Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas To Make Your Gifts Even More Interesting!

christmas-gift-wrapping-ideasWe have listed lot of christmas gift ideas here like Christmas gift ideas for husband, christmas gift ideas wife etc. Now we are giving small insights to how to make that gifts a wonderful one by suggesting some creative gift wrapping ideas here. As you buy your Christmas gifts or prepare Christmas gift baskets and Christmas hamper this year, keep in mind that there are various unique gift wrapping ideas that you can use to make the gifts both intriguing and memorable. They are less expensive than the run of the mill, mass produced, store bought variety of Christmas gift wrap.

Here, I’ve listed some of creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas that may help you as you shop and wrap your gift this Christmas season.  All you need is a little patience, passion and creativity, you’ll be able to wrap your gift on your own.


Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Paper Gift Wrappers


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Household or craft paper is great for small Christmas gifts. It comes in single sheets and had different themes which can be mixed and matched to make the gift more mysterious. Why buy a full roll of custom made Christmas wrapping for a small box of ornamental figurines? Simply look for craft paper that vaguely hints at the contents of the Christmas gift.

Your own home can be a “shopping” gallery. If a new funky mobile phone is on your list, bring out the old phone directory and use the pages to wrap it. Brown bag sexy lingerie, and use the pages of a fashion magazine to wrap scents or bath goods. The list and available varieties, in your home, are endless.

Paper Doilies


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As you wonder in the aisles of the craft and cake decorating departments of your local store, look out for paper doilies. Two doilies can be stuck together, around the edges, leaving one end open, to make a simple card holder. Alternatively, you can stick the doilies on a sheet of colored paper before joining them at the edges.

Colorful Cellophanes


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Cellophanes are the most commonly used wrapping materials for Christmas gift baskets and Christmas hampers. They come in different colors and sizes. Depending on your Christmas basket supplies, you would be able to come up with the best color and size for your Christmas gift hamper.

Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Box Containers


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Think “inside” the box, use decorative box contained as a gift wrap. Look for the ideal thematic wrapping paper to stick around the cylinder. Make a dainty handle for the gift holder by poking two holes at the top of the barrel and pass a pretty ribbon through the holes. The ribbon can be stuck to the inner edges of the cylinder making it sturdy.

Christmas Stockings

For those tailor savvy individual, you can use old worn blankets or sweaters to make stockings. These homemade stockings can be used to wrap your gifts. You can knit or crochet the stockings, sew felt or another fabric into the shape of stockings. Then again, you can buy the stocking from your local discount store.

Recycled Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

For many, giving is the reason for the season at Christmas time. Many Christmas gift items and gift basket stuff that can be covered and wrapped with different types of gift wrapping. It can also be the time of massive pollution when tons of wrapping paper, made from harmful chemicals, thrown away. Be environmentally conscious this year and reuse or recycle packaging items. Especially for Christmas hampers and Christmas gift baskets, one can re-use old covers and wrappers and artistically decorate and wrap your Christmas present. Here are some Christmas gift wrapping ideas using recycled materials.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips



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For the seamstress or tailor, Christmas themed fabric can be used to make sachets Christmas gift wrap, ribbons and draw-strings. If sewing is not your forte then you can use table cloths, blankets, sheets and pillow cases, scarves and bandanas to make fantabulous ‘wrapping paper’ for your gifts. These can all be reused many times over the years to come. You can use pins to hold the fabric in place around the Christmas gift or a tasteful ribbon to make a wonderful pilgrim-like travel pack. You can also use fabric materials in adding trimming to your chosen corporate gift baskets or Christmas hampers.

Re-usable Gift Bags


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Many stores are into the fashion of packing their customer’s purchases in trendy gift bags. These bags are usually very durable and can be re-used. If the bag is sealed with sticky tape, carefully take it off so that the bag does not tear and store it. Come Christmas or any other festive occasion use the appropriate bag to package your gift with a flashy ribbon to boot. With enough creativity, you can make use of these bags as you gift basket.

Plastic Containers


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Here we are talking about durability! Storage bins make great wrapping gems for delicate and edible items. Decorate the bin with glitter, permanent markers, puffy paints, ribbons, fabrics cut into various themed shapes, dried flowers, to name a few.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Old Newspapers or Posters


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Keep a few of your newspapers, supplementary store ads, magazines, street posters, unused wall paper, pictures colored by your children and more in a dry space in your home. You can use these recyclable items are your Christmas gift wrapper. The smaller items can be stick together to make the appropriate sized gift wrap. With age, the ink on the newspaper will set and not easily stain your hands.

Canvas Shopping Bags


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Do you have multiple canvas shopping bags that you do not use? Or you can buy the bags to use for your gifts. Decorate them with ribbons, fabrics or bows. You can draw on the bags with crayons, cover the design with brown paper and set art work with an iron set on warm.

Christmas Gift Cards


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Giving people a variety of Christmas gift cards is a treat. They can use the cards, themselves, in the future when they send their own gifts to their friends and loved ones.

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