15 DIY Christmas Gifts That The Recipient Would Actually Like

Are you tired of giving the same old, store bought Christmas gift to your friends and family? Well, to be honest, even your family and close ones must be bored receiving the mass-produced gifts from you.

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Finding the right gift for everyone can be a difficult, very difficult task. You don’t just have friends and family, if you are lucky enough to live in a friendly neighborhood, then you may want to send a gift over next door too. And of course, there are kids, and their teachers too. This is where Christmas 365 Greetings will step to save your day, and holiday too. We have compiled a list of 15 Christmas gift ideas that your family and friends would be glad to receive.

  1. Teacup Candles:

Never before have I seen such a classy and elegant candle. Teacup is a refined and elegant vessel to make candles and reuse the old china! The author states that the candle smells yummy and we believe her. Don’t have fancy cups at home? Then purchase some from the hardware store. It isn’t as expensive as it looks. Or go for Mason jar, glass votive holders or jam jars. Simple!

  1. Pumpkin Sugar Scrub:

If you are a woman, and especially a mother, you realize how important a sugar scrub is in our daily life. This sugar scrub would make an excellent to your sister, female friend, mom and every woman in your life. This pumpkin, sugar scrub feels oh-so luxurious. You don’t even have to be a beauty expert to make this scrub. Just mix in all the ingredients and viola! When you are gifting sugar scrubs, presentation matters a lot. Put it in a nice jar and tie a ribbon around it.

  1. Instagram Coasters:

Make your Instagram pic with your friends and family looks their best with these coasters. It’s a very thoughtful gift and is sure to bring a wide grin on the recipient’s face. Plus, they are made in a way that will make them last long, despite repeated use.

  1. Little Lamb Pillows:

Are you wondering what to gift to your little nephew or niece, but don’t want to buy a ready-made toy from Walmart? Then this DIY that may come handy. These utterly and unbelievably cute lamb pillows are great for kids to snuggle during the winters. And it’s very quick and easy to make as well.  Wonder why we have chosen lamb? That’s because the lambs were present during the birth of Jesus. Besides, lambs also signify meekness and purity.

  1. Goody Gumdrops Fudge:

Christmas is all about making treats for the little guests visiting your house. So why not make sweet treats for Christmas gifts as well? Satisfy the sweet tooth of your little recipients with these homemade gumdrops fudge. These white chocolate fudges studded with gooey gumdrops are extremely flavorful. And it is very easy to make this fudge in different colors. You just have to add food coloring in different shades. Make sure you decorate it the way the author has decorated. It will add a festive touch to it.

  1. Tin Can Lantern:

Looks similar? Yeah, you must have seen this tin can lantern in antique shops and stores. But now, you can easily make these lanterns at home and in different colors and sizes. These lanterns will come handy during summers. The candles will help fight the mosquitoes and the lantern will add a stylish element to your décor. And the best part is that it will look great both during the daytime and at the evening.

  1. Bell Jar Snow Globe:

Mason jar snow globes are very common, but bell jar snow globes will make distinctive gifts. This bell jar snow globe will look great hung on the Christmas tree, windowsill or mantelpiece. Do not forget to dust some artificial snow on the Christmas tree. After all, you have to set a winter backdrop too! This snow globe will surely find cheer and glad tidings to your recipient’s house.

  1. Hand Warmers:

Do you have a friend or family member who always feels cold? Then help them keep warm with these adorable, hand warmers! Make sure you make two hand warmers, one for each hand. And make some cute printable too to present along with the hand warmers.

  1. Crochet Necklace:

Is there any woman who does not love jewelry? At least we are not aware of any. Here’s a tutorial for a lovely, green crochet necklace. Your recipient will love this one, for sure. This cool, crochet necklace is chunk without being overbearing.

  1. Wooden Jewelry Box:

You can never go wrong with a jewelry box. Never! And this one, especially is extremely beautiful. While making this jewelry box, make sure you clean it well and remove the locks and hinges. You can put them back after decorating it.

  1. Cinnamon Stick Votive Holder:

Add spice and scent to your recipient’s life with this cinnamon stick votive holder. You just have to use a hot glue gun to adhere the votive.  You can either make the votive at home or purchase from the store. While Christmassy colors like red and white are good options, earthy colors like burnt amber and sage will also look great.

  1. Laptop Sleeve:

Techies can never really have enough of laptop sleeves, especially women and girls. So if you have a tech friend in your family or friends, then this geometric laptop sleeve would be very useful for him. We loved the black, white and gold color combination used for this laptop sleeve. This sleeve will also double as a clutch for girls.

  1. Holiday Treat Box:

Christmas is a time when people get into the spirit of sharing yummy treats with neighbors, friends, colleagues and family. Here’s an easy DIY Holiday treat box to keep with the holiday spirit. We loved how the author has given a festive flair to this a simple Ziploc box using red and green duct tape and a holiday bow. And it’s totally up to your what you want to fill this box with, brownies or cookies.

  1. Gold-Leaf Papier-Mâché Bowls:

This Christmas gift idea is for aunts, mommies and grand mommies. Gold Leaf is one of those craft materials that can give a glamorous look to any surface including bowls. These papers Mache bowls are absolutely gorgeous. The recipients can use it for storing their jewelry and other valuable and delicate stuff. Making it is also not much of a struggle. Would you believe if I say that the tutorial does not even uses papier mache? Yes, it really is!

  1. Zip Tie Tote:

Here’s a Christmas gift idea for your girlfriends, a crisp and fun tote bag. The off white and neon green and orange are complementing each other really well. Using a plain canvas tote and some colorful cable ties, you can make this stylish and hip tote in a matter of few minutes. The blogger has used off white colored tote, but you are free to use any colored tote you like.

We hope you’ll try making these gifts for your closed ones. These ideas will not just save your bank, but will also bring delight to the recipients. After all, making something useful with your own hands can be very meaningful.  What do you recommend to gift for Christmas? Share your ideas with us by commenting below!

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