Tracking Santa: The 19th Day
(December 19)

Today, the coloratura soprano Maria Shenova performed a teaser concert! It was really great and it was really, really surprising.


When I just left the Toy Factory and Craft Workshop, I came along Santa Claus’ main office in the White Snow Square and it was there where Maria Shenova was performing her surprise concert. It was not really a typical concert. It was a typical day yet an extraordinary thing was happening. I am sorry for the exaggeration for I am such a fan of Maria Shenova. Her voice is like no other in this world.


Anyway, so it happened suddenly like a bolt of lightning that cracked the blue sky.


There were a lot of people in front of Santa Claus’ main office. Everyone was very busy. Some was selling merchandise while some of them were buying stuff. Then, suddenly, a chilling, beautiful voice was heard. Everyone, including me of course, stopped whatever they were doing so they can listen and look at the singer. Everyone was surprised! It was the famous Maria Shenova who was singing. She was standing on a small platform, wearing a simple white gown which looked beautiful on her. Her hair was in curls. To accompany her wonderful singing was a cellist.


It was a really great performance and you do not really see singers do these things nowadays. After her song ‘the First Noel,’ she gave a little speech and said the song numbers are her gift to Santa Claus. It was her ‘mini Christmas caroling,’ she said.


After her mini concert I approached her and told her how I have been a fan of hers since her debut on the musical play ‘a Christmas Carol,’ which Santa and Mrs. Claus watched and applauded. She was really thankful for all the support she has received from me—even though the only support I gave her was to buy her Christmas album. Then, came out of the office was Santa Claus himself—the jolly man! He shook hands with the Miss Maria Shenova and gave her a friendly embrace. Santa Claus thanked her for her wonderful Christmas gifts, and told her that it inspired him more to give gifts to children around the world this Christmas.


This is a spectacular moment! Two of my most favorite persons are in front of me! I thought. I took out my camera in my backpack and said “Can we have a photo of the three of us?” before realizing it.


Now I have a photo of Santa Claus and Maria Shenova, with me in the middle, and their autographs.


Til next time!