Tracking Santa: The 10th Day
(December 10)

Today was a very big surprise for Mr. & Mrs. Claus. There was a time that I told you Mrs. Claus visited my office, yes? When she did she told me that I resemble her son very much, when he was still in my age. Mrs. Claus wished that her son, the youngest one, would return home this Christmas season for vacation, for he was in vacation.


Well—it is certainly an early Christmas gift for the beloved Claus couple. Saint, their youngest son, came back from college today!


Late afternoon today, a fellow elf knocked on the cabin’s door. Cold and shivering, he was permitted to go in.


“What is it?” I asked the fellow.


“Mrs. Claus is asking for your presence in her house on Ica Caps. She wants you to be on your gathering attire. You are invited for a little supper and get together.”


“That is great!” I said. But, I wondered in my mind what the occasion was. Well—since it is a gathering, better bring on some food with me. My mother said not to come in a gathering empty handed, so there. I made a quick pesto pasta to bring them.


I knocked on the door of the Claus’ home. It opened and I was greeted with a hug by the good Mrs. Claus. She was very happy, so happy that her cheeks were swelling red. After she hugged me, she fixed her eyeglasses and led me in. I gave her the pasta I made and she thanked me so much for it.


“So Mrs. Claus…What is the occasion?” I asked the lady.


“Oh, Angel! My dear, sweet Angel! I will show you.” She said, leading me to the fire place.


In it, which happens to be their receiving room, I saw two men happily chatting. One was a large, jolly man with a white fluffy beard. He was no doubt Santa Claus himself. Then, the other one, to my surprise, looked a lot like me.


“Angel,” Mrs. Claus began. “This, here, is my youngest son. Saint!”


“Oh, it is very nice to see you!” I said to him. I was excited, for I really did resemble him—although he was a lot bigger than me. Santa Claus was so happy to see the both of us befriending each other. Then, we started chatting and chatting.


Soon, Mrs. Claus called us from the dining area. She had prepared a feast—complete with turkey, Saint’s favorite. After we said grace, we started eating.


And that was for the day, Santa Trackers. I’ll write again soon.


Your Tracking Santa Anchor,