Tracking Santa: The 14th Day
(December 14)


Today, I learned about Santa Claus’ favorite food, and that Mrs. Claus is such a wonderful cook (well, actually I have learned that fact a long, long time ago since I tasted her chocolate chip cookies).


Anyway, it was afternoon just an hour after lunch, my team and I were busy working on some toy designs. Mary was doing exceptionally well today, by the way. I am not saying she is not a good toy designer the other days but today she was really great. Santa would be proud of her. Anyway (again), as I was writing, an hour after lunch time we were so busy. And then there came a knock upon the door of our office.


“I will get it guys, return to your work,” Luke said, putting down his design on his chaotic table. He put his pencil on his ears. Then he proceeded to open the door.


“Bonne jour my dears,” a familiar, jolly voice came inside the office. Suddenly, my heart skipped a beat and I felt really, really light. I felt happy. It was Mrs. Claus!


“Mrs. Claus!” Mary exclaimed. “How great it is that you have dropped by in our office again today. What brought you here, ma’am?”


“Ah, just dropping by to say hello, my favorite dears. Here, I brought you some cookies to eat.” The jolly old lady said, smiling. She handed a paper bag.


“Gee, thanks Mrs. Claus,” Luke said, receiving the paper bag. “Your chocolate chip cookies are really delicious. It reminds me of my grandmother’s.”


“Oh really, dear Luke? That makes me so glad. Say, where is your granny now?” Mrs. Claus asked, peering over her wide eyeglasses.


“Well…she is away from the world of the living now, and is resting happily in heaven.” Luke replied.


“Ah, Luke. I am sorry to hear that. But just as you said, I am sure your grandmother is happy where she is now. And I am sure she is guiding you everyday.” Mrs. Claus said.


“Yeah. I bet she is. She is a very jolly person like you, Mrs. Claus. Well, I bet you are a good cook too, just like my grandmother?” Luke asked, smiling.


“Oh goodness, I am not.” The kind lady replied.


“Really? I bet you are. Because if not, Santa won’t be like his jolly, huggable self.” Mary jokingly said, to which everyone laughed.


“What’s Santa’s favorite food, Mrs. Claus?” I asked.


“He likes a lot. He likes to eat. He is a ‘foodie’, just as you kids say it. But, his favorite most of all is the boudin noir. That is his favorite, and also Saint’s. Mine is the ratatouille. The three of us loves soups.”


Then suddenly I thought, maybe I should prepare these foods and invite my team and the Clauses over for dinner one day. That would be really fun.