As you go shopping for Christmas gifts this year, remember that it’s the thought and love that go with the gift that counts. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars in gifts to express your affections towards the recipients of your Christmas presents. Here are some suggestions for simple yet useful gifts when you have to be frugal. As you pick the Christmas gifts keep the character of the person in mind so that you will not run the risk of having your gift shelved when it could be put to daily use.

Christmas Gift Shopping Ideas

Schedule Pad

For the busy person with a hectic schedule, a classic diary would be ideal. You can choose between the normal book-type diaries or the one with filler pages which the person can refresh every year until the cover falls apart.


Customized Shirts and Mugs

Printed coffee mugs and T-shirts are a creative choice too. Have a picture of you and your friend copied and printed on the mug or shirt. Or you can invest in oil paints which can be used to decorate the mugs and fabric paints for the shirts.


Christmas Ornaments

Look for a variety of Christmas tree ornaments which can be used for several years when they decorate their tree at Christmas.


Board Games

Board games are a grand idea for a family. Choose a game that can be played by all members of the family. If there are tiny tots in the family, get them age appropriate gifts which they can enjoy.


How about a calendar for the upcoming year? You can take a fun photograph to the camera shop and they can upload it on their computers and develop a calendar below the shot.

Picture Frames

Custom made picture frames. You can buy an ordinary wooden picture frame and decorate it with dried flowers, shells, beads or any other items of interest that you may find in your local craft shop. Stick these items onto the frame with hot glue. Take a classic picture of you and your friend and put it in the decorated frame. Here is a gift that is two in one.



In this day and age computer gizmos are the rave with preteens and teens. The hand-held computer games come in this genre as are other computer gadgets like Mp3’s and mobile phones that are internet compliant so that they can link up with their friends on the social network of their choice.


These are just a few ideas for this year. Have a wonderful time wrapping your gifts and going out to spread some Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas!