Tracking Santa: The 11th Day
(December 11)

Here in the North Pole, instead of making a Christmas Wish List, we make a Christmas Gift List. We are, after all, inspired by Santa’s selfless giving. It is far better to give than to receive (well, but if a person will give me gifts, why not).


Today I went to the Ice Cap Grand Mall. And, oh gosh, I have never seen so much people in my entire life. Apparently, a lot of fellow elves are also doing their Christmas shopping. I saw a lot of elves wearing their Christmas hats, carrying their checklists on one hand and a bag full of gifts on another. This is how we celebrate our Christmas here in the North Pole. In the middle of the mall stood a gigantic Christmas tree trying to reach up to the glass paneled ceiling above where light pierced through.


I had my own check list as well. I bought my mom a new coffee maker. And it is not just the usual coffee maker. It is the coffee maker Rachel Elf—the famous chef here in North Pole—is endorsing. Rachel Elf is my mother’s idol. My mom is a coffee fan. I bet she would make a very delicious Venti with this.


Next, I bought my dad a new ice golf club. I bought him a silver one with an easy-grip handle. He is only a casual golf player—although he is really good at it. He swings that golf club like a pro. I bet he would get albatross with my gift for him. Oh, and also I bought baseball gloves.


For my sister, I bought the limited edition ceramic hair iron which emits sounds when the hair got too hot or burnt from the ironing. Then for my brother I bought him gym gloves.
For Mary, Luke, and John, my designing teammates…I bought them special notebooks. The notebooks were made by the hand. The pages were bound together by string and the cover was made of paper mache. The pages are not ruled and it is made of drawing-paper. So they can use it in various ways: to take notes while we are discussing designs, and for drawing any designs that would pop up in their mind.


Still the best gifts: love for friends, for enemies’ forgiveness, for God trust, for family happiness. Today was a really exhausting day, but it was quite fun. I thought of buying gifts for Mr. & Mrs. Claus but I had no energy. Maybe I will do it next time.


… and that’s for today, Santa Trackers. ‘Til next time!


Your Tracking Santa Anchor,