christmas-treeAt this time of the year, with Christmas just a few weeks away, you are probably ready to look for some new Christmas tree ideas to try for this year’s upcoming holiday season. Whether you want to keep your Christmas tree in a traditional mode or you simply want to try something new, there are so many  Christmas tree decorating ideas that may help you. Depending on your budget, time frame and creativity, you should be able to come up with the best decorations for your Christmas tree.

In most homes, a Christmas tree will feature as part of the holiday funfair. You can go for the real deal without the chipmunks or the funky Christmas artificial tree. Spice up your tree and give your creativity a boost. Make sure that your decorated Christmas tree is ready for the Christmas gifts to be put underneath it. Here are some ideas for Christmas tree that you can use for your home decorating this Christmas 2015.

Take a look at below christmas tree photos for fresh ideas for this coming Christmas season. No need to go farther and find new Christmas tree ideas as we have compiled them for your perusal.

White Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas



Look at the white Christmas tree. You will feel Christmas spirit spreading

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The Red and White Tree


Want some two-toned Christmas tree? Then this idea is for you and perfect for this Christmas. Basically, it uses two main colors which are red and white. The alternating colors of the ornaments makes this tree a magnificent one.


The Blue and White Tandem. If you want to keep it light and simple, this Christmas tree design is for you. Just like the above tree, this one also uses two types of colors, the shade of white and blue. This is perfect is you also want to achieve a winter theme for your Christmas tree.

Three Toned Christmas Tree Green White and Red : Green, Red and White are three predominant colors

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Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

It’s easier to come up with Christmas tree decorating ideas when you already have desired theme. Hence, before you go ahead and buy your christmas tree ornaments, you must first decide for the theme. What do you want to achieve in decorating a christmas tree? Is it for you or for your kid? Do you want a particular color combination?


The Kiddie Theme Christmas Tree. So you’re decorating a tree for your kid? Then the first move is to make it bright and colorful. If it’s for a girl, the shades of pink, purple and red is the best color combination. Use bright colored ornaments and christmas balls.


Silver and Blue Theme Tree. If you’re going for elegance and class, the combination of Metallic blue and silver can be a good option. Just use ornaments and christmas balls that has silver and blue colors on them.

Christmas Tree Ribbon Ideas

Ribbons and decorative meshes can be used in decorating a christmas tree. You can use different types of ribbons of different colors. The procedure of wrapping the tree with ribbons may also vary.


The Festive Tree. In this one, instead of wrapping the tree with the ribbon, the designer just let the ribbon fall, from the top of the tree to the bottom. With the color combinations used, this created a festive look for the tree.

Image: SoSimplyStephanie
Image: SoSimplyStephanie

Crisscross Mesh Tree. But if you wish to wrap your tree with your decorative ribbons, there are so many ways to do so. In this one, the designer wrap it around in a criscross procedure.

Christmas Tree Garland Ideas

Image: TheMomCreative
Image: TheMomCreative

The Golden Mesh. Go for gold with this kind of tree. The designer use the golden mesh and wrap it around the tree and created this elegant decoration.

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas


Image: Exexpt
Image: Exexpt

The Tree of Eggs. This is an unusual idea for decorations for your Christmas tree. You can make the ornaments using real egg shells or the egg-shaped casings for stockings. With the real egg shells you will need to carefully poke a hole at the small end of the egg and drain the contents. This is best done when you have recipes which require eggs or collect the egg shells over a period of time. Paint the egg shells with festive colors or glue glitter on the shells. Attach hooks to the completed shell and hang onto the tree.

Elegant Christmas Tree Ideas


Bright and Colorful. Want something colorful yet elegant? Try this Christmas tree decorating idea. Basically, you have to think of your favorite colors and buy ornaments with those colors. you just need to know how to match theme.


Old, Antique. You can decorate your tree with simple yet ornate items which can be kept as heirlooms. Antique or unusual buttons, and white beads can be strung together to make a garland; soft cloths can be made into balls when wrapped around scrunched up paper; wired tinsel can be twisted to make stars or shiny flakes.

White Christmas Tree Ideas


The Winter Tree. How about buying the tree of your choice from the store or a local tree farm? You can have your choice of trees from the fir, spruce or pine family. Before you bring the tree into the house buy several cans of snow and shower your tree with color. It will have an outdoorsy look to it especially if you add cotton balls, paper snow-flakes, white and cream colored garlands for the BIG snow flakes. Add metallic colored ornaments to give the tree a jazzy look.

Small Christmas Tree Ideas


Simplicity Tree. While some people prefer those gigantic trees, some want to keep it small and simple. No worries as there are simple christmas tree out there that will give you want you want. Since they are in small size, the ornaments needed are minimal as well.

Modern Christmas Tree Ideas, Contemporary Christmas Trees

Today, decorating a Christmas tree has evolved from the usual fresh evergreen tree, red ribbons and Christmas balls into something that uses vivid colors and other decorative stuff.

