The Christmas gifts for close friends should always be marvellous. This Christmas and holiday season, you don’t have to rack your brain to come up with gift ideas. you can make those Christmas gifts for your close friends with the things at your disposal. This is not only a thoughtful and lovely gesture, but your friends and family would also appreciate the hard work involved in making those gifts. Christmas gifts for close friends are a sort of caring them with cherished memories. In this article, we have come up with several ideas that are perfect for Christmas kids and will definitely not affect your bank account. From lovely do it yourself photo frame ideas to assorted chocolates and coasters – each and every gift is unique and creative in their own way.

Photo Frames


These lovely DIY photo frames can be made with a number of ingredients like cardboard, ice cream sticks, and even marble balls. These cardboard frames are sturdy and also easily decorated with sequin and decorative papers and ornaments as well. Also, when you do it yourself the photo frame, you can easily adjust the pictures according to your needs and preferences.



To make coasters, you require the slices of wooden pieces or plywood in the shape of rectangular or circular form. There are various stores available where you can customize your coasters with favorable prints and lovely messages that you wish to engrave on it. This is why coasters are such a lovely this is why coasters are such an interesting idea for a Christmas gift for your friends.

Plus, they will be very useful to them as well and they can put them on their coffee table like always and use it every day whenever they have something to drink. Plus, when you do a gesture for your close friends no matter how big or small it is, they will always love it and appreciate it as well.

Customized greeting cards

customized greeting for close friend christmas
customized greeting for close friend christmas

You can make a greeting card for your friend as well during the time of Christmas as a gift. All you have to do is get some decorative items such as plastic stars, hearts, ribbons, some glazed papers, and wrapping papers if you want to put some photos in it then you can use that also. Just cut a beautiful shape of the card from a chart paper which is related to Christmas and then you can use it to make a greeting card. If you are not good at craft, then you can get a greeting card from the market or online and then make it personalized in some ways to the DIY effect.

You can put small chits and messages in the card with blessings of the Christmas and giving them all the love and wishes for the eve. Within the pictures that you add, the card will turn out to be so perfect that everyone will surely appreciate your effort and love it as well. so, you can do that as well for them which will be perfect keeping in mind the vibe of the Christmas eve and the fact that they are your close friends. These gestures always tend to make your bond with your friend even stronger as they can see that you have put a lot of effort for them in the gift.

Wall Hangings


Wall hangings include photo pictures as well as handmade hangings made with fabric or canvas frame. The beauty of wall hanging is that it can include a simple model not as well as beautiful calligraphy. You can put the quotation “Merry Christmas” or peaceful religious messages as well. You can also decorate with lace, ribbon and glitter pens as well. You can also make wall hangings with their pictures or of your and your close friends’ pictures together as well. you can create a collage with your wall hanging and put then altogether and make it a customized gift for them. Instead of hanging Christmas items, this will also be perfect or if you want you can blend them together as well. the theme of the wall hanging can be Christmassy but you can use the pictures which you and your friends have of your own and that way the feel of the Christmas will also be there and the gift will also become more personalized.

Christmas Tree


There are so many ways you can make your own Christmas tree and gifted to your friends for the festival season. First, you have to cut out a cone out of cardboard or make one by rolling the cardboard in the shape of conical form. Next, you can twine rope or ribbon or any other decorative material around the cone so that it takes the shape of a Christmas tree. You can also choose to paint the cone in glitter powder as well.

Decoration Ornaments


Christmas decorations can be made with colorful and shiny people as well as glitter powder available in the stationary stores. You can pick up pine cones and paint them with glitter and hang them with the help of a ribbon. It is also easy to make stars with the help of cardboard and then twining rope around it to give it some texture. In this way, a variety of tutorial is available on the internet at your disposal.



If you are a good painter, you can paint a picture on a canvas and gift it to your friends for the purpose of Christmas. It can be a picture of beautiful scenery or a lovely figure as well. One can also opt for modern not if you are well-versed with it. This lovely canvas can be framed with a wooden border and a glass top for gifting someone. If you are good at painting or sketching yourself, then you can create a panting for them on your own as well and if not then you can buy paintings online as well. they are easily available online as well as offline and you can buy a lot of them for all your friends and relatives as well. this will make a perfect gift for Christmas for your close friend. If you want then you can also get some Christmas related paintings or general landscapes as well whichever you think will be more suitable for your friends.

