Christmas is that season of the year where we all host terrific and delicious dinner parties. Our kids and guests kids will be cheering with joys to make Christmas merry. So here is some ideas about,  Christmas Party Snacks for Kid, that will help you to make some snakes to that kids to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Party Snacks for Kid

To ease out your hassles, we’ve scoured the web for some awesome finger food ideas and jotted down below for your reference. From the new take on cookies to dips to desserts, these easy-to-make snack recipes are sure to tease the pallet of both kids and grown-ups.

Ready to wow your friends, children, neighbours, and colleagues by being the ultimate party host/hostess?


Christmas Party Snacks for Kid

Get the fresh strawberries all covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles to wow the kids. Do not stop there. Go ahead and make a batch of Caramel apples as well. Trust us, they won’t last long! RECIPE HERE

Christmas Cookie Dough Dip

6 ingredients (butter, sugar, flour, cream cheese, and Chobani® Non-Fat Vanilla Blended Greek Yogurt, and a pinch of sprinkles), 5 minutes – the delicious party appetizer to enjoy every bite at disposal. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Jell-O

Jell-O Alert! We agree these festive jellos are too cute to eat. But with whipped cream and Christmas toppings, the jiggly bites are too good to resist. By the way, when was the last time your kiddos enjoyed a Jell-O? RECIPE HERE


Add a batch of these bite-sized marshmallow treats to your Christmas dinner table. With extra sweetness and delightful colors, you can taste Christmas in every bite. Plus, they’re super easy to make. RECIPE HERE

String Cheese Snowmen

Kids and Pinterestians are already going gaga over this too-cute-to-eat holiday snack. You’ll never look at the string cheese sticks the same way again, will you? And of course, if you’re looking for an alternative to sugary snacks, this is it, mommies! RECIPE HERE

Grinch Fruit Kabobs

A ‘fruity’ way to impress the kiddos. With mini marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, and green grapes, this is the simplest and ‘I want more’—starter to add to your Christmas party snack list. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Present Oreo Balls

If Oreo is involved, all will be in! These yummy holiday appetizers—made with cream cheese, International Delight Peppermint Mocha creamer, Red and green candy melts, and butter – are sure to fly off your plates. RECIPE HERE

Appetizer Tree

Wanna upgrade your ordinary Christmas snacks? Try this appetizer tree made out of olives, pickles, cheese cubes, ham cubes or rolls, and tomatoes. Ready to give some sneaky, snacky surprise to your guests of honor? RECIPE HERE


You can never go wrong with an Oreo treat. People will love these double sided Oreo dipped partially or completely in white chocolate and decorated with candy melt tree, sprinkles, and a tiny star.  RECIPE HERE


This marshmallow pop is one incredible snack that’s so tempting and chocolaty. Make them more festive by decorating with candy melts in various colors, sprinkles, and tiny candies. Is this something your party was missing? RECIPE HERE

Pretzel M&M Hugs {Christmas Style}

You’re just three ingredients away from turning square pretzels into something spectacular this holiday season. Spread Hershey’s Hugs chocolates and Milk Chocolate M&M’s onto the pretzels and you’re good to go. RECIPE HERE

Oreo Christmas Coal

Oreo cookies and marshmallow work wonders especially when kids are involved. And mixed with butter, these tummy-filling coal cookies will be the showstopper. Stack few cookies, roll them in a cellophane, and tie with a festive ribbon; the Oreo cookie gift is ready! RECIPE HERE


All we want in winter is some hot chocolate to warm us up. This Grinch hot chocolate is doubly delicious when topped with whipped cream, green sprinkles, and red heart. RECIPE HERE

The Ultimate popcorn bar

Hosting a Christmas movie night? What better way to enjoy the movie night with your kids then a delicious popcorn bar? It takes only 15-20 minutes to set this ultimate popcorn bar. RECIPE HERE

Reindeer bait

A delicious delight for Rudolf! Keep this in the fridge to surprise the unexpected guests and when bundled up in a pretty goody bag it becomes a good gifting option for all sort of personalities. RECIPE HERE

Christmas crack chex mix

If you need a super-quick Christmas snack, then this recipe is just for you. In less than 30 minutes (including the freezing time), you can turn Chex mix, cheerios, salted peanuts, M&M’s, pretzels, and chocolate into an addictive mix. RECIPE HERE

Oreo cookie ball tree

Put your snack making and decorating skills to the test by turning Oreo cookies into an Oreo cookie ball tree. Don’t you think these pretty delights also make for an elegant holiday dinner table display? RECIPE HERE

M&M’S Christmas Cookie Bars

Packed with chocolate, these yummy delights are holiday cookie staple! Wouldn’t these M&M’S Christmas Cookie Bars look adorable and tempting on a holiday party platter? Bonus – the cookie kit is an excellent gift! RECIPE HERE

Christmas lasagna

Spoiler alert: What better way to finish off Christmas dinner then this soul-stirring layered dessert with buttery red velvet shortbread crust and peppermint cheesecake layer? And yes, the white chocolate pudding and whipped cream are giving a flavorful twist to this Christmas lasagna.  RECIPE HERE

Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Dipped with caramel and chocolate, these pretzel rods are a sweet way to impress the kids. Make a batch of these yummy bites and give as gifts to friends and neighbours. Feel free to get creative!


Red Velvet Banana Bread

Red velvet cake mix and banana? No quizzical looks guys! It’s delectable, easy to make, and when decorated with white chocolate and Christmas sprinkles, makes a classic holiday dessert you can’t resist but enjoy.


White Chocolate Ting-a Lings

Rich, chocolaty, sweet and salty, but made with few ingredients, no one will ever get a clue that these White Chocolate Ting-a Lings fall under the no-bake category. RECIPE HERE

Sugared Cranberries

There’s no doubt that cakes, pies or cocktails garnished with sugared cranberries will make a delicious Christmas treat. A small tip: Do not boil the granulated sugar-water mix or the cranberries may pop when added.  RECIPE HERE

M&M Cookie Dough Stuffed Fudge

Exclusive for fudge lovers! Swap a traditional dessert or pie for cookie dough stuffed fudge. These soft crumbly fudgy bites are great for passing out as gifts to friends and family. And of course, they are easy to make as well. RECIPE HERE


It doesn’t get much buttery than this peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate and coated with Christmas sprinkles. A snowy night filled with laughter, fun, movies, and a platter of buckeye balls – Heaven, no lesser than heaven! RECIPE HERE

Red Velvet Cookie Sandwiches

Why choose a traditional red velvet cake when you can have red velvet cookie sandwiches? And you know what makes it more appealing? The sprinkles! Does it already put you in holiday cheer? RECIPE HERE

Marshmallow Snowman

Create a snowman of your own with marshmallows for a delicious holiday snack. Place three marshmallows on top of each other, connect them with a toothpick, and let your kids be creative with placing eyes and nose. RECIPE HERE

Grinch Kabobs

Add this simple and healthy appetizer to your Christmas snack list. Made with bananas, strawberry, and marshmallow, these Grinch kabobs are sure to catch more eyeballs. Thank us later for adding this to the list! RECIPE HERE

Hot Dog Stocking Appetizer

Hot dogs aren’t just for breakfast and dinners. Skewer the hot dog pieces in the barbeque stick, pipe the cream cheese to emulate the stocking decor, and decorate with sprinkles. That’s it! RECIPE HERE

Boozy Christmas Cherry Bombs

Vodka always does its job by bringing out the drunken monkey in us. So, why not make a  boozy bowl of Christmas cherry bombs decorated with holiday nonpareils?