Tracking Santa: The 16th Day
(December 16)

Today we celebrated the lantern festival.


The Lantern Festival is celebrated in honor of the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem. The Lantern Festival is a much-awaited event, especially for the youth.


The Lantern Festival started way back in the morning, where unlighted lanterns were walked around in a parade. Santa Claus was also in the parade, carried by his sleigh. This sleigh was pulled by a group of reindeers, including the newly elected Champion Reindeer with her ruby medal. She was proud and happy.


So that morning, a lot of child elves proudly presented their home made lanterns. Most of them were really, really pretty and I saw that the children put a lot of efforts in making them. They waved it as if the lanterns were flags symbolizing their victory.


The next program was held later that afternoon at the Central Ice Park, where everyone with big lanterns gathered. There in the Central Ice Park were merchandises stacked up in stalls. Food, treats, toys, clothes, and a lot more were being sold. These items were in special discounted price.


Then the choral group started singing on the Central Ice Park for Santa Claus. They were really, really good. They sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, and some other Christmas carols. The children watching had a really great time and the enjoyed it.


After the choral group singing, the ‘annual making of frosty’ was done. What is it? Well, it is a contest where people will make the best snowman. Then, dear old Santa Claus would come over and choose the one that stands out. When this is chosen, the Snow Fairy comes over and whispers to the ‘ears’ of frosty. That is what exactly happened earlier.


After the Snow Fairy whispered gently to his ears, he let out a jolly laugh! Then he started dancing, and singing along with the crowds.


To end the day, there was the second round of the lantern parade, but this time the lanterns were lit. It was heart warming to see lights gathering around. Floating lanterns were also lit up and filled the night sky. The choral sang along with this vista. Like fireflies, the floating lanterns gently flew up, and up, and up; higher as the wind blows gently. It was a really a spectacular event.


To topple it all up, everybody heard Santa Claus on the mic. He counted 3…2…1! Blast off! And then beautiful fireworks lit up the night sky.


Tracking Santa,