Tracking Santa: The 17th Day
(December 17)

Today, Santa Claus chose this year’s Champion Reindeer. What is a Champion Reindeer? The Champion Reindeer is the one who got the most medals on the Reindeer exercises. That is why he or she would be called ‘Champion’. The Champion Reindeer then would lead all the Reindeers in the line of Santa’s sleigh.


The Champion Reindeer’s responsibility is very important during Santa’s expedition around the world. He is not merely pulling Santa Claus’ sleigh on the sky. There are a lot of things a Champion would do.


First of all, the Reindeer Champion is responsible to hold the ‘ruby medal’. The ruby medal is a special medal that glows in the night sky. This ruby medal receives information from the Reindeer Navigation Headquarters, where they detect via satellite Santa’s location while on expedition. The Reindeer Navigation Headquarters also captures images via satellite the weather condition of the location they are going to. For instance, in London in would be cloudy and there would be no visibility, then the Reindeer Champion will have to lead the other reindeers to a different route. Also, the Reindeer Navigation Headquarters also capture images via satellite alternative routes they can take, just in case the primary route is unavailable.


The Reindeer Navigation Headquarters send these kinds of information to the carrier of the ruby medal, the Reindeer Champion.


That said, we can assume that the Champion Reindeer is the ‘captain’ of Santa’s sleigh.
Also, the Champion Reindeer also calls the ‘rescue reindeers’. The rescue reindeers are task to respond to emergency calls in case there is a need. For instance, a reindeer is wounded and needs to be replaced, the Champion Reindeer uses the ruby medal to call on the rescue deer.


So today, Santa Claus chose the Champion Reindeer. It was Nashiyah, a female reindeer. The choosing of the Champion Reindeer was held like a celebration. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer was there. He was the one who bestowed the ruby medal to Nashiyah. Rudolf gave his blessing to Nashiyah and gave a little speech, saying he is so happy to have another Champion Reindeer this year.


Santa Claus was happy, too. He knows that Operation Christmas Advent would be more successful. With Nashiya, Santa Claus said in his speech, he trusts that the expedition around the world would go smoothly. The celebration ended with a round of applause from the audience watching.