Tracking Santa: The Sixth Day

(December 6,)


I have just got news that the elf Maria Shenova will sing on the advent of Christmas. You know, Maria Shenova, the coloratura soprano who sang ‘the First Noel’ last year like she was an angel. I know—she is just superb, right?


Well this year’s performance under is even more superb. The beautiful Miss Maria Shenova will sing with the Elf Grand Choir. The Elf Grand Choir is renowned for their haunting voices which linger in the ears even hours after you listen to them. So you think, dear Diary, that that is a superb combination? Throw in the Polar Grand Orchestra to play the music for them. The Polar Grand Philharmonic Orchestra is the north-pole’s only Philharmonic Orchestra. The players are experts in their individual instrument—trained years to perfection.


The elf pianist Ko Jing-Hiao will also exhibit a side-performance as a soloist. Ko Jing-Hiao has travelled around the world to perform for other elves. (Yes—there are other elves around the world. We are only of a kind. That is why we are called the Christmas Elves—because we work for Christmas!)


The performance night was named ‘Snowfall Christmas—Music under the Great Tree’. It will be held at the world famous Great Tree. The Great Tree is a tree which stands on top of an ice mountain. This tree is about 10,000 feet tall! Every Christmas season, the Great Tree is decorated with Christmas decoration. The decoration is a celebration which will be held on the 12th.


When they heard that the three are going to perform together, a lot of elves and reindeers booked their ticket already. And—would you believe it—it is sold out already! Because of that, the trio will perform again a New Year’s Eve special. This time, it is free and it will be performed on the Polar Isle, so every body can watch.


Luckily, I was able to book not only one ticket, but five! I will be inviting my designing team with me. They do not have to repay me back—it is my gift for them because they have been wonderful team players. I will also bring along with me my most beloved mother.

I hope I can get an autograph with Maria Shenova this year. Last year I failed to do so because there were just too many people.


Well, that is it for now, Santa Trackers. I will write to you soon.


Your Tracking Santa Anchor,