I have always wondered about the necessity of putting up Christmas trees to the point that I have research about its history just to satisfy my curiosity. If you are curios as I am then let me give you an idea about the Christmas trees history.

Germany is credited with starting the tradition of putting up Christmas trees. As many people know, it is in the 16th century that devout Christians started putting and decorating trees at homes. In fact, some also built pyramids made of wood then adorned it with candles and evergreens, if fresh trees are scarce.

It is also believe that the reformer Martin Luther is the first one to think about putting up lights on Christmas trees. He wanted to capture the beauty of the stars by wiring the branches of the trees with candles that has been lighted.  Since, there are no Christmas lights invented yet.

However, the first recorded Christmas trees display in America occurred during the early 18th century, when German settlers brought their tradition with them. But of course, Americans did not accept this tradition right away because they consider it as a pagan symbols.

The American wariness on Christmas tradition was so strong to the point that it was even ordered that anyone hanging decorations that symbolize Christmas would be penalized. People were fined for keeping their tradition until the 19th century dawn, when there is a large influx of Irish and German immigrants that the puritan legacy was undermined.

The arrival of many Christmas ornaments from Germany in 1890s is the start when many Americans began the tradition slowly. Americans prefer Christmas trees that reach the ceiling, while European want small trees about 4 feet high only. No wonder, some have tall trees on their homes while other homes have smaller trees because of the preferences of people, long time ago.

The 20th century is the explosion of Christmas trees traditions, this because having one is very important to many people nowadays. The Christmas tradition becomes even happier with having trees at home because it brings something to homes every time it lights up every night.

Christmas trees are now a part of Christmas tradition and household every year. Many people worldwide are decorating their homes with small, medium and the tallest artificial or fresh trees. They also adorn it with different ornaments to bring it to life and make the home complete and warm every year, when they celebrate Christmas.