Have you already started singing these lines? We do, by all means! The Christmassy wind carries a lot of joy, love, and questions to our door front. When we say questions, we meant the decor, dinner, and gift; perhaps the biggest question must be ‘how are we gonna decorate the tree – traditionally or something out-of-the-box?’

“Christmas Day will soon be here and I can’t hardly wait.
Christmas Day will soon be here and I can’t hardly wait.
Santa will be coming, soon he will be coming.
Christmas Day will soon be here and I can’t hardly wait”.

Well, in addition to the Christmas tree decoration plans you already have in the head, consider the best and elegant Christmas Tree Decorating ideas we’ve lined up below. Who knows maybe you’ll get something unexpected yet worthy.

Stunningly beautiful white and silver Christmas tree

Red and green might be the de facto Christmas colors, but elegant white and classy silver, with adorable ornaments, make a striking statement on this beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Joyous Hues of Christmas tree

: If you love to celebrate Christmas with elegant toppers, take inspiration from this chic and stylish Christmas tree. Silver ornaments provide classy hues, while the jingle bells and lighting adds a playful touch.

The Victorian Elegance

Can’t control your obsession for red and gold? This tree is for you. Heavily decorated with jingle bells and tiny golden lights this Christmas tree is a treat for the eyes.

Classic Elements

Eclectic mix of muted tones, elegant glitter, champagne, and red poinsettias give this Christmas tree a glamorous flair to catch more eyeballs. Truly artistic decoration!

Retro Regal Christmas tree


Share the traditional red-golden love with this retro regal Christmas tree. You can enjoy how red poinsettias are holding the red and gold ribbons from every angle.

Follow the traditional way Christmas tree

Elegance is what creates a show stopper! Want proof? Take a look at this traditional Christmas tree decorated with Christmas lights, gold and red Christmas balls, golden ribbons, and red poinsettias. And yes, the red star atop completes the tree’s look.

Meticulous Poinsettia Tree

Crimson red everywhere – oh my! Every inch of the tree has been utilized by using poinsettias and Christmas ornaments.  The gorgeous red deco fabric made a beautiful base for this meticulous Poinsettia Christmas tree.

Dreamy Red Christmas tree

Here’s a dreamy Christmas tree inspiration to get started.  Decorated with red and gold Christmas adornments, we fell in love with this just for that showstopper on the very top.

Golden Poinsettia Christmas tree With Ornaments

We can’t get enough of the poinsettia on Christmas-tree trend, especially when it’s not red.  It’s gorgeous, has the perfect blend of lights and adornments, and adds an ethereal ambiance to the Christmas decor. And the beautiful golden fabric – perfectly sprucing up the entire set up.

Pops of Purple Christmas tree

Enchanting Christmas tree ideas in purple and silver decorations.  Wanna put an out-of-the-box Christmas tree indoor? Try mixing in pops of purple and silver for an out-of-the-world effect. Indeed, the shimmering decorations will speak for themselves.

Christmas tree with red decorations and white lights

This tree couldn’t be more Christmassy with jolly red decorations and white Christmas lights. If you home has subtle interiors, you’ll love the depth and sophistication this charming tree will bring to your home.

Coastal-inspired Brilliant Blue and Silver Christmas Tree

Put a spin on the traditional Christmas colors by embracing this coastal-inspired blue and silver Christmas tree. Icy Blue satin ribbons, silver glass ornaments, and gold garland – the holy trinity that makes this Christmas tree a darling.

Glam Blue Christmas tree

Yet another fresh and adorable twist on traditional red and green! The tree is loaded with Ribbons, baubles, and gift boxes – all in beautiful blues plus the snowflakes. An adorable display. Isn’t it?

Fill it with ornaments Christmas tree

This classic green and white themed tree is filled with rustic ornaments in white and golden baubles. Best suited to place in your living room so your decoration skills can get more applause from the guests.

Sight to Behold Christmas tree

The red and golden decorations stand out in this green Christmas tree. We’re totally in love with the Christmas balls, ornaments, and the red-golden ribbons. An amazing sight to behold!

Santa themed Christmas tree

Aside from the poinsettias, holly, greenery, and other greenery what we love most about this tree are mini Santas hung on the tree. Does this tree filled with “Santa” charm inspire you?

Poinsettia Christmas tree

A festive and cheerful Christmas tree featuring poinsettia and tiny houses is all you need to bring in a Christmassy appeal to your home. And by the way, did you notice that there isn’t any lighting available in this charming tree?

The Timeless Black Beauty

Sometimes there is no need to go out-of-the-box for something magical and extraordinary. Use your staple holiday ornaments like ribbons, baubles, and bells to create a fantabulous tree – but the twist here is black color.

Christmas tree with polka dot and ornaments

A Christmas tree doesn’t get more timeless and chic than this Christmas tree with polka dot and ornaments.  For even more cheer, add flocked branches to finish off the look.

