Tracking Santa: The 8th Day

(December 8)


Mrs. Claus suddenly visited the Toy Factory and Craft Workshop house today.

It was a snowy morning, though the snow fall was not that heavy and it was tolerable. Still, it was a very cold afternoon so we were very surprised when we heard Mrs. Claus knocking on the door of the Toy Factory and Craft Workshop house today. She was wearing a thick red jacket and thick brown mittens. A beautifully made scarf with floral patterns was tied generously around her neck.


‘Well, it is very good to see you children fairing well!’ she said, laughing gently as she sat down on a chair in my office. At first, I, as well as my designing team, was first shy to receive her in our office. The office was really cluttered and was in an utter disaster: sketches of toy designs everywhere, used papers and everything else you can imagine in a cluttered office room. When Luke opened the door to our office he suddenly shut it. Surprised, we asked who it was. When he said it was the beautiful lady of Santa Claus, we were in immediate panic. We stopped whatever we were doing so we could fix the room. The surface of my table could hardly be seen because of all the paper.


‘What made you visit, Mrs. Claus?’ Mary asked in her soft spoken voice when she finally fixed all the mess on her table.


‘Nothing, my dearest. It is just that I was really bored back in our house. Your dear old Santa Claus is out so he could join the reindeers on their training exercises. I heard of your leader Murt, here, so I wanted to take a look-see. Tell me, do you have a mug of hot chocolate you can spare for your Mrs. Claus?’


‘Oh, sure thing, Ma’am!’ Mary said and proceeded to make her a mug of the said drink.

‘I am very much flattered that you wanted to visit us here.’ I said. She returned a smile on mine.

‘You know, you are like our youngest child when he was about your age. So sweet, so intelligent and so creative. I really miss him.’


‘Wow, Mrs. Claus…that is really flattering but where is your son now?’


‘Oh, he is taking his college degree at theElvenSchoolatGreenland. I really wish he would visit me and his father this season because we really do miss him a lot.’


And then Mary came in with a pot of hot chocolate for everyone in the office. To past the time, we showed Mrs. Claus some designs and she helped us pick out the prettiest ones. Mrs. Claus is a really good lady and a very good company, too. I wish she would visit us again.


Then before lunch time, she said she would go home to prepare lunch for Santa Claus. An hour passed and we haven’t eaten lunch yet. Mrs. Claus came back with lunchboxes all for the four of us. She is a really sweet woman.


That is it for today, Santa Trackers. I will catch you again tomorrow.


Your Tracking Santa Anchor,