Image: Decodir
Image: Decodir

Pink Hello Kitty Tree. If you are into Hello Kitty stuff, this decorating idea for christmas tree can be your bet. Pink ribbons, pink christmas balls and of course pink itsy itsy hello kitty, you now have a modern christmas tree.


The Nature Lover. In modern days where climate change has always been a debate, you may want to keep your tree an eco-friendly one. Instead of using plastic-made ornaments, you can always go for fresh ones. Fresh pine, cones, etc.

Cute Christmas Tree Ideas


The Tree of Treats. This is the best choice for those who want a Christmas tree but are challenged when it comes to the space needed for a full sized tree. Buy a small artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with small bags or boxes filled with tasty delights like nuts, sweets, cookies or custom jewelry or other small but practical gifts.

Country Christmas Tree Ideas

Image: CountryLiving
Image: CountryLiving

Country Themed Tree. Want to create an ambiance of country living? Then, you may want to try this idea. A fresh pine tree, decorated with paper hangings and cutouts, this tree is surely an eco-friendly and elegant tree idea.

Creative Christmas Tree Ideas, DIY Christmas Tree Ideas


Boxes of Eggs Tree. Creativity is surely limitless. You can prove that with this creative christmas tree. You just don’t have to throw away those empty, and supposedly useless, egg cartons. Now, you can start stacking them and turn them into this crafty christmas tree.


The Pillow Tree. Running out of ideas? You can actually create a christmas tree out of almost everything – like pillow. Yes, you just need pillows of different sizes, stack them (biggest in the bottom, smallest in the top) and top it with a star (which is of course pillow as well) and you’re good to go.


The Book Tree. If you don’t have any other stuff to stack and turn into a crafty tree, you may want to pull some of your books off your shelves and stack them into a pine tree shape. Top it with your favorite, best-selling book and a ribbon. There you have your book-inspired tree!

Western Christmas Tree Ideas


The Metallica Tree. The current craze is getting a shiny metallic tree. If you have sparkly ornaments, arrange them on the tree to give it a sophisticated look. You may be the only one in the neighborhood with this unique tree and it can, also, be a great conversation starter. This being a novelty, you can keep the tree and use it next year or on alternative years.

Primitive Christmas Tree Ideas

Want an ancient-inspired Christmas tree? Then get ready to grab your vintage stuff and put them together to create a primitive christmas tree.

Image: JubileeHomeSpun
Image: JubileeHomeSpun

Colorful Christmas Tree Ideas

Image: CentsationalGirl
Image: CentsationalGirl

Fab and Chic. Personally, I want my tree colorful and bright. If you are like me, it’s actually easy to achieve. All you need is to buy christmas ornaments of different colors. Glittered ones are also good options to have that sparkling colors.


The Rainbow Tree. Have a sight of a rainbow indoors with this kind of Christmas tree. A set of christmas balls of different colors is enough to do the trick. No need to look at the rainbow to have the proper arrangement of the colors. You just have to make sure that each layer have the same color.

Pink Christmas Tree Ideas


Pinkilicious Tree. If you’re favorite color is pink, this tree is definitely for you. It is literally a pink-colored tree, decorated with silver christmas balls and yellow christmas light.

Image: southernbellaswaystosave
Image: southernbellaswaystosave

Elegant Pink. This is also a pink-themed christmas tree. The only difference is that in this tree, the main tree is green. What makes it pink-themed is the ribbon wrapped around it.

Purple Christmas Tree Ideas

Image: Decodir
Image: Decodir

Purple Hello Kitty. Grab your hello kitty stuff toys and hang theme together with your christmas ornaments of purple color.

Black Christmas Tree Ideas


Elegant Black. Who said Christmas tree can’t be black else it would be dark and gloomy? We can skip the gloomy part and replace it with elegance and class with this kind of tree decoration. The tree may be black but the shimmering silver ornaments make it one-of-a-kind.

Martha Stewart Christmas Tree Ideas

In home decorating and DIY crafts, Martha Stewart is probably the first name that will come to your mind. If you are looking for some of her christmas tree ideas, I’ll give it to you.

Image: MarthaStewart
Image: MarthaStewart

Aluminum Tree. You can make your own tree with a hint of aluminum on it with this Martha Stewart’s tree.

Image: MarthaStewart
Image: MarthaStewart
Image: MarthaStewart
Image: MarthaStewart

Golden Tree. Everything is gold except for the tree. This one gives the hint of class and elegance. This is perfect for table top christmas decorations and for those who have small spaces.

Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

Image: KathyPeterson
Image: KathyPeterson
Image: TheFabGuide
Image: TheFabGuide

This idea is great for the work place where a small tree can be decorated with small packages of office supplies or light tools that can be used in a garage or utility shop. Paper clips strung together make a garland.