As Christmas is getting near by we are getting ready for Christmas celebration, here is some idea for your Christmas party. Here is some Christmas party games for your Christmas party.

Find the Missing Stars / Find the Missing  Santa / Find the Missing  Angels

This is going to be a good Christmas Party Game teaser. You have the option to either have 5 or 10 pictures of Stars , Santa or Angels (you decide). Before the guest arrives at the venue, stick the 10 items under the seats, randomly. Well, let’s say this game wouldn’t require an effort of competing instead it’s a game of luck. Stars, Santa and angels are associated to Christmas but if you don’t like them, then okay you can choose among reindeer, elves, snowflakes or maybe Frosty the Snowman.

Everyone can participate

Materials needed:

  • 10 Stars or whatever image you choose to use
  • scotch tapes so you could stick the 10 items under the chairs

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Bring Me Game

Again, this game would do well as a Christmas game teaser to set up the playtime mood of the everyone. When kids are around , let them be the participants and compete with each other. From the name itself, the emcee or the Christmas party game master would ask for something to be brought in front. It usually begins with, “bring me a white hanker chief” and the first to give it to the emcee will be the winner. Later on, funny stuffs are asked by the game facilitator such as a gray hair strand, a fat dad who could dance well in front or a mom who could sing in front which requires participation and teamwork among family members. Isn’t it fun? If a child has a parent which don’t wanna participate, then chances of winning is less. So dear parents, don’t be spoilers and enjoy with your kids!

No materials needed, but I advise the game facilitator to list random things so there wouldn’t be dull moments when participants are waiting for the next “bring me” item.

Guessing Game

This is an exciting game which doesn’t require much of paraphernalia. From the name itself, players or participants would have to guess an item inside a “stocking”. Whoever figures out what the item is will be the winner. Since it’s going to be very sad if you only have 1 guessing game stocking especially when you have 20 or more kids around, then I suggest you prepare 2 stockings  – 1 for the girls and 1 for the boys.

  1. Let them fall in line separately( girls and boys)
  2. Let the first boy guess the item, if he misses then pass to the second boy and so on till it is guessed correctly. The one who guessed it correctly wins the stocking along with the gift item in it.
  3. Same procedure with the girls.

Materials needed:

  • 2 stockings, make sure you placed a girly item for the girl’s stocking and a boy stuff for theirs.

Pin A Star

I am sure you are familiar with the game pin the donkey tail. The concept is just the same but instead of having a donkey picture and a tail to pin, you have to prepare a Christmas tree wallpaper and a star. Make sure to blindfold the participants and let them turn around for 3 times before they pin a star. You can prepare 10-15 stars and whoever among the players stick closest to the top of the Christmas tree wins the game. If you find it hazardous having a pin for the star, you can of course modify the game and use double-sided tape instead. That would also stick well.

Materials needed:

  • a Christmas tree wallpaper
  • 10-15 stars , with double-sided tape and ready for sticking
  • large handkerchiefs as blindfolds

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This game has the same concept with pinning the donkey’s tail and pin a star game above.

You might wanna try this too? (Well I just thought of these today :p)

  • Pin Frosty the Snowman’s Carrot-like Nose
  • Pin Santa’s Glasses
  • Pin the Gift’s Ribbon

Trip to Jerusalem Game

This is one of the classic Christmas games I’ve known. This game can be played by all age brackets, from young to old. But not too young, since this is sort of a physical game. If not careful, little kids might bang their heads with each other.

Game mechanics

1. Decide how many kids will play, then you could decided how many chairs to arrange in a circular position facing outwards. Supposed you have 15 players, then set up 14 chairs.

2. The participants will be dancing while moving around the arranged chairs.

3. When the music stops, all the kids much sit on the chair closest to them. The kid left standing is disqualified for the next round.

4. Another chair will be removed, making it 14 players left with 13 chairs.

5. Game continues till only 1 player is left seated. But to some considerate game hosts (ahem), they prefer to have 2 winners (3 chairs left).

Christmas Party Games for Teenagers

Some of the teenagers feel like they are too old for Christmas parties, especially when they realized all the games are intended for the kids. They end up being nannies for their little brothers and sisters. They feel like Christmas isn’t for them anymore, but no we have to change this mentality. So I encourage the party hosts to prepare interesting and fun Christmas party games for teenagers too. Usually they would be shy to play individually so we suggest you’d prepare group games for them.

Christmas Party Drinking Games
There had been different types for this drinking game so it’s up to you which one would be best for your Christmas party this year.

Christmas Party Drinking Games #1 – The Traditional Way but slightly modified.

Just like the usual drinking contest that a participant holds the bottle. Instead,the game 1, would use straw for drinking.

Game Mechanics

1. Have the players stand in front of a long table with their bottle of sodas with a straw in front of them.

2. The game begins with the signal of the game hosts.

3.  Whoever among the players finishes the soda first becomes the winner.

Christmas Party Drinking Games #2 – by Pair (best for Beach party)

Supposed you are having your Christmas party by the beach and getting a bit messy is okay, then this one is fine.

Game mechanics:

1. Call for players by pair, one male and one female.

2. Blindfold the female and have the male kneel in front of them.

3. Give the females 1 bottle of soda each.

4. When the game facilitator signals for go, the female shall pour out the soda and the male should effort to move and catch the pouring soda since the females are blindfolded.

5. The first couple to empty the bottle wins.

Christmas Party Drinking Games # 3- Group game

I’d say among these 3 drinking games, this one is more exciting. I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because it’s a little gross. lol. But anyway, let the boys play this game.

Game mechanics:

1. Call for male players, 2 or 3 for each group.

2. Assign 1 bottle of soda for each group place it on the floor.

3. Very exciting twist. Connect 4 straws and give each of the players for each team.

4. When the game hosts signals for go, all the players will start drinking through the straw simultaneously or at the same time.  So since it’s 4 connected straws, just imagine how long the each team could finish their soda right?

5. The first team to finish their soda wins. (Just hope no one had their soda back in the bottle during the game-lol)

Note: If you don’t have enough straws, then disregard connecting straws and play as what is seen in the photo below.

Fanning Santa (Modified Fanning the Fish)

The original game is actually fanning the fish but you could modify it to fanning Santa, fanning the star or fanning the Christmas tree.  So instead of cutting out fish shapes, cut out Santas or Stars or Christmas tree shapes (depends on which you wanna use)

Game mechanics

1. The photo below shows it’s been played individually, but since we are aiming to have group games for teenagers so they can mingle with each other then let it be a group of 10.

2. Each team should have 1 Santa shape and 2 fans.

3. 5 players will be positioned on opposite site and 5 on the other.

4. When the game host signals for go, player 1 must fan the paper Santa till it reaches a certain finish line.

5. When Santa reaches the other side, player #1 on the opposite side will fan back the paper Santa till it reach a certain finish line.

6. Process continues back and forth till the last player of the group fans back paper Santa to the finish line.

Materials needed:

  • Big fan or paper plate
  • a cut shape of Santa, Star or Christmas Tree
  • markers for the finish line, whether chalk or tapes

I made a visual mechanics for you guys. 😀 Hope it’s easy to understand.


Adult Christmas Party Games

Name that Jingle Tune

Naming the title of the jingle bell songs is a great Christmas party games and best played by adults, since they are more familiar with the different Christmas songs. Everyone in the venue can play the game, but it would be too complicated to guess whoever said the title first. So I suggest let them just stay in their seats and whoever stands first will have the chance to name the tune. The game facilitator would be needed the help of at least 3-4 marshals to look out for the game. Make this even more exciting by giving away luxury Christmas gift baskets so we advice you to be very very attentive!

Materials needed

  • just prepare the Christmas MP3s, make sure to have a duplicate copy to avoid glitches for the game

Paper Dance

Something sweet, that’s the reason why this game suits the couple in a Christmas party very much. It can be played by kids and the teenagers, but this time let the parents do it. I’m sure the kids would love to cheer for their moms and dads and bringing home the goodies too!

Game mechanics

1. Each pair will be given an entire sheet of a newspaper. The pair will dance when the music is played.

2. When the music stops, the pair should step in the newspaper.

3. If there’s anyone who’s foot is seen out of the newspaper, that team is disqualified to proceed.

4. Each round, the newspaper is folded into half so it’s getting more tinier, narrower and indeed complicated.

5. The pair with the best strategy, stays composed and still within the range of the newspaper wins the game.

Apple Eating Contest

Yup! Apple eating contest is a super sweet game for the couples. The first pair to finish the apple wins. If the apple falls, consider it a lose.

Christmas Games for the Family

Kiss and Hang the Christmas Ball

This one could be ideal for couples too, but like in the photo below if could also be played having a pair of a mother and a son or a father and a daughter.

See visual mechanics below:

1. For easy judging, have it on a color coding. Prepare boxes of Christmas balls. Different color for every team.

2. They players will position the ball in front of their lips and will start moving towards the string and hang the Christmas ball without using their hands.

3. When ball is successfully hanged, the pair returns to the box and do the same process.

4. The game host should announce beforehand whether the game is played for a certain time (1 minute or more) or whether the pair needs to hang a specific number of balls (10 pieces)


Minute to Win It Games

Do you guys realized that if you wanted something news, more challenging and strategic games, you could actually make use of the NBC site with their Minute to Win It Games video gallery. We’ve tried some and it was really fun. You can try it yourself too. What’s good about these games, they’re all intended to be played in a minute. Means every game will be timely monitored and you could play much for your party. Really cool I know! You only have to choose which game would be right for your location and resources.

Tips for the Gamemaster

A game master is also refereed to as the, game manager, game moderator or referee, facilitator,emcee or game host. I’d say being a gamemaster is not at all that easy, but honestly it’s not that complicated too if you are familiar yourself with the games to be executed in the party. Some would even hire a clown for this task, but if you’re asked to do so then here are some quick tips for you.

1. Before the gaming proper, look for the props and materials needed for the game to avoid delay. Also, make sure you have at least 4 game marshals to assist you. Not only kids needed supervision but even adults especially when their getting excited for the game. lol

2. Know the rules and game mechanics. Be firm with decisions. You must not look like you’re confused.

3. Make your voice clear upon giving instructions and be very attentive in every part of the game. You must not missed a single detail, if unsure the assign game marshals to be watching on a particular group or team.

4. Don’t sound so dull, be very jolly and hyperactive. Kids would stay awake this way. It’s a game remember? You’re not in the library.

5. Don’t dare to have favorites. Know that when a game is started, there may be kids your eyeing on because their too cute, funny, bubbly or for whatever reason. BUT, big but! Never ever show favoritism 😉

6. Enjoy the activity yourself so you won’t fell tired easily. Or for a quick rest, have a raffle or bring me after every game. This would also allow the game marshals to prepare for the next game.

7.  Make sure you’re wearing a comfortable and safe get up. You know, kids can be so excited getting close to you pulling your dress and say , “I’m the first!”, “my turn!”, “me please”, “I won!” and etc. So to avoid glitches, again wear something safe.

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas games for parties listed in this post. If you’re going to be a Christmas party host, I would love to hear from your experience in case you’ll be trying any of these games for Christmas party. Free Facebook like and share, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets and Google + is very much appreciated. If you have any comments and suggestions in mind, we would love to hear from you. Have a fun-filled and interactive Christmas party dear friends!!