It is the time for the cheer again. It is time for Christmas! Everyone gets excited during this time, with the chimes and the jingles! And these are enough signs to tell you that you should get started on two things: your Christmas shopping and how to start decorating your Christmas tree!

If you’re heading out to get a tree to decorate and brighten the spirit in your home but want to do something unique and outstanding this year, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of very interesting, out of the ordinary, simply dashing Christmas trees from all over, to give you some ideas. Go ahead and explore this unique collection of Christmas trees and give some space to your quirkiness!


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1. Wall Tree:

Unusual Trees (1)

The first and the easiest of all the unusual trees is the perfect wall tree for this Christmas! What better way to show off meaningful photos, jewelry and trinkets than by hanging them together as art? Simple and extremely innovative and unusual!

2. The Game Of Lights:

Unusual Trees (2)

When lights guide you home! Use your imagination and come up with this beautifully lighted Christmas tree! Go for just lights and some ornamental decorations instead of putting lights on an actual tree. Another use of the wall and you are practically done in  no time!

3. Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (3)

Roll some wrapping papers and stick them on a cardboard or wooden base and voila! you’re unusually pretty Christmas tree is done! Stick some buttons randomly to decorate it more.

4. Small Egg Carton Tree:

Unusual Trees (4)

Paint small egg cartons with different shades of green to make it resemble the leaves of a Christmas tree. Attach bows and other ornaments once you have stuck the egg cartons together and rest assured to have quite a quirky Christmas Tree!

5. Candies, Chocolates And Cheese Trees:

Unusual Trees (5)

Yummy! Absolutely yummy Christmas trees that you can ever come across. Use different food ingredients to come up with your “edible” Christmas tree this festive season ranging from candies, chocolates, cheese and much more! A mouthful of delight!

6. Giant Lego Tree:

Unusual Trees (6)


The popularity and demand for Legos ranges from kids to adults and grabs interest of everyone! We knew Legos could be built into pretty much anything, but man, this is pure eye candy. Go for this if you have patience and time!

7. Hubcaps Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (7)

Pretty much an outstanding idea for a non-tradional Christmas tree! Hubcaps Christmas tree is unique and one of a kind decorative idea for this festive season.

8. LED Christmas Lights Tree:

Unusual Trees (8)

An extraordinary geeky idea to try this Christmas! LED lights Christmas tree is indeed a superb idea for the geeks and anyone who loves the unusual.

9. The One With Corks:


With wine and champagne season, one finds oneself at a disposal of several corks! Gather them all to  make this mind blowing Christmas tree out of corks!

10. Mirrored Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (10)

Illusion plays a brilliant role in almost every decoration or design. Use a mirror to complete the image of the Christmas tree on the other side for a out of the box decoration!

11. Cell Phone Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (11)

At an age where cell phones are basic essentials of everyone around the globe, why not make a Christmas tree out of them? A classy idea like this is what is needed for your absolutely out of the world decoration!

12. Mountain Dew Tree:

Unusual Trees (12)

Mountain Dew trees can not have been here soon! Not just Mountain Dew but any soda cans worth making into a unique Christmas tree. We choose Mountain Dew especially for its green colour. Attach them together and put lights all over and get your own awesome Christmas Tree!

13. Hanging Ladder Tree:

Unusual Trees (13)

A hanging ladder and rope tree is another approach to unusual trees and I must say, a very pretty approach. What I like in this beautiful decoration is the various things you can think of to decorate it with. Just hand some twigs attached to the rope in the manner shown and let your imagination take control.

14. Vintage Music Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (14)

Vintage Music Christmas Tree is yet another addition to unique Christmas tree collection! A table-top sized Christmas tree covered in vintage sheet music is perfect for a black and white themed alternative Christmas tree.

15. Shelf Tree:

Unusual Trees (15)

What else do you want but a tree which stores the gifts in its own shelves! Yes, gift yourself this highly unusual yet useful Christmas tree and save up some space on the gifts!

16. Pac – Man Tree:

Unusual Trees (16)

There is nothing much to say than to astonish yourself with this incredible Pac- Man tree! Perfect for all the geeks out there!

17. Recycled Paper Tree:

Unusual Trees (17)

Opt for this recycled paper craft tree this holiday season and make the best use of the waste. A unique eco-friendly idea, isn’t it?

18. Traffic Light Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (18)

A unique way of commemorating Christmas! Designed by Pierre Vivant and located in London, UK, “Traffic Light Tree” has 75 sets of traffic lights. The sculpture was created to mimic a tree structure and reflect the energy of the developing Canary Wharf area.

