Christmas is coming and it’s important for one to come up with the best Christmas tree decorating ideas. We all know that without a Christmas tree, it just feels like something is missing. Here we have different decorating ideas for you to decorate your Christmas tree to bring a livelier touch out of it. We have a variety of choices for decorating whether you like it in a traditional way or the modern way—it’s all up to you. You can experiment with colors and create something unique. You can also try different Christmas tree toppers to make yours stand out from the rest. There’s no harm in trying!

Christmas Tree 2023

Christmas Tree Decorations

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Decorating your Christmas tree can be a fantastic adventure when you plan ahead. All you have to do is to explore possibilities and exercise your creativity. Here are few Christmas decoration ideas that may serve as your reference for your home decoration this holiday season. Take a look through these photos to give you an idea on the look you want to achieve.

Green and silver Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas


Christmas Tree

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Merry Christmas Tree Decorations



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Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Make it elegant and classy with golden trimmings and mesh. Most of the elegant Christmas trees use greenery and ornaments with golden trims and decorations. If you want an elegant decorating for your Christmas tree, these suggestions may be able to help you.

Elegant Christmas Tree
Image: Flickr

Gold themed tree. This is just gorgeous to look at with its shiny gold effect and sparkly Christmas lights all through the tree. Make it shine through the night while waiting for the Christmas day to come.

Christmas Tree 20123

Image: Decoholic
Image: Decoholic

Fashionable green and blue ornaments with a star on top. Your tree will shine even after the Christmas season as this does not contain much of the traditional colors of Christmas.

Decorating Christmas Tree Ideas

At this time of the year, many people are looking for some great decorating ideas for Christmas tree. There are actually different ways to have a decorated Christmas tree. With the right materials and Christmas ornaments, you can sure to have the best Christmas tree decorations for this year.


Gold and red. Somewhat like of an Asian fusion kind of Christmas because of the two main colors of decoration. Add some golden leaves and shiny musical cutouts for a touch out of it.

Here is a mix of green and blue colors with shiny butterfly cut-outs and an angel on top of it. A very feminine look, if you have a daughter, I’m sure you’ll both have fun decorating your tree.

Image: decorecomgigi
Image: decorecomgigi

Candy land inspired Christmas tree. This is a lovely idea and the kids will surely want some of it! Attractive and unique way for a tree this Christmas.


White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Do you want something that suggests serenity and purity? Then you may want to go for white Christmas tree decorations. There are Christmas trees that come in white colors. You can beautify them with different colors of ornaments and decorations.


Stay classy and elegant by just choosing two type of colors for decoration. This will surely fit your room and show a snowy white Christmas tree with an accent added to it.

Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

The traditional Christmas tree usually come as combination of green and red colors. Other ornaments like mesh, ribbons and Christmas tree topper completes it. If you want to keep your decorated Christmas tree a traditional one, here are some suggestions to consider.


Homemade Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Use natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and others for decorative ribbons or to hang the ornaments. Metallic ribbons and video cassette tape add a simple futuristic touch to the ornaments. Garlands can be made from cranberries, pop-corn or dried fruit. You can dip sections of a thin rope in glue then into a mix of bird seed, rice and lentils to make a seedy garland.


If you don’t have a tree or just want to use your creativeness, you can make a paper Christmas tree like this one. This will surely be a unique one.

Create a tradition of baking cookies close to the day and pack them in plastic paper tied with ribbons and hung on the tree. Keep the milk handy when unwrapping the presents as the cookies make a tasty snack in the midst of the joy and laughter.

Image: ArtfulAffirmations
Image: ArtfulAffirmations

If you don’t want to get a normal-sized Christmas tree. You can have a tinsel one  to put over furnitures, so you won’t miss the feeling of having a Christmas tree. Try to add some simple decorations to add some effect to it.


If you don’t have ornaments to fill out your tree. You can make star cut outs and add messages to it to make your Christmas tree interesting and meaningful. Ask friends or family members to write some Christmas messages on the star cut outs, when done, you are no ready to hang them on your Christmas tree.

Modern Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

The ways on how to decorate a Christmas tree has evolved as many years have passed. Today, there are many modern ways to decorate a Christmas tree. Different items and decorative ornaments are also used to make a Christmas tree stands out from the rest. Here are some modern decorating ideas for Christmas trees.

A bushy Christmas tree with cut-outs of birds for decoration. Perfect if you have a low budget this coming holiday or just don’t have much ornament or just want to test and show your creativity.


A very creative way to design your tree. Test out your skills for cutouts to add for decorations. Include all the fun colors of Christmas and this will be just as perfect to have to your living room.

DIY Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

If you start collecting the items in the fall, you may find an empty nest which you can put in the tree with real, candy or plastic eggs. Consider using apples, pears, cranberries, cherries, grapefruits as ornaments.

Garlands can be made from sashes of candy, cards, ribbons, small bags of coal, tiny shoes filled with tied sticks and more. Hungarian children were aware of lumps of coal or a small bunch of twigs tied together (also known as a switch) and left in their shoes.

