Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Special Christmas Hamper Ideas

With inflation on the rise, this could be one of those frugal Christmas holidays. Do not despair. Go to your local dollar store and purchase Christmas baskets, hampers and other fun, sentimental Christmas gift items that you will use to fill the basket.

Photo Credit: Emerandsam on Flickr

Photo Credit: Emerandsam on Flickr

If done well, the basket will make an exquisite gift for a loved one or friend. Be both creative and practical in choosing your Christmas gifts so that the person getting the basket will enjoy using the items. Here are some Christmas gift baskets that you may consider this coming Christmas Day

Christmas Cookie Gift Basket

Many families have a favorite cookie recipe which has become part of the tradition of the Christmas festivities. Ginger bread cookies are very common and easy to make as are the cut-out cookies. Others like rum balls, coconut snow balls, chocolate chip cookies and more. Make several batches of your choice of cookies. If you are feeling generous, include a print out of the recipe. The basket can have a one version of cookies or an assortment of the baked goods.

Christmas Craft Basket


There are many friends and relatives who love to use their hands in creating crafts. The basket can be filled with items used for a specific craft. For those who love knitting or crochet, the basket can be filled with intriguing patterns, various balls of yarn, needles. A cross-stitch hobbyist would love challenging patterns with the thread to complete the project. Fill a quilter’s basket with needles, interesting fat quarters and matching thread.

Spa Gift Basket and Bath Set

This clean idea need not be as expensive as the bath goods are when bought individually in a retail shop. Simply find a craft shop that sells the base items that you can use to make the products at home. The glycerin soap blocks and the molds are essential then you can choose from a variety of scents and add-ins. Create your own soap by melting the glycerin soap block and adding in your choice of ingredients. Pour the mix into the molds and allow them to harden. Make a sea salt scrub by mixing the required oils with the sea salt and topping it with olive or almond oil.

Dinner and a Movie Christmas Hampers

Now-a-days movies are easy to get on DVDs. Pick one you know your party has been eager to watch and has not had time to get it for themselves. Package it with a non-fridge type, easy to make TV dinner like pasta and a sauce. On the other hand you can make it a total movie experience complete with microwave pop-corn, large bars of candy and pop.

Christmas Scent Basket

Fill the house with the smell of pine and cinnamon which simply spells Christmas is here. Buy scented potpourri, fabric and fancy ribbons to make scented sachets for the basket. Make scented candles by buying tarts (candles without wicks) with the tart burners and creating a variety of scents. This is more economical in the long run. IF you are short on time and creativity, then you can buy the ready made scented sachets and candles to fill the basket.

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