Tracking Santa: The 13th Day
(December 13)

Global warming is scaring me.


This morning, I woke up horrified. You know why? When I went to my ‘mini ice garden’, I was surprised to see that some of the icicles were melting already…in the middle of winter. It is very well true that here in the North Pole we also have the other seasons. Still, we are not expecting white nights yet. If the ice is melting, it could only mean that the weather on the other sides of the world might be turbulent on Christmas Eve.


Which means Santa Claus will not be able to fly for Operation Christmas Advent…which means he might not be able to go around the world on Christmas Eve. No! That is impossible, or at least I hope so. Christmas time would not be complete without Santa Claus going around the world, giving gifts to all the children! No!


Well—I can only pray to God that he calms any storm and paves Santa’s way during his expedition around the world.


Then, after work I stopped briefly for some warm chocolate with Mrs. Claus in their cabin. Saint, her son, was there as well but then he left to go to his father. I was telling her all my worries because I can not just take that the weather might trample on Santa Claus’ expedition on the 24th.


“Oh, goodness my dear Angelt,” Mrs. Santa Claus exclaimed. “Dear. My dear, sweet child: you do not have to worry!”


“Why not! The ice on my garden is already melting. And it is only December!”


“Do not worry. The elves which are designated will definitely create a weather proof sleigh. We just have to believe in their skills, Angel. Or perhaps, we should just have our faith in God. He will definitely make way for Santa Claus during the Christmas Eve. He will calm turbulent storms, if there will be any.”


I laid my back on the rest of the chair I was sitting on. Well, maybe Mrs. Claus is right. Maybe I am just being too worried. Worry is never a good thing. Worry and foreseeing events are two different things. I just need to learn to trust. But then—how can I not worry? I love Santa Claus. I love Christmas. I love Jesus.


“Angel, I can still see on your face the traces of worry. Just think positive, my dear. God is good, all the time.”


Hearing this, I cleared up doubts and fears from my heart. God will protect. Santa Claus will be fine as Mrs. Claus’ hot chocolate.


Tracking Santa Anchor,