It is well established that Christmas is the most anticipated and celebrated occasion across the world not only for kids and teens but also for adults.  Perhaps for a large section of the people in the world Christmas is the most awaited special day. When Christmas season comes, people welcome it with tremendous joy and excitement in their heart and they celebrate it with a happiness and enjoyment than any other celebration.

Giving and exchanging Christmas gifts is a common custom or we can say that it is our traditional way during Christmas to express our gratitude, care and love to all those who are important to us. One of the best forms of Christmas gift that we can give to someone is a gift basket which is a collection of goods and items covered with beautiful wrappers and other Christmas decoration packed with love from the gift-giver.

Christmas Gift Baskets


There are different kinds of  Christmas Gift baskets you can either purchase it from Gift shops or you can make a gift basket yourselves.  Depending on your budget, choose a theme and products to go with the theme.Cost for a pre-assembled gift basket depends on number of items, designs and size. And on the other hand, it is easy and affordable to make your own arrangement of a gift basket by just purchasing those items and some simple baskets that you can decorate to your heart’s content and use to make some great Christmas gift baskets. This is also the best choice if you  are worried about giving affordable presents . In this way, you can collect those affordable items and arrange it into the basket to create a special and attractive Christmas gift basket.

Christmas Gift Baskets are a lovely way to show your love and concern to your family and friends . Making a gift basket at home or buying them from the store is a nice way to show love on Christmas. If you are looking for some tips and ideas about making and preparing Christmas gift basket, you can consider some of the options below:

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Romantic Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

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If you want to be your gift basket a romantic one, you can choose the collection of beautiful flower arrangement together with some pieces of chocolates. This is also a better gift for your love ones and partner in life.

For the few people who would like to use this opportunity to propose to the love of your lives, you can secretly put the ring together with some love messages along with the other items inside the basket. This way they will be surprised whenever they opened the gift basket. This seems like a perfect way to profess your love this Holiday season so go ahead and try this idea.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Boys


For boys, a collection of a watch, some t-shirts, handkerchiefs, perfume and other personal things will make for great Christmas Gift Basket additions. Assortments of goodies and candies, toys and their favorite hobby can be a good option too.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Girls

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For girls, makeup and other cosmetic products are the best choice as gift for them like lipsticks, perfumes and also you can include a piece of jewelry if you afford to make it more special and I’m sure she will like it quite well.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Kids


For children, assortments of cookies, toys and candies can be a great gift. It is easy and quick to prepare this gift for them, so try to make it personally instead of just purchasing it from some gift shops. handmade candies and treats always taste better than the store brought ones and furthermore, it is also suggestible because in that way your gift will be more appreciated and treasured by them because of your efforts and love that are also a part of the gift.


These can be some assortments of toys, candies, cartoon character’s figures, art supplies and many more that you know kids will enjoy and useful for them. Choose the items according to the age and interest of the intended recipient You can also make some homemade toys too.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Teens

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And for the youngsters, you can consider collection DVDs or CDs, little video games, cookies and other entertaining things as your Christmas gift basket for them.

Christmas Food Gift Baskets


Baked Food Items make for perfect Christmas Gift Basket fillers. A Delicious theme basket can be a gift basket containing baked goods such as cookies, bread, and also sweets like chocolates, candies and many more. Also, you can prepare some dishes which are the best for Christmas celebration and present them on Christmas. Homemade sweets and baked goodies are always a great gift option for friends, family and neighbors.

Luxury Christmas Gift Baskets

Luxury Chritsmas gift Basket

A luxury Gift basket can be a collection of different varieties of wines and champagnes since they are also considered as they are an integral part of the Christmas celebration. There are many gift shops that offer this kind of gift baskets and these are usually ready to hand out. But, if you want, you can also make your own arrangement of these depending on your budget and your theme.

Christmas Grocery Gift Basket


Grocery items and ingredients are also a great option for assembling a Gift basket. These make for perfect Gift Baskets to distribute at the Church or help Group to help those families in need. It can be collection of grocery products like meaty goods, snacks, canned goods, instant noodles, and many more. These baskets are really easy to assemble as you can find all the items at local supermarkets and stores.

Sport-Related Christmas Gift Baskets


If you’re presenting a Gift basket to a Sports freak then it might be a perfect idea to theme his or her basket with the Sports Theme. You can include your recipient’s favorite player’s or Club’s signature shoes and uniforms , sport equipment, ticket for a special match game, and other things that are related to sports in this kind of gift basket. It is the best gift to someone you know who loves sports.

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To make the Gift Basket the most accurate get to know your recipient’s favorite sport’s, favorite sports club, his or her favorite players and then you can create the perfect tailor made gift basket. For instance if he or she loves basketball, you can include all basketball related items that you can afford like ball, uniforms, team mugs, and even autographs of his/her favorite basketball player will do.

Fruits and Vegetables

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A fruit Basket is a great all the year round Gift basket inspiration which hardly goes wrong. This is considered as a nutritious gift basket.You can make a collection of different variety of fruits and vegetable available in market. Same with other gift basket, you can just purchased it and at the same time make your own arrangement.

Gift Baskets for Puzzle and Board Games Lover

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Kids who love board games and indoor games will love this Puzzle and Board games themed Gift basket. In this gift basket, you can include chess board, scrabble, sudoku booklet, crossword puzzle, rubix cube, jigsaw puzzle, word search puzzle and many more.

Christmas Gift Baskets for Relaxation


Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers

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Tips in Choosing or Making Your Own Christmas Gift Baskets

  • Christmas Gift baskets can be assembled keeping in mind many themes and the most important, the intended recipient. Standard Christmas Gift Baskets are categorized by many popular themes like Gourmet Theme, Candy and Sweet baked Treats, Sports, Gaming Theme, Bath Supply theme, Office Stationary, Wine and Luxury items theme, Romantic theme and more.
  • A collection of small pieces, items and products such as candles, groceries, personal things, school and office supplies, and even lucky charms can be a great choice as your Christmas gift to someone. It’s up to you on how you decorate and customize it to make it more special one.
  • Purchase or make your own simple but presentable basket wherein you will arrange the collection of items.
  • It is more advisable to use those colorful ribbons and colored wrapping papers to show the theme of Christmas into your gift basket. There are many options while choosing your theme and decoration for your Christmas gift baskets. You can use ribbons, colored paper, craft paper, tulle, fake and real flowers and more.
  • Always keep in mind while finalizing a theme and buying a gift that you must assemble your gift basket keeping in mind what their choice would be. Picking up a useful gift which they would love to receive. If you pick up great things for all your friends and teacher s and colleagues they would enjoy and appreciate your efforts and you will feel great too.