Lip Balm


Do you know that chemical lip balms tend to dry out the lips the moment it wiped off? Therefore, you can gift your friend some chemical-free and homemade lip balm that he or she can use for the winter season. You can make with the help of cocoa butter, Shea butter, edible food coloring and essential oils like peppermint for plump effect, lavender for the lovely smell or castor oil for hydrating effects.

Body Butter


Just like chemical-free lip balm, you can also make body butter at home as well. To prepare this, you need ingredients like Shia butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and a few drops of essential oils like lavender or Jasmine. Combine all the ingredients, except for the essentials oils, on a double boiler and gradually stir it, until the mixture is liquid. Once it is removed from the heat you can add the essential oils and allow it to settle down. Grab your hand mixer and whip it for 1 to 2 minutes.

Lipstick Organizer


Lipstick organizers can be easily made with cardboard boxes which are sturdy and long-lasting. First, you have to make the basic box and then, cut out cardboard paper to fit into the box in a way it forms small rectangular space. Make sure you cover the whole box in decorative paper and your readymade lipstick holder is easy to use or gift.

Hair Care Set


Hair kit can be easily organized by incorporating a few products like nourishing hair oil from castor oil and olive oil, a hair mask, a hair serum, a paddle brush and a couple of hair ties. You can also add any natural and chemical-free as well as paraben-free shampoo and conditioner combo as well.

You can also make the hair mask yourself for your friend if you want to customize it a little more. you probably know the kind of smells or brands or ingredients your friend likes and so you can be the best judge of picking out things for the hair mask and also for the hair care set and as you can put in all these things which you are sure about your friend will like and use as well. this is a very useful item and will make a great gift for your friend as well. you can make small hampers if you have multiple friends to stay in budget,



You are well aware of the various recipes that chocolates can be easily made at home with the help of dark chocolate compound, cocoa powder, and butter or coconut oil.  You can also make white chocolate with the help of milk powder, Coconut oil or cocoa butter and White chocolate compound. Once you have melted the ingredients, put them into the chocolate moulds and set it in the refrigerator for a minimum of six hours.

Cookies Collection


If you are planning to pick some delicious cookies at home, you have a variety of options at your disposal – from the simple butter cookies to chocolate fudge cookies or even coconut or ginger cookies, can be gifted for the Christmas and holiday season. These sweet delicacies are definitely going to impress the recipient of the gift.

Baking cookies is like a tradition for Christmas. Everybody loves to hog on sweet things and desserts on the eve of Christmas and that is why no matter how many cookies you bake, there can never be too many. Plus you can make a lot of cookies of different kinds in different batches and then prepare boxes of cookies mixed in separate boxes for all your friends in advance and then on the day of Christmas you can take it along with you to their homes as and when you visit them or they visit you.

Cakes or Breads


Cookies are not the only home-made sweet delicacies one can opt for. For the purpose of Christmas and holiday season, you can gift the friend homemade cake and bread loaf as well. These gifts are extremely thoughtful and loving than gifts with expensive price tags from the market.

Homemade cakes have a different feel to it. they are much healthier as well. you can with the cakes that you make at home and make it as per the likes of your friend as well. what you can do for that is that you can ask your friend the kind of cake they want to eat and make it the same way. you can either make small cakes in more numbers for your friends and send them the same or you can prepare one big cake and send it away to your friends in parts.

Peanut or Almond Butter or Hazelnut


As we all are aware that peanut butter or almond butter are extremely favorite for our breakfast, you can make some home-made and preservative-free almond, peanut or hazelnut butter or you can even mix three and prepare a lovely dish to gift someone this Christmas season. Your friend is surely going to appreciate the lovely your gesture and your effort.

This will be very useful for them as well because they can consume it on daily basis and also this kind of butter is very healthy which makes it a perfect gift for your friends. They are a great way of saying how much they mean to you and how much thoughtful you want to be for their Christmas gift and make it special as well.