19. Ribbon Tree:

Unusual Trees (19)

A fun alternative traditional Christmas tree! Fun way to use all that extra ribbon you bought for wrapping gifts.

20. Popsicle Sticks Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (20)

Start from the top and keep sticking popsicle sticks right down to the bottom and your super easy and pretty unusual popsicle sticks Christmas tree is ready for display!

21. Steel Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (21)

Another extraordinary display of purely unusual Christmas tree.

22. Sushi Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (22)

Well, this is probably a great idea for a Christmas tree! Unusual, edible and eco friendly. What else do you want?

23. Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (23)

Standing tall in Honk Kong, this Christmas tree made fully from Swarovski Crystal is as scintillating as it is unique!

24. Teddy Bear Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (24)

A cute, chubby but huge teddy bear Christmas tree is precisely a unique and lovable way to build your tree. Go ahead with this one and gather some warm hugs from these teddies!

25. Tree-Cycle Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (25)

The splendid idea to build a “Tree-Cycle” Christmas tree with recycled cycles. A lovely way to utilise the bicycles with glowing lights and bright colours!

26. Christmas Tree Of Sticks:

Wooden Trees (12)

A perfectly nice Christmas tree alternative. Gather sticks and hang them one by one to shape it like a Christmas tree.

27. Gold Christmas Tree:


Unusual Trees (27)

Been in the headlines for being a Christmas tree made of pure Gold, you can always make a reply of this with something shiny! A scintillating Christmas tree, indeed!

28. Balloon Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (28)

Such a cute way to build a tree for your Christmas! Tie balloons in this manner and shape them up for a Christmas tree lookalike. A brilliant alternative to the traditional tree and also a very cute one!

29. Book Tree:

Unusual Trees (29)

For all the reading addicts! Place your books and prioritise them just as you like for a unique Christmas tree!

30. Bookshelf Improvisation:

Unusual Trees (30)

If not with books, you can go for this amazing bookshelf improvised Christmas tree where you can simply clear the shelves and use it to build a unique tree in between the books you love!

31. CD And Cassette Tree:

Unusual Trees (31)

CD and cassettes, some things which have lost their significance in this digital world, can still be used for something productive; putting them together for a Christmas tree!

32. The Ladder Tree:

Unusual Trees (32)

A great alternative Christmas tree which is precisely the easiest that you can ever build. Take a ladder, put some lights and hang some ornaments and be ready to welcome Christmas just like the old days!

33. Only Tree Branches:

Unusual Trees (33)

One with only tree branches attached to the wall for a beautiful yet unusual alternative to the traditional Christmas tree! It is incredibly easy and the perfect alternative to a real tree – it is displayed on the wall so it takes up no room, and it is absolutely magical looking.

34. Metallic Foil Paillette Tree:

Unusual Trees (34)


As Martha Stewart puts it,”In this twist on the traditional focal point, metallic foil paillettes (ranging from small to supersize) hang from graduated wire wreath forms, creating a modern mobile that evokes a trimmed tree.”

35. Christmas Tree Cones:

Unusual Trees (35)


Another absolutely unconventional Christmas tree that you should lookout for: Fabric covered poster board Christmas tree cones. Easy to make and super attractive, this will give a new look to your traditional Christmas tree decorations.

36. Chalkboard Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (36)


Chalkboard paint has taken the world by storm, and we’re totally on board. Though this tree requires a tad bit of an artistic ability, there’s no disputing how beautiful it is!

37. Tomato Cage Christmas Tree:

Unusual Trees (37)


One of the easiest ways to make your own Christmas tree is to use things from the garden, like a tomato cage. Simply roll lights over the cage and you’re good to go.

38. Multi-coloured Wool Balls:

Unusual Trees (38)

A Christmas tree made from multi coloured wool balls. A cute, unconventional decoration.

39. Buttoned Up:

Unusual Trees (39)

Stick unused buttons together on cardboard rolls and make this unusual, pretty innovative Christmas tree ever. The more the variety of buttons, the more the fun!

40. Felt Ball Tree:

Unusual Trees (40)

Last but not the least, small felt balls stuck together to give you a very colourful Christmas tree for this holiday season. You can improvise and make it more bright by attaching lights and much more. Go on, use your imagination!


These are some of the many unusual yet outstanding Christmas tree, (trees which are not trees). Explore these ideas and if you come up with something more interesting, do let us know in the comments section below.