christmas-light-decorationsChristmas is a busy time for everyone. Shopping for Christmas gifts, preparing specialty Christmas recipes, wrapping and arranging Christmas hampers and gift baskets, hosting Christmas parties and most especially preparing and decorating home for Christmas. Christmas tree and ornaments are put up and arrange. Many kinds of Christmas decorations are used in which Christmas lights are the most popular.

Christmas lights are one of the most popular Christmas ornaments used when decorating home during holiday season. Using Christmas lights is another good way to spice up our celebration of the holiday. By simply wrapping it to your Christmas will give a special atmosphere to your home.



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Christmas Lights as Ornaments

Christmas lights come in many colors and they can be used to decorate the Christmas tree. They are also great for lining the architectural features of buildings and houses to bring light and warmth in the neighborhood during this cold season. They can be formed into outlines of different shapes and figures, and can be mounted anywhere be it on the rooftop, on the driveway and on fences.

The use of Christmas lights to decorate Christmas trees and houses draws its roots from traditional values. The light that come from Christmas lights and candles are ancient signs that serve as reminders of the triumph of spring over winter. It is also a symbol that represents the light that casts upon the world.

Decorated Living Room



Christmas Lantern with Christmas lights



Christmas House Decorated With Christmas Lantern


I am taking you to the backyard of Leo and Jane. They did wonderful Christmas lights decoration, by using Christmas Lanterns and wreaths. he has shown step by step instruction for that at

Bedroom Preparation for Christmas



Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

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Got an artificial tree inside your house such as this one? A string of Christmas lights can transform an ornamental tree into a more festive holiday décor that can add life to any room.  An indoor leafless tree will look spectacular with tiny lights. Doesn’t it kind of make you think of a white Christmas?

Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations

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Christmas lights and cactuses sound like polar opposites, yes. But bless the person who first thought to decorate a regular cactus tree with Christmas lights. Now we can have a beautiful outdoor Christmas décor that’s both pretty and inexpensive. No need to disassemble when the holidays are over, too.

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These gigantic decorative wire balls that look arresting enough in the garden or in a public park look even more breathtaking with Christmas lights wrapped all around them. Hang them on tree branches, or place them in strategic spaces, and the results are dramatic. You can choose a single color or multiple colors. You can place them with other complementary decorative pieces for that added festive look.

Indoor Christmas Light Decorations

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Christmas lights on your overhead lighting fixture give any room that instant holiday transformation. Depending on how big or small your lighting fixture is, you can choose to have your Christmas lights dangling lazily or wrapped around it like a wreath. It would look even better if the light is subdued and warm. Sharp and bright lights will dull out the soft lights coming from the Christmas lights.

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If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your favorite space, Christmas lights are your best bet. Put them on your bedroom window, on your curtains, on your bedroom walls. You can use them as a makeshift canopy for your canopy bed. You can string them along on your ceiling, hang them on your mirror, store them in a glass jar — you can do just about anything with them!

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You can have one corner of your bedroom adorned with Christmas lights. Instead of turning on your normal bedroom lights, turn your Christmas lights on. You will definitely feel right at home. There’s nothing like bathing in the soft glow of these lights when you’re listening to music, reading a book, or simply lulling yourself to sleep.

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This wall art provided a more dramatic effect when Christmas lights were added to it. A wall art piece that you bought from the flea market, or something that you actually made yourself would be further beautified by mood lighting. Aside from its aesthetic factors, it’s functional and unique. And isn’t it cool to have this kind of lighting in your room at night?

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Take your space to a whole new level of whimsical with Christmas lights, wall decals, and gorgeous colored walls. Wall decals are all the rage for their ease of use and gorgeous results. Choose from hundreds of designs that suit your fancy. They even make quote wall decals! Throw in a bunch of Christmas lights and you have yourself a beautiful and personalized space all your own.

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Let’s face it. Most of our holiday decorations are concentrated in the living room where we entertain, the dining room where we hold our holiday feasts, and the kitchen where we do all the cooking. The bedroom can be quite easily adorned with holiday trinkets, like holiday lamps or lanterns, plus Christmas lights! Pick beddings and linens in traditional holiday colors, like red, green, silver, and gold. You’re sure to feel the holiday cheer right from your bed!

