40 Funny And Humorous Christmas Decorations That Will Leave You In Splits

Christmas is the time to celebrate with fun and fiesta. There are many traditional ways to enjoy the festival and decorate your house with the usual ornaments and decorations. But those who prefer to be innovative, there is no dearth of the quirky ideas of Christmas decorations. Some of these can be wittingly amusing while others are simply over the board. Here, we have compiled top 40 funny and humorous decorations that will certainly tickle your funny bones. Have a look and decide for yourself.

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1. A Blackboard For The Wine Lovers:



Here is the blackboard for uttering your deep feelings about the way you want to celebrate this Christmas. Write whatever you deem appropriate for yourself.

2. Unusual Door Decoration:

This is epic! A reindeer stable decoration for the interiors of your home. Enough to instigate the festive fervor in the right tone!

3. Funny Bathroom Decoration:



This happy Santa bathroom decoration is so amusing to look at.What do you say?

4. Oversized Stocking Decor:

This is a funny idea to hang an oversized stocking on the door with some humorous designs. Loved the safety pins patterns on this one!

5. Santa Claus In The Fireplace:

This Fireplace mantel decoration with Santa and these cute stockings is simply amusing and quite offbeat!

6. Santa On The Door:

This is the funniest door decoration that you can imagine. This Santa Claus hanging is so hilarious!

7. The Funniest Of Them All:

The image says it all. Need we tell anything more about this?

8. Funny Ice Door Decoration:

This is an amusing door decoration idea for the office or home, wherever you like to use it.

9. Funny Reindeer Decoration:

A VIP invitation to the Santa’s Christmas party. A good funny theme for decoration, isn’t it?

10. One More For The Door:

A hilarious Christmas decoration idea for the office. Well, you can apply it to your home also.

11. Funny For The Hospital:

This is an amusing Christmas decoration idea for the hospitals. The surgical gloves Christmas tree is getting quite popular these days!

12. Wine Bottle Dressed As Santa:

This is minimalistic, funny and cute. This attractive wine bottle cover will add some funny flavors to your Christmas dining.

13. Cute Reindeer Chocolate Jars:

A funny idea to decorate your chocolate masons with reindeer faces. Did you notice the red nose on these jars?

14. Fun With Santa:

A brilliant ornament to amuse everyone. It’s such a funny DIY idea for your Christmas decoration.

15. Skates On The Door:

This is creative and humorous. The pine cones stemming out of the ice skates are perfectly done here.

16. Funny Table Legs For The Indoor Humour:

This is an excellent and funny idea for the table legs. These elf legs are amusing yet very cute to rev up the festive mood.

17. Some Fun For The Car Too:

And, now some funny Santa hat decoration for your car. This is so unique and Christmasy.

18. A Scary But Funny Decoration For Outdoors:

This one is at its wittiest best. This Halloween to Christmas decor idea is simply outstanding!

19. Funny Bunny Door Decor:

This is an amazingly witty snowman door decoration for the classroom. Well, you can replicate it at your home as well. It will surely bring smiles to many faces.

20. Fun With The Pillow Decor:

You can always get quirky with these funny pillows having humorous quotes on them. They will add zesty flavour to your home decor with ease.

21. Funny Idea For The Snowy Outdoors:

A snowman decor is always funny if done in the right way like this one. It’s setting up the right tone for the festival.

22. A Funny Door:

A funny door is enough to define your sense of humour in the Christmas decorations. This one’s perfect for the kids room!

23. Grinch On The Door:

A funny Christmas door decoration can never go wrong with Grinch cut-outs and designs. What do you say?

24. Funny Inflatables:

This one is perfect for the lazy people who intend to be funny as well. Just get these funny inflatables and place them anywhere to make people laugh.

25. Funny Bones:

What would you say about this skeleton on the fence? Funny or scary?

26. Legs Down The Porch:

An interesting decoration for the porch. You can try this too for a humorous tinge to your outdoors.

27. A Funny Gingerbread House:

A baker’s nightmare and perfect amusement for the others. It has funny gingerbread houses with a humorous tale to tell.

28. Funny Decoration Balls For The Garden:

Place these funny ladybug balls in the garden or in your living room. They look good anyways!

29. Tissue Paper Fun For The Table:

Put this printed tissue paper wrap on your dinner table and your guests won’t be able to control that gag. This is a humorous gifting idea as well.

30. Tree On The Car Ornament:

This is a humorous ornament for your Christmas tree. Quirky ornaments like this one always rev up the funny tones of the festive times.

31. Plea To The Santa:

This is the cutest and the funniest Christmas sign to plea Santa for a stopover!

32. Funny Christmas Door Decoration For The Classroom:

A funny popcorn decoration for the classroom door. You can use this idea for the kids room in your Christmas home decor.

33. Funny Winebottles Craft:

Use this funny idea to decorate the wine bottles. There are many other DIYs for the wine bottles that you may try.

34. The Funniest Christmas Tree Decoration:

What should we say about this one? Whosoever has done this Christmas tree deserves kudos for being the laziest and the funniest person the day.

35. Crazy Ornaments For The Tree:

Hang some crazy ornaments like this one from your Christmas tree and you are at your humorous best.

36. Funny Snow Man Door:

This snow man door idea is funny and also, quite appropriate for the lazy Christmas revelers who don’t want to work extra miles for their home decoration.

37. Fireplace Mantel Funny Decor:

This fireplace mantel design with Santa theme is funny and adorable. What do you say about it?

38. Fun In The Office:

Turn your workplace into fun with such humorous decoration ideas for this Christmas. This one is funny and wity at the same time.

39. Santa Comes Through Window This Time:

This is the simplest funny decoration for the Christmas that I’ve seen. It is crisp and so humorous!

40. Funny Mailbox Decor:

Decorate your mailbox in a unique funny way. This one is perfect for the same!

These are some of the besta nd the funniest Christmas decorations that we have compiled for you. These are the witty styles of decorating your home, office or garden for the festival and holidays.

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