Image: TheRobinAndSparrows
Image: TheRobinAndSparrows

If you don’t have much space for a normal tree, you can always make a miniature one out of paper and you can put it over your table. Add some star cut outs with messages on it, and this will surely be an amazing tree.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

A coffee lover? Here’s a Nescafe inspired Christmas tree. Show your creativeness with this kind of look. Impress your friends with this amazing idea this coming holiday season.


If you don’t have ornaments, you can use your utensils for decorations as it is also shiny as well. This is a very unique idea for a Christmas tree and an inexpensive one too as you can use this again next Christmas season.

Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

You really don’t have to settle for something traditional and old-fashioned Christmas tree decorations. Why would you if you can actually use different items in making your Christmas tree unique from the rest. Also, aren’t you getting tired of the same tree each year? It’s time to try something new. Try some unique Christmas tree decorating ideas this year.


Collect your egg paper containers and paint it with green to serve as your Christmas tree. Decorate it with gold ribbons and ornaments. A very unique and inexpensive way for a tree.


Christmas tree stuffed with stuffed toys. Make it unique. This is perfect to make if you have kids as they will surely enjoy decorating your Christmas tree.

Small Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

If you are living in a place where the area for Christmas tree is quite small, you may want to have a tree that can fit well. You may try some small Christmas tree and decorate it for this holiday. Here are some Christmas tree decorating ideas for small spaces.

Make your tree stand out even it is quite small. Add some shiny reindeers and red ribbons to give it a livelier feeling. The reindeer has all this merely effect on the tree and definitely in the room.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Pictures

Some descriptions and tutorials of decorating a Christmas tree may not be enough for you to achieve what you want for this holiday. That’s why I also compiled some pictures for your to look at. Here are some pictures of decorated Christmas tree that you may get some ideas from.

This is a Santa inspired Christmas tree. Use your imagination and think of what Santa looks like and transfer that look to your Christmas tree to achieve a unique kind of Christmas decoration.

Christmas Tree 2019

Christmas Tree 2019
Image: SouthernLiving

Keeping it bold and bright for your Christmas tree is a great idea if you want your tree to shine through the nights. Twirl some lively colored fabric throughout and a mixture of ornaments will do the trick.

Christmas Tree 2020

Christmas Tree 2020

Think of what look you want and experiment with your decorations then slowly fill it up with the theme that you want. Stick to the traditional colors of Christmas and it will surely look great

Country Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


A snowy Christmas tree idea. This is nice if you want to achieve a breezy Christmas effect with buckets full of gifts under your tree. A unique idea indeed to add the buckets as it compliments the gifts under your tree.

Natural Christmas Tree Decorations

Do you want a natural-themed for your Christmas tree? No worries. You can actually use fresh and natural ornaments for your Christmas tree. Twigs, dried pine cones, fresh Christmas tree, paper and other greenery can be used in decorating a natural Christmas tree.


As you and your family walk outside, in the parks and the fields, look at what nature has to offer you as ideal Christmas tree ornaments. You can attach a ribbon with a small cup hook to the back of pine cones. Acorns can be glued together, in a bunch, with a pretty lace ribbon and hung on the tree.


As the family comes together in this fun bonding activity, thistles, dried flowers, grasses, leaves, yucca plant pods, holly, cotton ball pods, feathers and dried wild fruits and more make great ornaments alone or combined, singly or bunched together. You can make star shapes, wreaths or clusters from these items from mother-nature.

Vintage-Themed Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Image: MyHomeIdeas
Image: MyHomeIdeas

Enter yard sales, car boot sales, thrift shops, eBay lots, flea markets and your friends and relatives. You can find antique and vintage ornaments which can add a warm aged feel to the tree. You may find interesting items such as chenille Santas, plastic reindeer, vintage cards and stars to name a few. When the grandparents come a calling, they can tell tales of Christmases long passed which will add a sentimental value to their visit.

Winter Themed Christmas Tree Ideas

Image: NijiHomeDesign
Image: NijiHomeDesign

Winter theme Christmas tree with a touch of shiny gold colors and beautiful flowers. This is just wonderful and just has that cohesive look to the room.

Purple Christmas Tree Decorations

Purple may not be the usual color themes of Christmas tree, but like I said earlier, no need to stick with the basic when decorating a Christmas tree. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t worry about using other colors like purple.


Perfect for the kids to have to their room and decorate as well. Purple tree with hello kitties all over it. A very sassy way for the kids to make and have.

Red Christmas Tree Decorations

Image: Tria Giovan
Image: Tria Giovan

Red is always a good color idea for Christmas especially when decorating your Christmas tree for a dramatic finish and of course a livelier feel on to it.

Gold Christmas Tree Decorations


Golden Christmas tree are just nice too look at. Just stick to the gold color to make it shine. Add some Christmas lights and your tree will surely sparkle through the night.

Pink Christmas Tree Decorations


Blue Christmas Tree Decorations


World’s Largest floating Christmas Tree

World’s Largest floating Christmas Tree is located at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here we are attaching an image of this Christmas Tree against the background of Fireworks. You can pin it or share it on your facebook.

Fireworks explode over a Christmas tree during the lighting ceremonyImage: