Tracking Santa: The Fourth Day
(December 4, 2011)

Today, we did not have work at the Toy Factory and Crafts Workshop. It was a day off and it was nevertheless a very good day to rest. At the break of dawn I went of my cabin with a cup of hot chocolate on one hand and looked up at the morning mackerel sky. Suddenly, a line of reindeer went flying on the sky!

santas-toy-factoryIt was once again time for the reindeers to go on their training exercises again. The one I saw that time was the cloud skating exercise, wherein they hop from cloud to cloud. I do not really know what that exercise was for, but they seemed to be having fun. Next, they did the sleigh and bag carrying exercise. For this exercise, they pulled sleighs carrying bags of weight, improvising gifts being delivered for Christmas.


One might think that Santa Claus only has nine reindeers. That is not true. In fact, Santa Claus does not only have hundreds of reindeers to assist him, but thousands. That is right, THOUSANDS. You might be wondering (although you are only a notebook made of paper): what is the use of having thousands of reindeer to help assist Santa Claus during Operation Advent? That is a very good question.


The reindeers do a lot of work. The nine famous reindeers, which includes the most popular Rudolf, pulls Santa Claus’ sleigh when he delivers gifts around the world. True that Santa is heavy, but the real work is on the shoulders of the other reindeers.

Other reindeers explore the world first days before Santa Claus does his gift delivering operation. They do this to check the weather and climate, so that Santa Claus and gifts will have a smooth, safe travel. Some other reindeers are called ‘repair deer’ because they are stationed around the world in famous landmarks, awaiting Santa Claus. In any case that a sleigh gets broken or a deer gets injured, they are there to help. Some are ‘delivery deer’, delivering a single follow-up sleigh of gifts to Santa Claus that was not carried.


I have not seen Rudolf yet today. Some said he was sick, so I planned on visiting him tomorrow morning. Poor Rudolf! I hope he gets well very soon. The other reindeer—especially the children—are looking up to him. He is their inspiration.


Well, that is it for now. I must sleep and prepare for tomorrow so I can visit Rudolf.


Your Tracking Santa Anchor,