DIY Christmas Light Decorations

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Perhaps the easiest and most fuss-free holiday decoration that you can make in minutes is throwing in a string of Christmas lights in a transparent decorative jar. Place it in a corner in your home or office. Light it up and see it transform as a holiday accent piece. You can throw in shiny holiday ornaments for that added sparkle.

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If you prefer dramatic and striking holiday décor, Christmas lights on twigs against a big wall mirror are your best bet. This holiday décor can easily be replicated by arranging twigs in a bouquet and fixing it on top of an antique (or antique-looking) mirror. Drape your Christmas lights loosely, but not too much that it gets crowded. Add some shiny holiday garlands for faux frozen snow.

Elegant Christmas Light Decorations

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Christmas lights are majestic, especially when they litter the place from top to bottom. If money is no object, you can fill the halls with lights and trees and trinkets! The brighter the better! Spruce up the halls with tall Christmas trees and artificial leafless trees for added drama.

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What could be more beautiful than seeing this outside your window every night? It’s like you’ve got your own set of stars streaking across your yard, lighting up everything around it. Recreate it by putting up long (extra long if you have quite a big lawn)strings of lightsand hanging them up on your trees. Find star-shaped lanterns to attach, or other ornaments that would look great outside when lit up.

Decoration Ideas for Christmas Lights

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For something so beautiful, tasteful and unique, this Christmas décor is not at all that expensive to make. Shabby chic décors are gorgeous and inexpensive. Best of all, you can make them yourself! Take this one for example. You only need some twigs of different textures and length, and a string of Christmas lights to tie them with. Voila! You can now hang it on your kitchen ceiling.

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Your regular wooden wire balls can be dressed up for the holidays by adding Christmas lights to them. They’re perfect both indoor and outdoor. If you have a large tree in your yard, you can hang them like lanterns. Or you can choose to hang them on your porch or backyard.

Decorating With Christmas Lights

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A house that’s tastefully and beautifully decorated is a place you would love to come home to every single day. No exceptions for the holidays, of course. Don’t you just love these brightlylit but well-balanced and perfectly coordinated Christmas decors? Very warm and inviting, indeed!

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Christmas boughs transform an ordinary banister to a festive decorative corner, especially if Christmas lights and ornaments are added to them. Choose the more colorful ornaments for that added sparkle. You can even hang your Christmas stockings or candy canes here. If you have a grand staircase, then you’ve got your work cut out for you!

Light up Christmas Decorations

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Wire Christmas trees are gorgeous when lit up by a great number of Christmas lights! And because wire Christmas trees come in all sizes, you can put them anywhere you want in the house. They look perfect against the kitchen counter, on the coffee table, in the mud room, even in the bathroom! They’re fairly inexpensive, too.

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Christmas lights inside rustic-looking glass lanterns? Gorgeous! Copy this chic and beautiful holiday décor by recycling old lanterns and placing Christmas lights inside (preferably ones with the smaller bulbs). They will look perfect as indoor or outdoor décor.

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Nothing feels and looks more Christmasy than a Christmas wreath. When you add Christmas lights to it, delight is doubled. No matter how big or small your wreath is, it will be a special wreath because you have added your personal touch to it. Christmas balls? Sure! Santa’s hat? Even better!

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Bubble lights as Christmas lights? Yes, please! They come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose whatever color you want. Plus they look so pretty, too! Kids and adults love them and look great in any corner of the house.

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Wine lover? No idea what to do with those nice empty wine bottles after? Recycle them into holiday décors by placing Christmas lights inside them. The more colorful the bottles, the better. Wouldn’t these look lovely on top of your kitchen counter or fireplace?

Christmas Light Decorations for Door

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There’s only so much you can adorn with Christmas lights inside your house. But outside, that’s a whole different ballgame. Light up those majestic pine trees with lots of twinkling lights. Add lanterns in the shape of a snowman or a present. Light up the driveway and feel the merriest cheer!

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Everything just looks so vibrant and cheery when there are sparkling lights all over the place. Add tinsel and Christmas lights to an ordinary-looking tree or wreath. Place a giant bow. Gaze in wonder and feel very merry!

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A crafty little way to display your impressive wine collection and still keep up with the holiday theme is to hang the bottles and drape them with Christmas lights. It’s clever, fun, and unique. They will look great especially for holiday parties and get-togethers with the family. Cheers!

These are just some unique and creative ways to spruce up your home with Christmas lights. Start decorating and feel the holiday spirit. Be creative. Get busy. Happy holidays!