Christmas story is part of Christmas celebration, wherein different inspirational tales and folks are originated from it. One of the best-known Christmas stories is the tales of Baboushka from Russia. Read on and enjoy this inspiring Christmas story for children and kids at heart.


The Story Of Baboushka

Baboushka in Russia literally means ‘old woman’ or ‘grandmother’. She keeps sharing her gifts among young children. She was lived in a lofty and warm house, where no one is staying with her. She used to feed animals and provided a support for those people who are in needs.


Until, one stormy night Baboushka was so lonely and look for a company to stick with. She heard some loud noise outside her house. Until, she decided to open the door to check whether there is someone who’s asking for her help. And she found out three men wearing expensive clothes.


She invited the three men to come over her house, but suddenly they refused. Instead, they asked the old Baboushka to travel and see the newly born Child from Bethlehem. The old woman decided to travel and see the Child.


Baboushka brought her presents to the Child and traveled with the three men. From here, she used to love sent gifts to the young children she meets. This is how; we obviously inherited the ethical practice of sharing Christmas gift especially to young children, now and then.