Jar of Candy


A jar of candy is going to bring a lot of joy and appreciation as a gift for the Christmas season. It can be easily made out of a mason jar, decorated with paper and other ornaments like ribbons, gift tags, etc. you can make these candies at home or purchase from outside to fill the jar.

Making candies is very easy. It does not take much time and they will always remind your friend of you as and when they eat it. plus they are sweet and since Christmas is a joyous occasion then these kind of sweet candies will be great for them as a gift to celeb rate the occasion with you and overall this jar will be a great gift as you will be decorating the jar also yourself which is quite thoughtful. Plus, all your friends can share the candies and you can also make multiple jars for all your friends on Christmas.

Homemade Sugar Scrub


You can make some lovely exfoliating sugar cubes and gift them to your friends this Christmas. To make this, you would require a carrier oil like olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil, melted soap base, sugar, essential oils, and silicone mold or ice cube tray. Melt everything in a cup, pour it into the mould and let it refrigerate for a couple of hours.

You can also make sugar scrub in the form of a paste or a semi solid scrub instead of ice cubes which will be easy to apply as well. use all kinds of natural ingredients only which they can use without having the risk of any kind of side effects as well as that will be better because everyone has different kind of skin  and also the lips might be more sensitive as the skin of the lips is different than the face and the rest of the body as well.

Photo Box


A photo box can be made with a cardboard box, decorated with colorful decorative papers and glitter tubes. You and your friend must have created some lovely memories over the years, and therefore, it is a great idea to put everything in a box as a lovely memory and give them for the holiday season.

Sequin Makeup Pouch Bag


You must’ve seen fabric with sequin texture available in the market; therefore you can make a lovely makeup pouch with it to add the necessary touch of bling. You simply have to cut it out in a rectangular shape and sew it inside out. The tutorial is easily available on the internet for your convenience.

Flower Vase


Flower vase can be easily made with the help of a circular-shaped container or even with wooden materials. In fact, you can make a flower vase out of wine bottle or Mason jar, and give them to your friend this holiday season. Do not forget to paint it in an attractive color.

You can use all kinds of various craft materials to decorate the vase for your friend. You can also put artificial flowers in the vase along with the gift. There are a lot of way to decorate the vase for your friend including that with flowers, plastic décor items, ribbons, satin clothing, and so much more which will make the vase stunning and make a wonderful piece for their home as well.

Make sure that you use the colour which they like or that matches their house.



Lovely pendants can be made with the help of melted wax, marble stone or other gemstones easily available at your disposal. The frame of the pendant can be brought from the stationary or craft store or even online. We are absolutely certain that your friend is going to love this thoughtful gesture for the holiday season.

Your friend will absolutely love to wear that pendant that you made for her all the time. You can make a pendant with colourful flower petals as well as it will be quite easy to make. For this you can follow some tutorials online and see how they are made and make one for yourself as well.

All you will have to do is take a follow pendant and put some flower petals in it which have been dried out. Then you can add meted wax in it and let it rest till It becomes solid again and that will look very pretty once it is ready. You can also use coloured wax as well and that will look even more beautiful and better as well.

Photo Coasters


You can make coasters out of photos with your friends and give them for the Christmas season. Make sure the photos are extremely memorable and fun-filled ones.

These coasters are much more personal and good to look at it. they however may not be used much by them because they won’t be wanting to ruin the photo which they have on the coaster but still it is a very wonderful gift and sweet gesture as well.

Woollen Muffler


A lovely woollen muffler can be easily woven at home, and you can also stitch the name or initials of your friends to give them as a Christmas present. If you want then you can learn to make these kinds of mufflers online as well. there are a lot of online sources such as with videos or classes online where you can learn about making such mufflers and then make it yourself. It might take some practice but it will surely be worth it because it is for your friend and a close one and so it will be worth all the practice and time that you give in the making and learning of making of the muffler as well.

These are some of the lovely do it yourself Christmas gift ideas that you can gift your friends this holiday season. We sincerely hope that you have appreciated the article and would let us know your favorite DIY gift in the comments section below.

Hopefully some of these gifts will be likeable by you and will also make a wonderful gift for your close friends whom you love and want to make them feel special as well on this best day of the year which is Christmas eve.

Merry Christmas people!