You might be thinking for my reason to ask such question and yes I have a reason behind it and that is to ask you all and know your views and excitement for upcoming December and the last festival before the year ends and that is definitely Christmas.

Yes, the birthday of Lord Jesus. We all know that it is celebrated on 25th of December every year as the date for this auspicious festival is fixed.

Every year we eagerly wait for this day to come and we also start the preparations for the same. We all know that Christmas is now not limited to any one particular country or religion. Billions of people around the world celebrate Christmas enthusiastically.

Christmas is about to arrive and you all must have started the preparations too but if in case your decorative preparations are left out then do not worry as here we are sharing with you some trending ideas all the way from Pinterest which you can take into consideration and start off as soon as possible and finish off with your decorations on time but, before moving ahead, let us get some insights on Christmas decoration first which will also be helpful for you and also knowledgeable for your kids.

Christmas is traditionally characterized by Tinsel decorated trees, mince pies, present giving, singing, dancing and dinner. Families come together on Christmas to enjoy, drink, eat, be merry and celebrate around Xmas tree while on the other hand children wait eagerly for this Christmas looking forward to a visit from Santa Claus and his big bag of gifts. It is said that we should keep socks as gift stuffer below our pillow before Christmas as Santa leaves the gift for us in that. Before the advent of Christianity the plants and trees that remained evergreen had special meaning in the eyes of people. People used to decorate their house during festive season with spruce, fir and pine tree. People used to hang the branches of these evergreen trees over their doors and windows because it is believed that these evergreens would keep away witches, ghosts, evil spirits and also illness away from home.

Germany is credited with starting of the Christmas tree tradition in the 16th century when Christians started decorating their homes with evergreens and candles. According to a belief Martin Luther, first added lighted candles to the tree. Walking to home one day during winter evening Martin was awed by the beauty and brilliance of stars twinkling amidst evergreens and then on reaching home he told his family about that lovely view and to recreate that scene for his family he erected a tree in his home in the main room and then to decorate the tree he wired its branches with lighted candles.

The modern Christmas tree was developed in medieval Livonia and early modern Germany where protestant Germans used to bring decorated trees to their homes during the second half of 19th century among the upper classes. The trees were decorated with roses which were made by using colored paper, apples, wafers, Tinsel and also sweet meat. Along with all these candles were also used but later on the candles were replaced by Christmas lights after the evolution of electricity. But in today’s time we have unlimited options that is both items and ways to decorate the auspicious Christmas tree.

These days, we have traditional trees decoration ornaments like Tinsel, Garlands Baubles, and Candy Canes. Mostly a star is also placed on top of the tree as a symbol of Star of Bethlehem. Some people place an angel to represent the Angel Gabriel. Along with these decorations, people have also started using edible items like Chocolate, Ginger Bread, Toffees and different kinds of Sweets and then these items are tied or hung on the branches of tree using string or ribbon.

In the western Christian tradition the erection of the Christmas tree is done on days like the first day of the advent till as late as Christmas Eve and this erection of the Christmas tree solely depends on the country.


Here we bring you the list of latest decorating ideas which are trending on Pinterest that can be used this season:

Color Theme – This decorative style is very much in use these days where you just need to select few color combination which you find interesting and appealing or which match the decor of your house and then purchase the things of those colors. Once you have all the items with you, all you need to do is just place all the items in the way you want to show them on the tree. The color combination can be of two to three or few more colors which completely depends on your wish. Some commonly used color combinations are white and red, pink and silver, pink and purple, golden and silver. You can also choose the combination for your home décor by focusing on interiors, curtains, furniture, bed sheets, bed cover, etc.

Metallic Look Decor- In Metallic style of decoration we do not have many choices for colors but still this is one the best and perfect way of decorating the tree as well your house in a very trendy and elegant way with classic colors. Here what we need to have for decoration are the items which are Metallic in color like silver, copper, gold or the combination of these colors within themselves or with other colors and in case you are not having items of these colors then you need not worry because the things which you are having can be converted to any of these three colors or the combination by painting on them or gluing color paper on the items. After that they can be tied to the tree or can be hanged on the staircase or can be decorated anywhere in the house as per the need. For more luster to the items, golden or silver artificial lights can be used according to the type of decorative item which you have to get that classy metallic effect.

