Tracking Santa: The Second Day

(December 2, 2013)

source: unknown

Today, Santa Claus gave us a short lecture. He called every elves and reindeers—Mrs. Claus was there, too, carrying cookies and warm chocolate drink—and gathered us around a big bonfire. He did not wear his traveling attire yet, but wore a fur coat (in the color of red) to cover himself from the cold night. Then we sat down—Mrs. Claus sat along with us, snuggling beside Santa—to hear him speak. His face was pink, glowing by the light of the bonfire.


“Dear elves of mine,” he began, “Do you know what Christmas is for?”
Zack the elf raised his hand: “Yes, Zack?” Santa asked.


“Well—is it not the time for you to give gifts? It is your time!” said Zack with a glee. The other elves—especially the young ones—agreed happily with Zack. But then, Santa just laughed heartily. Ho! Ho! Ho! Mrs. Claus smiled shyly beside him. The good lady is so motherly.


“No, no, my dears,” he said, although we could not figure at first whether he was talking to Rudolf’s team or to us. “This season is not for me. It is for Someone else…Someone much more important than I am…Someone who is very special…Someone who brought Joy to this world. That Special Someone is the reason why I—and that includes you, my dears—I am doing this. He is the very reason why I am giving gifts to everyone!”


“Who is he?” chorused the little elves. Mrs. Claus proceeded to serve everyone with more hot chocolate. This little gathering of ours makes my heart light.
“He is…Jesus Christ. We are celebrating His birthday. In fact, the word Christmas came from his name.”


“If it is His birthday, why are we giving gifts to each other?”


“Ho ho ho!” the jolly man laughed. “It is because by selflessly giving gifts to each other, we demonstrate the selfless love God gave us. He gave us His Only Son, Jesus Christ. He is the Greatest Gift of all. He went down here on Earth to teach us how to love, respect, and most of all he forgave our sins.

That is why we celebrate Christmas. I give gifts to every child like you all around the world so I can teach them how to give selflessly like Jesus Christ. For loving each other like brothers and sisters is a way of thanking Him for the glory he has done.”
All the children were happy. Then the night went even deeper so they all have to sleep.


….So do I. I shall write again tomorrow to you and give more updates for Tracking Santa.


Track Santa Anchor,