Tracking Santa: The 15th Day
(December 15)

Gosh, the Christmas Rush here in the North Pole is really…on the rush. Earlier today, when I was going on my way to the Toy Factory and Craft Workshop, there was really heavy traffic on the main highway. And, oh my, that was a long line of sleighs. I came to know soon that a lot of people were trying to line up in the mall, and every single car was trying to park. That caused traffic. To sleighs accidentally hit each other, to aggravate the situation.


And then I went inside the market to grab can of juice drink—pineapple, my favorite (we do not grow pineapples much here). There was a LOT of people—more than the day I went on Christmas shopping. The people there were trying to shop for food they can cook for Christmas Eve. Turkey was sold out. Wine was going to be sold out soon as well. Cheese and pasta were being grabbed by a lot of people.


It took a lot of time when I lined up for the Cashier. The line of elves was equally long as the line of cars trying to park outside the market.


After work, I went straight to Ice Cap to visit Mrs. Claus’ cabin. When I got there, Saint was playing Christmas carols on the piano. It was really beautiful. Singing along the melodies of the piano was a big, tenor voice with a well-controlled vibrato, accompanied by the soulful singing of a mezzo-soprano. I got chills running down my spine. When I got to the family room, I saw the small family making music together. Mrs. Claus waved at me to go in and sit down. I think I lost myself listening to them.


Santa Claus was a really good singer, as well as Mrs. Claus. Saint is so exquisite on the piano. After the song, Mrs. Claus said Santa took a day off.


“I just felt like spending time with my family here, ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa, the jolly man said.


“Well, it is certainly a good bonding moment with you, dear,” Mrs. Claus said to him, embracing him and landing a gentle kiss on the cheek.


“You guys are so great,” I said. I really lost it. They were singing ‘Silent Night.’


“Well, little Angel, why don’t you sing with us?” Saint said, smiling.


“Oh…no, I can’t sing.”
“Come on, everyone can!” He said, pulling me along.


Well, luckily the Claus’s voices were so loud I couldn’t hear my own. That’s a good thing, I think.


And well, that was a day, Santa Trackers. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing again soon.


Til then,