Tracking Santa: The 20th Day
(December 20, 2013)

Earlier today, there has been a discussion not only in the Toy Factory and Craft Workshop but in every department Santa Claus’ personality type. The personality type they were talking about was the personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


According to some people, Santa Claus is probably an INFP type. INFP means Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, Perception—these four are preferences in processing information. INFP’s are called ‘healers,’ ‘dreamers,’ and ‘idealists.’


“He must be an INFP,” said Jade, a junior designer. “You know, INFP’s really like to help other people, because they have a strong sense of value. INFP’s go the extra mile just so they can make other people happy. They are boundless and selfless. See, just like our dear old Santa Claus!”


“Well I think he is more of an ENFP,” said Mary my subordinate. He was referring to the Extroverted version of an INFP. It is also called the ‘advocate’ type.


“And why is that?” asked Jade, munching on chips. He handed some to Mary.
“Well, Santa Claus is more of a ‘leader.’ An ‘advocate,’ if you will. An INFP is more of an ‘inspirer,’ the one who gives the spark to the leader but the leader is the one who organizes for the cause. See—there are a lot of elves here in this department. If he was an INFP, he would have gone…emotional. I am an INFP myself and all four children of mine give me tears when I am stressed. I can not imagine myself taking care of thousands of elves.”


“You may have a point,” Jade said. “How about you, Angel? What do you think?” he turned to me.


“Well,” I began. Now it was my turn to munch on some nacho chips. “He seems to have a visionary temperament. An ‘NF’ so to speak. So he might also be an INTJ. Although INTJ’s are so private, they will not talk to crowds. You know what I mean? So maybe…let’s just make him take an exam?”


We laughed a bit. I can’t believe we were serious.


“An ENFP!” I exclaimed later that afternoon after Santa Claus took his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. So Jade was right, after all.


“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa laughed. “I can’t believe all the descriptions here are so accurate, especially when I was younger! I really love to help people, you know. And that is why I have founded this Operation Christmas Advent with all the greatest elves. You know why elves?”


“Why?” we asked in chorus.


“Because elves really like to help humans!”


Tracking Santa Anchor,