When Christmas is just around the corner, what can be the better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to do some fun Christmas crafts with kids? You have come to the right place at The Best Christmas ideas for Kids to get inspired with so many fun Christmas activities and crafts for your kids!  Crafting at school and home is all about making memories, which kids will always cherish their lifetime some of our favorite childhood memories come from art and craft sessions at school with our teachers and friends, and at our home with mother and siblings. Children love Christmas crafting, they will love to make handmade Christmas greeting cards for their grandparents, relatives, parents, friends and teachers. So here are some fun crafts for your children, Take out a pen and paper and jot down the crafts for your children.

Best Christmas Craft Ideas For School



Christmas time is a fun time! Children love anything related to reindeer and Santa , as well as all other Christmassy things. Can Santa be without his reindeers ? Well it seems to be impossible. Santa and reindeer’s will set the Christmas atmosphere for kids. So all to be done is , starting by taking a heavier paper and draw face of the reindeer but it should have a big wide open mouth with a small lower body. You can also get printouts for the same and ask them to colour and line them properly. Once the reindeer and background are all done move on to the folding , fold along the lip line, across the whole width of paper lately you need to bring the upper lip fold down the lower lip fold and press the paper down. This will make another fold inside the reindeer’s mouth, you can write any Christmas message or greetings in the space provided in reindeer’s mouth. And your project is ready. You can now have your reindeer open and close it’s mouth.




Christmas is such a fun time of the year for crafting ! and how  Christmas crafting can be complete by Santa crafting, we need to prepare Santa’s face using paper plate, skin tone acrylic paint, paint brush red and white cards tock paper, red pompoms, 2 large googly eyes( you can even draw them ) glue pen and glue stick. Start by cutting the third top section off of paper plate and paint it with the skin colour and set it aside to dry. Meanwhile you can cut triangle shaped hat from red card stock paper use circle punch to cut out the 2 inch circles from the white colored cardstock paper or you can even cut it by hand. Also, cut ¾ inch strip from your white cardstock paper to use as the brim of the Santa hat. As soon as plate is finished drying use your glue pen or glue stick to assemble your Santa together. Add glue to the triangle hat, 2 inch circle at the top of the hatand glue your white colour strip at the top of your paper plate to form the brim of the hat. Continue by gluing on your large googly eyes and next continue by sticking two half circles to form moustache and finally glue your red pompom on top of the moustache to finish the Santa. Your adorable Paper Santa is ready!



christmas craft

Making Christmas tree out of these ice cream sticks and or ornaments is so much fun. Kids love craft projects which involves decorating. So here is what all you need to make these ornaments 3 ice cream sticks of any colour of your choice, 1 brown cardstock paper, a star cut from glittery cardstock paper, a piece of twine and a pair of scissors and knife. And to decorate the tree you can use tiny pompoms, rhinestones, jingle bells, sparkly pipe cleaners, buttons and glitters. Now here is an optional step if you want to have the short bottom side of the tree, you need to trim ¾ of the stick with the help of knife. Add glue to both the ends of the sticks. Then position the two full length ice cream sticks to make a triangle. Use the  twine to make the hangerglue it upon the triangle so that it is sandwiched between the ice cream sticks. Paste the star on top of the tree and now you are all set for decorating you can use small pompoms, rhinestones or anything of your choice to decorate it. Cut the brown cardstock paper to make the branch of the tree and you are all done with the tree.




Winters is all about snowfall and kids love making snowman but going out in snow and playing with snow will make them ill but they can make their own snowman at the comfort and warmth of their home. All you will need is a shallow container to dip the cotton balls in glue, craft glue , cotton balls, snowman template, a pair of scissors, stuff to decorate snowman like googly eyes, sticks, stickers and anything of your choice. Now you can print the snowman template on a craft paper or let children make their own snowman. Give them shallow containers with some glue in it so that they can dip the cotton balls in it and tell them to stick them on their snowman. Let children use their creativity to decorate the snowman and they will love to create their own snowman.



This is the perfect craft for winters. Supplies you will need are paper plates, yarn( colour of your choice), scissors and glue. Now turn your paper plate upside down and draw a snow flake and start sticking yarns on those lines of snowflakes multi colored yarns or blue and white ones you can make several and stick them together to make a fun winter themed banner to hang in your home, In-fact you can use them as your Christmas décor. Further you can decorate it with sequins, glitter and craft gems. They can be turned out to be a beautiful decorative décor for Christmas, and it looks like you have put on a lot of effort in making them but you know the truth.



