tsokolate, or Filipino hot chocolate warms a soul. Every cup of this pure chocolate delight is pure delight. Every sip is like a time travel bringing you back to your childhood days. The rich aroma and flavor of chocolate is just too good to pass on. Filipinos enjoy drinking hot tsokolate together with bibingka, puto bumbong and other native delicacies in the morning or afternoon. The hot chocolate is definitely a part of Filipino Christmas tradition.