Christmas is a time for giving and there are many Christmas gifts one can give to loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors and extended relatives. Christmas shopping malls offer Christmas hampers, food gift baskets, corporate Christmas gift, etc. you’re simply overwhelmed with lots of options. Christmas gift baskets can be made from scratch or pre-made with a particular individual in mind. One is advised not to put rapidly perishable goods in the basket or Christmas hamper.

Photo Credit: on Flickr
Photo Credit: on Flickr

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Christmas Gift Basket For Him

Have a lot of different items to give to your special man and don’t know which one will come best?

Be it your dad, uncle, co-worker, boss, husband or boss, a Christmas gift basket containing two or more gift items would be a safe choice. You must first think about the interest of your recipient. For example, for food junkie man, you can give him a Christmas food gift basket that contains different sorts of goodies and treats.

Christmas Gift Basket for Her

Giving a Christmas gift to women can be tricky for men. Play it safe by following the norm. Women love pampering and jewelry. So, why not prepare a Christmas hamper filled with spa items or cosmetics? You may also want to give her different sorts of jewelry items and accessories. Chocolate and wine gift basket can be a nice choice as well.

Christmas Gift Basket for Kids


Kids, as we know, want to have a lot of stuff – toys, clothes, foods, gadgets, etc. If you think your kid won’t be satisfied with just a single Christmas gift on this holiday season, why not gift him a Christmas hamper that contain the stuff he wanted the most? For gadget fanatics, you can get different accessories for his cellphone or laptop, extra batteries and more and pack them in a gift basket. For toy lovers, different types of stuff toys together with Christmas treats like chocolates and cookies inside a Christmas hamper is a nice gift for them.

Christmas Food Gift Basket

Once has a variety of ideas to choose from when making up these gift baskets. Pick your favorite muffin recipe, print it out on your best paper and put it in the basket with a sample of the muffins. Instead of the chocolate chips or berries mix an array of candied dried fruits in the batter prior to baking. A muffin tin is also added to the basket so as to encourage the recipient to try the delicious recipe. While still at the oven, gingerbread men are fun to make for a friend or a family. If baking is not your forté, then buy the gingerbread men and decorate them at home using colored icing, candy, sprinkles, and different flavored licorice laces to personalize the little men. Add animal shaped gingerbread cookies if the people have pets. Hey a little candy-treat once a year will not harm your dog or cat.

Chocolate Gift Basket

Nothing chases the cold away as a large mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. A simple recipe of a homemade cocoa mix can be packaged in small plastic bags. You can make the cocoa mix using cocoa, milk powder, marshmallows, cinnamon, coffee, ginger and any other tasty dry spice. Big mugs, candy canes, carnal toffee, chocolate dipped stirring sticks will, nicely, fill the basket. Soups are ideal body warmers in the cold season. You can put your favorite homemade canned soup or package the dry ingredients for soup. Place dried beans, pasta, dehydrated veggies, stock cubes (bullion powder), dried spices, plus other ingredients of your choice in a jar. Write out the recipe for the soup and place it in a pot/basket with soup bowls, dried ingredients, crackers, crotons, and any other sentimental item.

Christmas Gift Basket for Green Thumbs

The green finger friend will be looking forward to the spring and bright warm sunshine when they can get out and enjoy the feel of fresh cool dirt in their hands. This avid out-door person would do with a gardening basket filled with the latest gardening implements, dehydrated dirt packs, exotic seeds suited to the area, a watering can and a wide brimmed sun hat to complete the package

When you are done putting the package together and securing the contents of the basket, look for or make a brightly colored bow or ribbon with your favorite colors to put on top