Bulb Decoration – For this type of decoration, the most important part is the Bulb. In this decoration way you can use old fused bulbs and paint on them using sparkle colors. Once the colors dry you can hang the bulb with a ribbon or a string or glue the bulbs with other ornaments. It is the cheapest way of decoration and also the best out of waste method which any one can use.

Wooden Look Decoration – In case of this type of decoration all you need is wooden items like Wooden Ornaments, Wooden Numbers, and Wooden Alphabets and for glow on the tree you can use lights of different colors or some artificial lights around the house where you will implement your decoration. This type of decoration looks very decent but at the same time it is a bit expensive and difficult too.

Rainbow Method – It is the most colorful method used in decoration ideas. In this type of decoration you can use items which are of rainbow colors i.e. Red, Yellow, Green, Violet, Indigo, Blue and Orange. Once you have the items of these colors available with you then you can place or hang them on the branches of the tree in layers which means hanging of items of one color in one layer and then items of another color in next layer. In this way seven layers can be created on the tree giving it a rainbow look effect. Additionally, you can also decorate your living or your bed room in the same way using ribbons and ornaments.

Icy Decoration – This type of decoration is what gives you a feel of a hill station or snowy weather. In this decoration idea, the most important thing you need is the snowy spray in huge quantity and some items in white color. So what you people need to do is just take the items which you have and use them to decorate the Christmas tree and your house, once done with the decoration, take the spray and start spraying it on the items which are not of white color. The more you put snowy spray on the tree the more beautiful and natural it looks.

You can also use cotton balls, white and silver beads and pearls for a classy look. Also you can place a big or small snow white below the tree as it will also match up with the white decor. You can use white curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers and convert your dining table and chair in white to match the décor look.

Candy Decoration – In this type of decoration idea you can use any type of eatable items which are not heavy and can be hanged on the branches of the tree and can also be stuffed in the stuffer or can be used anywhere in the house as a décor.

If you are using candies for decorating your tree then make sure that the tree is big and strong enough to bear the weight of eatables if they are used in large quantity. It is of no use to think about this type of decoration in case the tree is not so strong. In addition to the eatable items you can also use colorful lights and snow spray on the tree to fill the empty space on the branches of the Christmas tree and make it look more beautiful. Also another purpose of using other things together with eatable items is that the tree is not left without decoration once all the eatable things are taken off from the tree. This is the most popular decorating idea among children oriented parties because the candies are what children love the most. The eatable items most often used for decorating are toffees, small chocolate, candy sticks, lollipop, and chips which are light in weight.

I am personally fond of this type of decoration, reason being that I have so many things available on the branches of the tree to eat which I can have while enjoying around the tree in case I want to have it.

Floral Arrangements- Christmas is all about simplicity and flowers are a wonderful way to bring new life in your decoration ideas as the festive season has such a vibrant color palette and amazing scents which can revive any place. Sticking to the natural tones of the Earth and rough woods is the best idea to opt for. Holly and Poinsettias are common but there are much more varieties to work with. Decorate a simple pine plant with wooden Christmas trinkets and ribbons and place it on your porch. Make beautiful center pieces with bold red amaryllis secured with silver bows.


Personalized Wreaths- Christmas wreath is season’s declaration. Greet your visitors with one by hanging them on the entrance door and show off your creative skills. Wreaths can be designed in a dozen ways which can be from traditional vibrant evergreen topped with big red bow to a jolly wreath adorned with colorful baubles. Use lights to string the wreaths and illuminate the night and compliment the outdoor display.


Kitchen Makeover- Holidays and Food goes hand in hand so it is a matter of concern to not skip the kitchen when it’s time to decorate for Christmas. A big budget is not needed to transform the cooking area. Simply swap the dish towels and oven mitts for the Christmas themed counterparts along with a rich garland decorated with red bows and twinkling lights which can be laid across the top of kitchen’s cabinet giving it a cozy look. You can also draw white and red snowflakes or get them printed as well for cupboard doors.

Select any one of the decoration method and start purchasing things accordingly and then decorate your home and your Christmas tree with that. Do not forget to use your own ideas because as always, possibilities are endless in decorating things.


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