Tracking Santa: The 21st Day
(December 21)

Four days to go and it is Christmas day…we have some very bad news. Champion Reindeer Nashiyah is down with fever.


That is right. Nashiyah, the newly chosen Champion Reindeer who will carry the ruby medal on Christmas Eve is down with a 42-degree Celsius (we use Celsius here in the North Pole) fever. That is steaming hot. So today, Santa Claus called in the Frost Fairies for help.


Frost Fairies are known for their skills in medicine. They are well-known herbalists and magic casters. After work I visited the stables at the Ice Cap.


“How is she?” I asked Rudolf. Rudolf is the master of all the reindeers.
“Oh, she is not well, my friend. Not very well,”


“Her fever is not getting any better,” the Frost Fairy said, worried. “But I have ordered the other Frost Fairies to harvest me some cobalt flower petals and the leaves of a thorn-less dewdrop plant. I will make tea out of them. As far as I know, the cobalt dewdrop combination for tea is a good remedy against high fever. But in this case, our dear Champion Nashiyah has to rest.”


“Oh dear.” I said. I did not mean any pun.


“Oh, Nashiyah. Nashiyah!” Rudolf was really, really worried.
“Where did she get the illness?” I asked. “It might be of help to know the cause of the illness.”


“That is right. Very, very right.” The Frost Fairy said. “Do you have any ideas of her past activities these days?”


“Well,” Rudolf began. “Today she began her day as usual. She ate a lot of food for breakfast. Then she made her way off to exercise. She came back later this afternoon, and I saw it in her eyes that she was really, really tired. When I felt her forehead it was steaming hot.”


“Fatigue!” exclaimed the Frost Fairy. “She might be experiencing fatigue. She is too harsh on her self.”


“I think she is. She said she wants to serve the best Christmas Advent for everyone. Now look at what happened to her. She can’t serve the best Christmas if she’s in this condition, can she?”


“Well, if it is just fatigue, then we do not have to worry that much. All she needs to do is rest a lot, and she might be well off tomorrow. Ah, here are the cobalt flower and dewdrop plants.”


The fairy gave instructions on how to make the tea and said she should drink it thrice a day. I hope Nashiya gets well.