Tracking Santa: The First Day

(December 1, 2013)


It is that time of the year again! We will again be busy for the next days . . . until the birthday of Jesus Christ.


Let me tell you something about myself. My name is Angel. I am the chief toy designer in Santa’s toy factory and craft workshop. I have very dark hair and pale skin (because it is so cold in here). My eyes are quite big, say my co-designers. Even so, I have a nose small enough to fit my face.


I have been working in Santa’s toy factory and craft workshop for 5 Christmas seasons already. But it is just this year that I have been promoted by Santa to be a chief toy designer. I have three assistants: Mary, Luke, and James. They are very good designers.
Yesterday the whole team of the factory got some ‘briefing’ from Santa Claus. He has lost some weight, I suppose. Maybe he has started hitting the gym? Anyway, he told the whole team that this year, there are more nice kids!—Hooray!—which also means we need to make more gifts than last year. Santa said Rudolf and the other reindeers also need to be re-trained fast. I wonder why he is a wee bit…how shall I put this…excited? He is anticipating it.


So as I was saying, I was appointed only this season to be the chief toy designer. This day, we have been making nothing but dolls. My three assistants—Mary, Luke, and James—have been helping out a lot. Mary is especially gifted in making the hair strands for the dolls. James is very good at assembling the parts. Luke helps me design the dolls—and he came up with a lot of good work. We have been designing different toys—unique for every boys and girls around the world. So far, our favorite that we have created is a doll. It is not a simple doll—it is a porcelain doll. It is of the size of a child’s arm. It has long, black hair that could be tied in a bun. It is wearing a pink kimono with floral patterns in the color of lavender.

At the end of the day, Santa went in our cabin to check out the dolls we have been doing. Then he saw the porcelain doll and liked it most. I said it was Luke’s design! He was really grateful and told us that the little girl would love it.


Our hearts really felt warm. It is just the first day but we are already happy and excited. I am looking forward to the next days. But for now, we have to rest and eat our supper.


So, that;s it for now. I’ll give you more updates on tracking Santa Claus soon! Keep posted!


Tracking Santa Anchor,