Tracking Santa: The Seventh Day

(December 7)


Today, nothing much notable happened. Although I still believe that every single day is special and is worth writing in my Tracking Santa journal.


The day greeted me with a gentle sunshine breaking through the snow clouds. Then, after washing myself and tidying my self up, I had my usual two cups of chocolate with cinnamon. I read the Elf Times Daily. The headlines went ‘large supplies of wrapping paper and ribbons shipped!’ which means the time to wrap the already made gifts has officially begun.


And because of that, I decided I would go to the Wrapping department first before going to the Toy Factory and Crafts Workshop. I went there to check out the huge shipping. So, I prepared myself and went on my way. The skies were clearer than usual and there were not much snow fall. The traffic was good, too. I saw again the lines of reindeer doing the reindeer exercises on the sky—but this time, I saw Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer with them.


When I got to the wrapping department, the first thing I saw was a large number of elves unrolling large rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon. They were really busy. Why these things have to be done? I shall explain. The wrapping paper and the ribbons are put into a large gift wrapping machine. The wrapping paper is put inside the machine first, in a special vessel. Next comes the ribbons. They are put into pinwheel like tools. When the gifts are put in this machine, they automatically get into wrapping mode. After a minute or so, the gifts are beautifully wrapped.


But not all gifts go in here. Some gifts are carefully hand made by some elves. What is the difference? The gifts which are made by the hands are given to children whose birthdays fall exactly at Christmas time. In short, they are given to those lucky boys and girls who share the same birthday with Jesus Christ.


When I was about to leave, I was greeted by Santa Claus himself. The first thing you need to know about Santa when meeting him for the first time is that he is a hugger. After greeting me with a full hug, he complimented the designs I have been making for the toys. He said he really did like them all and it was never a mistake to appoint me as the new head designer.


See—nothing much notable, but certainly worth telling. That is it for today, Santa Trackers.


Will write to you soon


Your Tracking Santa Anchor,