Top 40 Christmas Gifting Ideas For The Brothers

Christmas is the time to rejoice and reunite with your loved ones. As a token of love and care, gifts are the best expressions of your deep down feelings. What can be a better occasion than the Christmas to gift something special and out of the box to your best friend since childhood, your brother. Whether you have a naughty younger brother or a matured elder one, Christmas gifts can always bring the siblings closer. Are you puzzled as to what gift should you give to your brother this year? Here are our top 40 picks that may be of help. Check them out and see if they can impress your brother.

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1. Zombie Apocalypse Set:

If your brother is in teens or pre-teens, this Zombie Apocalypse set is definitely going to impress him a lot with the headlights, Zombie survival guide and other goodies for the Zombie lovers.

2. The Cookoo Watch For The Techie Bro:

A cool gadget for the techies! This watch is connected to Apple’s IOS and hence, it keeps the busy brothers informed about the latest calls, messages, and voicemails.

3. Gift The Money To Your Teenager Brother:

Confused what you should buy for your brother this Christmas? Let him decide and do it himself! Gift him with money and yes, here you can get creative with the packing.

4. Reindeer Print i-Phone Case:

If your brother has an i-Phone, this can be the best Christmas gift for him.

5. Chill Pills For The Stressed Brothers:

If your brother is stressed out with his work or anything else, gift these chill pills to make him merrier for the holidays.

6. A Personal Grooming Set:

This is the best gifting idea for the men. Gift your brother with the limited edition skin wear from the Ted Baker or any other personal grooming essential as per his choice. He will surely love it!

7. A Personalized Mug:

Add a personal touch to your gift by making this personalized mug for your lovely brother.

8. Nuts And Bolts In A Shadow Box:

For the mechanic headed brothers, this is an excellent gift that you can make yourself from the nuts and bolts lying in your junkyard.

9. Wooden Sunglasses Holder:

This is an amazing gift for holding the eyewear of your brother. Perfect as a Christmas gift!

10. Beer Kegerator Tap Handle:

A sleek and stylish kegerator beer tap handle for your brother is an excellent option for the Christmas gifting this year.

11. A Perfect Holiday Gift For The Brothers:

This, indeed, is a perfect holiday gift in the most befitting packing as well. Your brother will definitely love this gift.

12. Stainless Steel Whiskey Rocks:

A unique gift that your brother will definitely like. These stainless steel whiskey rocks can be frozen and then added to your drink and they won’t dilute in the end. So, he will enjoy his drink till the last sip.

 13. Superhero Headphones:

Your brother must be having a favorite superhero. Gift his favorite superhero’s printed headphones and get ready to be dazzled by the delight on his face.

14. Wooden Fire Hydrant Tap Handle:

This fire hydrant tap handle made from wood and hand painted is a beautiful gift for all the lovely brothers. What do you think about it?

15. Star Wars Cross-Sections Book:

This cross sections book on the spaceships from the movie is a wonderful gift for the younger brothers and the Star Wars buffs.

16. DIY Cocktail Bitters:

If your brother loves cocktails, this DIY Bitters Kit from Dutch’s Spirits will be a perfect gift for him.

17. Explorer Backpack For The Photography Freak Brother:

If your brother loves photography, he’ll love this amazing backpack from Tamrac equally.

18. A Pair Of Moccasins:

Gift your brother a pair of luxury brand Moccasins and witness the joy on his face. It is the perfect Christmas gift for the fashion savvy brothers.

19. Handmade Zip Pouch:

These handmade zip pouches made from the old neckties are looking fabulous and handy. Aren’t they?

20. DIY Fishing Lures:

When it comes to Christmas gifting, nothing can match up to the magic of handmade items. So, make these easy fishing lures from old beer bottle caps for your brother, if he loves fishing or even if he doesn’t!

21. Knitted Wine Bottle Cover:

A knitted wine bottle cover is cozy and absolutely Christmasy in its appeal.

22. Sleek Belt Rack:

A classic gift not only for the brothers but all the men in your life, be it your friend, husband, dad or boyfriend.

23. Handmade Soaps:

Handmade soaps are also a wonderful Christmas gifting idea for your brother.

24. Beer Bottle Coolers:

An amazing gift for the beer loving brothers!

25. Shaving Kit:

A shaving kit is always a nice gift for the men.

26. Wooden Photo Holder:

This beautiful wood block holder will always remind your brother of the sweet memories that both of you have shared being the siblings.

27. Eatables In The Jars:

If your brother is a born foodie, this will be the best Christmas gift for him. Pack some mason jars with eatables of his choice and decorate them with all the traditional Christmas stuff.

28. Handmade Luggage Tag:

It is a simple handmade luggage tag made from leather. It is a perfect Christmas gift for your travel enthusiast brother.

29. Working Man’s Hygiene Kit:

It is the best Christmas gift for your hard-working brother.

30. Stylish Pen Holder:

Your brother will definitely admire this pen holder in the shape of a gun cylinder.

31. A Manly Tool Roll:

This handmade tool roll will help your brother to keep his tools organized and portable to carry anywhere.

32. Personalized Luggage Set:

If you want to spend big for your brother’s Christmas gift, this can be an ideal choice for you!

33. A Fun T-Shirt:

For your sweet brother!

34. Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream:

Make this rosemary mint shaving cream using coconut oil, shea butter, and rosemary essential oils in your kitchen.

35. Stunning Watch Box In Leather:

An elegant leather watch box can always be an ideal Christmas gift for your brother, dad, and husband.

36. Personalized Golf Balls:

For the golf-loving brothers, this can turn out to be the ideal Christmas gift.

37. Magnetic Wristband:

You can make this practical magnetic wristband for your DIYer brother. I am sure it is a great surprise for him.

38. A Funny Christmas Gift For Your Brother:

Want to amuse your brother this Christmas? Gift him with this Jar of Nothing and you’re done with it!

39. An App Enabled Droid For the Techie Brother:

Give your brother this BB-8 App enabled Droid loaded with lots of features and ergonomic looks.

40. The Impossible Instant Lab:

This is a fascinating gift idea for your brother. With this device, he can print the images on his i-Phone as the Polaroid photos using the Impossible Project App.

These are the top 40 Christmas gifting ideas for your brother. You can make your choice depending upon your brother’s preferences and interests.

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