Bluish Beauty with LED bulbs

Blue can be a Christmas color and have a place in your Christmas decor if you allow yourself to rule out red at least from your Christmas tree decoration. Put together this marvelous tree with fabric, ribbons, and ornaments.

Children-friendly Christmas tree

This artfully made Christmas acts as a focal point of a kid’s party. Within the neutral color palette, this adorable Christmas tree is made out of sparkly silver ornaments, luxurious ribbon, burlap, yarn balls and non-breakable Christmas ornaments.

Silver-y Magic Christmas tree

Not a fan of themes and bold colors? No problem. Embrace the subtle and neutral shades to decorate the Christmas tree in your living room. Utilize every inch of the tree and top it with a bright, silver star.

Rustic Christmas tree with Popcorn pom-pom garland

Achieve a rustic elegance by decorating the Christmas tree with white pom-pom garland. For a fresh look, incorporate burlap, twine garlands, yard ornaments, and gift baskets at the base of the tree.

Go Glam Christmas Tree Topped with a black star

The black-white combination is definitely the highlight of this Christmas tree; you just cannot ignore the plaid garland and ornaments, which are ‘THE TREND’ these days. And, the pillows and gift boxes at the base – mind blowing!

Styled to perfection Christmas Tree

This gorgeously decorated Christmas tree is clearly not only a decor statement. In fact, the faux berry sprigs and paid stars make this tree appear more sophisticated and elegant at the same time.

Vintage inspired top hat topper Christmas tree

Embrace the vintage-inspired Christmas tree decoration this year to make a difference. Pair classic Christmas ornaments with a classic top hat tree topper for an elegant look.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

This tree is dedicated to the farmhouse theme lovers. The plaid ribbon garland, tiny lights, rustic pine cones, and ornaments came together with craft store finds.

Gorgeous Red, Silver and Sparkling Christmas Tree

Red, silver and white lights are a timeless Christmas scheme. This gorgeous tree is covered with dangling ornaments and burlap ribbon.

Break the rule Christmas Tree

Break the rules and ditch the traditional color combos by incorporating wintery turquoise into your Christmas tree decoration. Add giant snowflakes and ornaments to the tree setting for even more sweet-shocks.

Loaded with lace and ornaments Christmas tree

This stunning Christmas tree is loaded with regal laces and ornaments. It’s looking very pretty and pure with white flowers and baubles. And the greenery in between is just wonderful.

Red and White Themed Beautiful Christmas Tree

Here’s something for all who want to appreciate the beautiful red and white Christmas colors. Try replicating this beautiful tree that features faux berries, red satin ribbons, and baubles wrapped in white fabric.

Candy cane themed Christmas Tree

These candy cane decorations complete with red baubles are exuding the oh-so-sweet charm. It looks even prettier when combined with a white LED lights. And yes, don’t forget to place beautifully wrapped gifts at the base of the tree.

Classy Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Wow! This red and white Scandinavian tree is definitely a treat for the eyes. Look how beautifully it’s decorated with fun ornaments and stars.  And, a lovely pink-like star is placed atop the tree.

Elegant Gold and Green Christmas Tree Decorations

Create an air of elegance with this Christmas tree decorating ideas. To complement with the gold Christmas lights, gold ornaments and baubles are displayed. The gifts also blended well with it.

Classic and Traditional Christmas Tree Decoration Idea

For those who don’t want to go out of norm and still want to stick with the traditional colors of Christmas, this elegant red and green Christmas tree is for you. This is specially amazing having other home decorations complement with it, a wreath and fireplace decor perhaps?

Advent Calendar Christmas Tree

Here’s a double-purpose Christmas tree. You don’t just have a tree but also an advent calendar. Having numbers as ornaments, together with the other fun decorations, this surely a multi-tasking Christmas tree.

Natural-looking Christmas Tree

Keep it simple and natural looking by using natural Christmas tree decorations such as pinecones. Keep the colors light also.

Filled with Ornaments Christmas Tree

Here’s a magnanimously huge and elegant Christmas tree. Filled with Christmas balls of different colors ad wrapped with magical lights, this will surely wow and make a wonderful display anywhere.

Simple Yet Elegant Christmas Tree Decors

Decorated with just a ribbon with “happy holidays” wording on them, wrapping around the Christmas tree and creating a huge impact on the overall look of the tree, this truly shows that less is more.

Stunningly Breathtaking Christmas Tree

Another elegant Christmas tree that will truly wow your guests or anyone who got to see your Christmas tree display. Decorated with burlap ribbons, peppermint ornaments and toy decorations, anyone would surely love this Christmas tree.

Rustic-themed Christmas Tree

Using mostly neutral colors of decorations, this Christmas tree conveys its own meaning of elegance. Embellished with burlap and ornamental stars and monograms, this will surely make your guest awed in the holiday.