30 Beautiful Citrus Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the time for decorating the house in the most striking way. While some opt for traditional themes like green, red or gold, some want to go the unusual way. Citrus decoration is on trend right now. It makes the house smell great and can be made from the leftovers too.

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So liven up your interiors during Christmas with these 30 citrus themed decoration ideas. The yellow, green and orange hues will add life to your home.

  1. Dried Citrus Ornament:


Here’s a step-by-step instruction on making dried citrus ornament. These great smelling ornaments can be made from the leftovers. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

  1. Citrus Tree:

Image Source

Image Source

If you have ample of oranges lying in your house, try making a Christmas tree topiary out of it. The addition of pillar candles is adding charm to the ambiance.

  1. Pomander:

Make a design on the oranges and poke tiny cloves in it. You can either hang or display in a shallow dish or bowl. Your home will be filled with an intoxicating scent.

  1. Hang The Pomander:

Image Source

Image Source

This image will give you can idea how the pomander will look hung on the tree. We think it will look great both ways.

  1. Citrus Laden Christmas Tree:

This Christmas tree looks fabulous laden with Christmas tree. The color combination of green and orange is looking exemplary.

  1. Lemon Tree:

If you are finding hard to locate a perfect spot for a large sized Christmas tree, then you can try placing this Monrovia Meyer Lemon Tree. This tree will make your house smell amazing.

  1. Citrus Wreath:

Here’s a lovely citrus wreath for you to try out this Christmas. It’s made with dried and carved oranges and slices.

  1. A Fancy Citrus Wreath:

This fancy wreath is made with berries, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and of course, sliced and dried oranges. The red bow is adding a finishing touch.

  1. Decorate The Table:

You can even decorate your table with a citrus garland. Your guests will be delighted to see their wine glasses served in such an amazing way.

  1. Citrus Garland:

The mantelpiece of this elegant house is decorated with citrus garland. The garland is made with lemon, pinecones, and beads.

  1. Citrus Centerpiece:

This citrus centerpiece has a regal appeal to it. Your guests will be delighted after being exposed to the delightful scent of pinecones and citrus fruits.

  1. A Simple Citrus Ornament:

This is one of the easiest crafts for you to try. You just need to slice the oranges and hang from the tree.

  1. Citrus Magnolia Wreath:

Unlike most of the wreaths, this wreath is made lemons, instead of orange. In fact, you can use this wreath all year long, especially during spring and summer.

  1. Decorate The Table:

This is one of the most eye-catching table settings. The limes and lemons used in the table setting are defining the motif, and so are the citrus slices.

  1. Orange Ornament:

This idea is easy enough for everyone to replicate. Just pin some studs in the orange and hang from the tree with a ribbon.

  1. Use It For The Staircase:

You can use the same ornament for decorating the banister too. Just cluster it along with the other similar color decorations.

  1. Citrus Table Arrangement:

Here’s an easy to make table arrangement. You can put it together using your favorite wrought iron basket or bowl. Add citrus fruits, a little greenery, bells, balls and more and you are done.

  1. Orange Birdseed Ornament:

It would be a bit unkind of you if you avoid the birds during the holidays. So prepare this lovely ornament for your winged friends. They would be delighted.

  1. Orange Luminaries:

These orange rind luminaries would make stunning table toppers. The subtle scent and natural glow will create a festive mood as the sun goes down during the Christmas.

  1. For The Mantle:

Instead of decorating your mantelpiece with ornaments, use pinecones and orange garland. It will give a rustic feel to your house.

  1. Stylish Citrus Wreath:

This is one of the most elegant citrus wreaths in our opinion. For an added effect, place some oranges in a bowl and place on the wooden cabinet or shelf.

  1. A Natural Garland:

This garland is made with sliced oranges, mini pumpkin, chilies and bay leaves threaded on a raffia and the ends tied with the cinnamon stick.

  1. Dried Orange Christmas Decorations:

These dried orange ornaments will look naturally beautiful hung on the green branches of your Christmas tree. These ornaments will fill your house with a delicate aroma, even after being dried.

  1. A Pretty Lemon Centerpiece:

If you have some extra lemons or orange at home, bring them to use with this decorating idea. Place the lemons in a long wooden bowl and throw in some pinecones and Christmas tree sprigs. The berries would be the cherry on the cake.

  1. Glittered Faux Lemons and Velvet Leaves:

Here’s a bright, holiday centerpiece piled with faux lemons, velvet leaves, and silver balls. You can even add some glitter for an added effect.

  1. Floating Citronella Candles:

Here’s an easy and beautiful DIY for you to make. You will need some mason jar, lemons or oranges, and your favorite scent. The bugs will stay afar while you have a decoration around the house.

  1. Deck The Stairs:

Deck the stairs with orange and lemons for a fresh look during the holidays. It’s a great break from the conventional decoration ideas.

  1. Stack The Oranges:

Take some grand fruit bowls and fill up to the brim with oranges. Arrange the bowls on your shelf and you are done.

  1. Door Garland:

This one’s simple and different. In fact, it’s so easy can even a child can make it.

  1. Citrus Topiary:

This wire topiary is filed with pinecones, berries, oranges and cinnamon sticks. It will make a lovely and unique sight during the holidays.

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