tree-topper-1There’s just too much to be excited about the entire Christmas season. I may say that even the early decoration stage is going to be a worthwhile creative activity for the parents and a bonding moment with the kids. The most common Christmas decorations in a house are wreaths on the doors, vines on the stairs and windows, hanged stockings, snowman on the backyards but the most loved is of course none other than – tadaaaaaaaaa – the Christmas Tree! This Yuletide tree has been said to have lots of historical significance and reasons why it’s been decorated before, and the practice continues till today. In the classic tradition, real trees are used like evergreen , conifer such as spruce, or pine or fir bringing the calmness of the nature into the house. Evergreen symbolizes eternal life. Though in the later years the people realized using real trees could be harmful to the nature someday, so the use of artificial trees and even artificial decorations became the solution for the most households. Anyway, no matter what your tree is, whether it’s a real one or an artificial, please agree with me that it wouldn’t be complete until you see an eye-catching Christmas Tree Topper. I know, I know the tree could still stand without it, but what I really mean is that it would look dull and bald.

You can have this as your yearly tradition of letting the youngest in the family put the tree topper. Too sweeeeeeet!

Traditionally, Christmas Tree Toppers are Angels or Stars. For the record the most popular among the two was the Angel then next in popularity is the Star. Later on, different season figures like Santa, Snowman and even non-religious stuffs are hot items for an awesome Christmas Tree Topper. That’s what we compiled for you in this post. Some of the best Christmas tree toppers on different sizes, colors, designs and styles. Tell you, Christmas tree toppers won’t always have to be an Angel, Star or Santa. You can check on some lighted tree toppers, homemade-handmade do it yourself (DIY) yet very beautiful Christmas tree topper ideas. Make everyone who sees your Yule tree be wowed on how you heartily decorated the crown or the top of your Christmas Tree 2013.

Awesome Christmas Tree Toppers

First, we’d be sharing with you the Traditional Christmas Tree Toppers so you’d have fine time to choose which really catches your attention.

Angel Tree Topper

The angel is a symbolic host that proclaimed the news of Jesus’ birth in the manger, towards the shepherd and all throughout the world. Since angels are believed to be good, having one on top of your Christmas tree encourages everyone especially the kids to be good. That someone is watching over them and to keep them safe. Still a very touching presence.

Vintage Angel Tree Topper

Lighted Angel Tree Toppers

Here are some different kinds of lighter Angel tree toppers.  One has no face but just figure, one has a trumpet and one is holding candles. Usually an angel is wearing white but the last one wears red.

Lighted White Capiz Shell and Gold Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Kurt Adler 10″ Lighted Capiz Angel Tree Topper

Burgundy and Gold Lighted Angel Tree Topper

Fiber Optic Angel Tree Topper
This angel topper below is very elegant. So outstanding and so glorious looking!

Star Tree Topper

Symbolized the Christmas Star (Star of Bethlehem) led the 3 wise men to the manger where Jesus was born. It was said to be the brightest and the most unique star that night. Star gives light and to have this at home would mean guidance for the family.

Lighted Star Tree Topper or Led Tree Toppers

I myself loves light items very much too. Every Christmas season, it’s either I buy a lighted key chain, a lighted pen or a lighted  ball. That’s why I don’t really wonder if lighter tree toppers are very much in demand during Christmas. It’s indeed a season full of colorful lights. Here are some super adorable lighter star tree toppers. You’d be so torn between this and that for sure.

Lighted Deluxe Hanukkah Tree Topper

Kurt Adler Made in Italy Lighted Star Tree Topper

Kurt Adler Indoor 10 Light 8-Point Capiz Star Treetop with Arabesque Decoration

10″ Lighted Capiz Poinsettia Star Christmas Tree Star Topper – Clear Lights

Poinsettia is a dark red flower with dark green leaves and is said to blossom during December, so it’s very much used as Christmas displays whether the real ones or the artificial flowers.

Gold Star Tree Toppers and Silver Star Tree Toppers

No matter what Christmas color motif you choose for each year, the bright and shining Gold and Silver will never be out of sight as color combinations. Yup, they are super essential to make the atmosphere more magical. To mention, gold is one of the gifts the 3 wise men brought for Jesus. It was indeed a precious item since before.

Christmas Trivia: 3 gifts from the 3 wise men are GoldFrankincense and Myrrh

Mesh Gold Star Tree Topper

Kurt Adler 10-Inch Silver Star Tree Topper

Moravian Star Tree Topper

Crystal Tree Toppers and Glass Christmas tree toppers
Very expensive Christmas tree topper idea, not unless you get a fancy Crystal tree topper. Looks really elegant. This suits for mansion Christmas trees. In short, this isn’t going to be my option :p

Swarovski Crystal Star Tree Topper

Thomas Kinkade Animated Crystal Christmas Tree Topper with nearly 60 simulated gems and silver plating

Waterford Tree Toppers

Waterford – Ruby and Gold Christmas Tree Topper

Waterford Heirloom Gold Snowflake Tree Topper

Santa Tree Topper

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle or Santa Baby (lol) call him whatever you want! He’s the old Christmas legendary fat guy that is said to live in the North Pole. Kids are told to write to him for their Christmas wishes every year because during Christmas eve, he’d roam all over the world along with his reindeer to drop off gifts and goodies from his sleigh. He’d pass through the house’s chimney and also would not miss to put some stocking stuffers! That’s why kids are also excited to hang their Christmas stockings before bedtime. Goshhhhh! Santa it’s been 27 long years and I can’t figure out how I got my stocking stuffs even if we don’t have chimney at home! That really puzzles me a lot. Anyway, this guy isn’t ordinary because kids can be disciplined just by mentioning his wonderful name. He is watching whether you are naughty or nice! Believe me he’d be a super cute Christmas tree topper too.

Santa Claus Tree Topper

Cute Santa Claus Christmas Tree Topper

Santa Hat Tree Topper

If not Santa himself, then Santa hat for a Christmas tree topper would also be a nice and cheap idea.

Santa Starfish Hand Painted Tree Topper

Snowman Tree Toppers

Frosty from the song Frosty the Snowman. He was a happy fictional character made of snow who loves playing with kids only that he worries he could melt when the sun is up. Another option for a tree topper!

Snowman Head Tree Topper

Modern Christmas Tree Toppers

Why are they categorized as modern and not the vintage tree toppers? Simply because these are stuffs you less expect to be put at the top of your Christmas tree. Only by the influence of the society and media like TV and magazines that they have became options of a Christmas decoration.  Some of these modern Christmas tree toppers are also associated with the season like reindeer, elf and Grinch but agree with me you never thought they could tree crowns too. Another additional tree topper is the Cross Tree Topper since Christmas is a festival of the Christians celebration the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s birth.

Candle Tree Toppers

Just like the Star that produces light, a candle tree topper has also made it’s way to be a part of the Christmas decoration. Actually in the history, real candles were really used to light the Yule tree but since it’s dangerous it’s been replaced by the electric lights. At least now the electric candle bulb is back and promoted, on top of the tree!


Elf Tree Topper

Elves are believed to be Santa’s assistants in making, handling and preparing the toys for the nice kids in town.

Cross Tree Topper

Snowflake Tree Topper

Snowflake Lit Christmas Tree Topper – White

Lit Snowflake Tree Topper

Candy Tree Topper
Christmas is the season of love, sweet love I may say! So these candy tree toppers are cool options too.

Cupcake Tree Topper

Animal Tree Toppers

For some who thinks the traditional toppers are kinda less exciting already, then try some cute animal stuffed toys sized Length: 10 ” Length: 25 cm that’s just perfect to be on top of your Christmas tree this year. Kids would sure love them too! More from here.

Owl Tree Topper

Penguin Christmas Tree Topper (Bottle Hugger)

Peacock Christmas Tree Toppers

Peacock With Long Tail Tree Topper

Lighted Peacock Tree Topper

14.5″ Regal Peacock Teal & Purple Glittered Star Christmas Tree Topper 

Peacock Feather Tree Topper

Peacock Glass Tree Topper

Starfish Tree Toppers for a Beach Concept Christmas Tree

Stuffed Starfish Tree Topper

Simple Starfish Tree Topper

Glittered Starfish Tree Topper (2 in 1)

More Cool Tree Toppers that includes some cartoon and movie characters

Star Wars tree topper (Yoda Tree Yopper)

You may be wondering why Yoda is one of the popular options for a Christmas tree topper. Well my answer is, he’s from the “STAR Wars” so does it make sense now? Star Wars and the Star of Bethlehem could be somewhat related and that could be the reason right?

Star Wars Clone Wars Yoda Lighted Tree Topper

Some Disney Tree Toppers

Mickey Mouse Tree Topper

Disney’s Timeless Holiday Treasures Tree Topper by The Bradford Exchange

Disney Christmas Tree Topper – Santa Mickey Mouse Snowflake


Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Tree Topper

Mermaid Tree Topper

Tinkerbell Tree Toppers

Disney Traditions Tinkerbell A Touch Of Sparkle Tree Topper Figurine

Jack Skellington Tree Toppers or The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Toppers

Grinch Tree Topper

There you go. The fictional character who hated the spirit of Christmas is punished by putting him on top of a Christmas tree. Nice one!

Gingerbread Tree Topper

Christmas Tree Topper Candy Gingerbread Man Tree decoration

Funny Christmas Tree Toppers

Rubber Chicken in a Santa Suit

How come this little Santa impostor is on top of the tree? He is supposed to be on top of the table – roasted!!! lol

Reindeer Christmas Tree Topper/Bottle Hugger

I’m so sure this isn’t Rudolph since I don’t see a red nose. This reindeer even got a hold of the wine ahead of you for the Christmas eve dinner! Just kidding, it’s actually a bottle hugger making it a Reindeer with Wine Tree Topper.

Creepy Tree Topper
Who wouldn’t agree this Horse Head Tree Topper isn’t cute at all?

How to Make a Tree Topper?
If you wanted a Unique Christmas Tree Topper, something that can be found only at your very home then I suggest you try making a DIY (Do it yourself) Christmas Tree Topper. Here’s few of them.

Lighted Starman Tree Topper

Starman or Invincibility Star is the super star (power-up) item from the Nintendo game Mario. Do you recall now? If you love this game then I’m so sure you would love the idea of making your own Starman Tree Topper! Not that I suspect you as Mario okay? So bring our that creativity in you! See step by step tutorial of how to make a Starman Tree Topper.

Candy Cane Tree Topper

Tutorial of how to make this is generously provided here.

Ribbon Tree Toppers or Christmas Tree Bow Toppers

I’d say these are the most common do it yourself (DIY) tree toppers. You have the choice of the ribbon color, size and style. Here are some samples: some are ready made items available on online shops as well as some tutorials if you wanna try them this year.

How to make a Christmas Tree Topper video tutorials. Check them on Youtube

Helpful Christmas Ideas and Tips

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

For the first time buyers, they might think the space of your house. There are many different considerations and tips to make sure your Christmas tree will be ideal as possible.

Christmas Tree Skirt

It can be a small old-fashioned and a man-made decoration is a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree.

Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

You can decorate your Christmas tree with beautiful designs, display, and festive holiday top tree. Put your Christmas on the proper place, choose a theme and then set the lights.

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

It comes with the lights and cannot be removed because of the embedded synthetic branches. Pre-lit trees are designed into the categories of electrical products.