Tracking Santa: The Third Day

(December 3)

Today I redesigned dear old Santa Claus’ sleigh. Yes—I redesigned it. Every year Santa gets a new sleigh. Why do we change the model and design? Good question! It is because the design is important so it can carry certain amount of gifts. For instance, this year we are going to deliver more gifts than last year, so we have to make a sleigh design that can carry this year’s estimated gift population.


I was deeply wondering why I and my team (Mary, Luke, and James) were chosen to design Santa Claus’ sleigh this year, while we are in the Toy Factory and Craft Workshop. Then, suddenly, came the revelation. James was running down the lane and threw open the workshop’s door, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand. He was panting very heavily. Mary was startled and asked: “You elf! You startled me! Why do you look so pale?”


“Big news, big news, big news!” exclaimed James. He then started talking fast, pacing back and forth. His verbal ability was so fast we could not make anything of it.


“Okay, okay. Relax, first, bro.” Luke said, sitting James down. “What is the big news?”


“The sleigh designing department is being closed down!”


“What!” we exclaimed in chorus.


James explained then that the head elf, Llae, closed down the sleigh designing because we only make one sleigh, and that is for Santa Claus. Unlike toys, a sleigh does not take much time to be designed. The sleigh factory, however, was not closed. It is important because it is in this factory that the sleigh Santa would be using will be tested in this department. The reindeers also go in this department to check out Santa’s sleigh.


“So…if the sleigh design department is closed…where would the elves there go?” I asked.


Suddenly the door slammed open again. A chorus of “hi’s” were heard from four elves. It was Jason & Co., the team from the sleigh design department!


“Well,” said Jason, looking around. “This is the Toy Factory and Craft Workshop!”
“Good morning, Jason!” Mary said.


“Good morning, Mary! From now on, we would be working with you guys!”
“Oh, that would be of great help!” Luke exclaimed. I agreed too. After all, the more, the merrier, is it not?


So we began designing Santa’s new sleigh. Aside from the main sleigh it involves three more sleighs connected to the main one, so they could carry gifts. The bars that connect the sleigh is made of pure gold. Great!


I am looking forward to more excitements this season and this tracking Santa endeavor. Meanwhile I am exited to show you some santa sleigh



Your Track Santa Anchor,