Dancing elf

We all just adore opportunities the festive holidays brings for all sorts of colorful and jolly arts and crafts for kids. This year lets make adorable dancing Elf with the help of newspaper, of course you can make it with the help of normal paper or card but let’s teach them how to recycle things ! Not only this newspaper dancing elf looks super duper cute but we can even play with it too and make it dance, It has long legs that are folded in a way that allows them to move freely as if Elf was dancing a jolly Christmas jig! All you need is newspaper, paint, 1 sheet of A4 card, googly eyes, mini red pompoms, marker pen, glue, scissors. Draw or print out your Elf craft template, paint some of the newspaper sheets you can choose colors of your choice you need to color big sheet for the body, hat and shoes. And a small sheet red for the trimmings and striped for the elf’s legs. Now place the template over these painted sheets and cut the Elf’s body. Start building Elf from bottom of the A4 sheet by sticking the long legs of Elf then glue on the Elf’s cute curly toes dancing shoes stick mini red pompom balls to finish the shoes. Now take out that large newspaper triangle and fold the top two thirds. Glue the flat bottom onto to the bottom of your card to join the legs. Now I you want you can put the jingle bell on top of the hat but please be careful while using the bells because they can be a choking hazard. Now glue the face and ears of elf, add that trimming to your elf’s hat and neck and then give a cheeky face to your elf stick those googly eyes, a mini red pompom for a nose and marker pen for the smile. Now you can make your newspaper elf dance around!




These unicorn christmas ornaments are so fun to make ! These can be great for an evening party or even an unicorn themed party for your kids. Here are the supplies you will need to make these unicorn ornaments, white glittery glass ornament, oil based paint pen fine tip, mini flowers in various colors of your choice, white clay, golden paint, glue, hot pink felt, white stiff felt, gold twine ribbon and white cardstock. First make your horn by cutting the clay into two pieces one piece should be shorter than the other and when one end of the clay should thicker than the other so that when you roll together the bottom of the horn is thicker than the top twist the two pieces together to get them come closer and fatter so that they look like unicorn horn, twist them till the time you have the desired result. When you will achieve your desired result cut off the horn so that it measures up to 4 cm. Now put them into oven and bake them according to the package directions. Adults should be present there. Once baking and cooling of horn is done paint the horn in golden color.

Now draw a sample of the eyes on the white stock card to make a template out of it, this will ensure that both the eyes are of the same size using a tape, tape down the template ton the ornament and use your oil based pen to draw the eyes we recommend this over the normal pens because they are more durable on glass now draw the swoop eyelashes free-handed. Now cut off the ear piece drawing the template out of your white cardstock draw both of them same but one of them small for the inner side of the ear. Now cut out the white felt for the larger ear and the pink one for the inside part stick them together.

Stick the ears to the ornament just behind the horn now stick the horn on the top of the ornament, now glue on the flowers using a mix of pink and white or any other color combination of your choice Be sure to cover the front of the horn/ornament topper with a middle flower. Now add the golden twine to your ornament by wrapping and tying it around the ornament top. Here is your gorgeous unicorn ornament which kids love !



Now Christmas cards have a great importance and they can mean a lot to the dearest one. You need a card stock paper of any colour of your choice and fold it in two halves and now you can drawa Christmas tree, Santa Claus or snow man on the front page and can write a personal note inside the card or wish them christmas. These hand made cards look so gorgeous and lovely further you can decorate it with décor of your choice.



Children love their work being displayed this garland is fun and easy to make you just need colorful yarns of 4-6 colours of same thickness wind one color of yarn around the scrap piece of wood

Don’t do it over tight otherwise it will be difficult to take out more the yarn more fluffier the pompom ball. Once the desired result is achieved cut the end with scissors. Now cut the 10” long yarn of same color and gently remove the yarn from the wooden scrap prevent it from unwound tie the 10” piece of yarn around the center of the loop then double knot it to secure it should look like a bow. Cut loops of each side and give the shape of a pompom ball now repeat this with many colors and yes don’t cut that 10” piece and braid all of them together to make a garland. They can be used for gift wrapping and decorating christmas tree.