Top 40 Elegant Black And Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

Don’t you think Christmas is the best time to bring out the shiny and fancy decorations? This color combination not just looks sophisticated and stylish, but is also a refreshing change from what we generally see around this time of the year. And neither will it go out of vogue, at least not anytime soon. Here is some Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas, to bring on the sparkle or black and red this Christmas with these 40 ideas.

  1. For The Christmas Tree:

Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas


This green Christmas tree is decorated with black and gold ornaments, and black and gold wrapped Christmas presents are placed near it.

  1. Black And Gold Ornaments:

If you want to glam up your Christmas tree, try an ornament like this. We have included the link for DIY for you.

  1. No Room For Tree:

Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas


So you don’t have time for decorating an elaborate Christmas tree. No worries! Take some glass cylinders and put some black and gold beads inside it. It’s ready for display.

  1. Black And Gold Mantel:

The mantelpiece is the primary place to dress up for the holidays. This black and gold themed mantelpiece will definitely work in your favor.

  1. Black And White Table Decoration Idea:

Black And Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas


Here’s an easy way to incorporate black and white decoration idea on your dinner table. The napkin is wrapped with a black bow. Golden starbursts and ornaments are strewn on the table for effect.

  1. Black And Gold Reindeer Head:

Try making this glittery, gold and black head canvas for the entrance or mantel from the DIY link here.

  1. For The Entrance:

Do not stop at the mantelpiece or tree for incorporating this lovely color scheme in your house. Take a look at this beautiful entryway here.

  1. For The White Christmas Tree:

If you have a white Christmas tree, black and gold colored ornaments will definitely stand out. We loved the idea of using black frames for decoration.

  1. Gold Wreath Against Black Background:

This is just stunning. The blogger has placed an out and out golden wreath against the black, iron door.

  1. Hints Of Red:

This black and gold décor has hints of red in the face of red berries and roses. This idea would be perfect for people who want to add a hint of color to their décor.

  1. Dress Up The Entrance:

Dress up your black door by placing ‘Noel’ and ‘C’EST’ signs on each door.

  1. Noel:

This looks absolutely ethereal. If you notice carefully, the entire setting is looking very dreamy- the sparkling gold candles, the Noel sign, the black and gold gift boxes.

  1. A Black And Gold Setting:

This lovely study room is decorated along the lines of black and gold color scheme. The starbursts, the reindeer head portrait and the advent calendar, everything looks appropriate for the theme.

  1. Black And Gold Mason Jars:

Paint the mason jars black and gold and then use it for decorating the house. You can either put some string lights or flowers for a lovely display.

  1. Black And Gold Gift Boxes:

When it comes to Christmas, you have to take care of the gift boxes as well. Ensure that the gift boxes you use for your Christmas tree also go with the theme, as we see here.

  1. Black And Gold Wreath:

This black and gold wreath would look beautiful against the white door. It’s glamorous and elegant, exactly how a wreath should be.

  1. Confetti Pinwheel Decorations:

This lovely pinwheel can be used for decorating the Christmas trees, mantelpiece or anything you like. They are absolutely versatile.

  1. Black And Gold Christmas Tablescape:

The white backdrop of the tablecloth is giving a calming effect to the color palette. And these tiny black and gold Christmas trees are absolutely amazing.

  1. Black And Gold Mobile:

Black, white and gold dots are combined to make a gorgeous mobile. The top is wrapped in white cords to balance the look.

  1. The Candles:

This candle decoration is regal in the truest sense. And creative as well! Just look at the tassels used for decorating the candles.

  1. Merry And Bright Sign:

This Merry and Bright sign would look person placed on top of the mantelpiece. Or you can put it at the entrance to welcome your guests.

  1. Black And Gold Cushions:

This black and gold cushion would look stunning placed on a white or black sofa set. We loved the black cushion with trees printed on it. What about you?

  1. Black And Gold Mesh Wreath:

This is such a stunning wreath to grace your front door. Do you think you would be able to make this wreath? There’s always an option for buying online.

  1. Black, White And Gold Ornaments:

How beautiful you think this ornament would look on Christmas tree? We believe that it would totally rock.

  1. Joy Sign:

This gold JOY sign, placed near the gold and black palette would look great with your theme.

  1. More Of Gold Less Of Black:

In this regal decoration idea, the blogger has used white subtly. The rest of the decoration is done mainly in gold.

  1. A Gorgeous Setting:

If you have a black and gold dressing table, place some gold deer figurines and see how the décor of the house transforms.

  1. Black And Gold Table Setting:

Black never looked so beautiful before! This color combo, along with the pearl outlined plates looks magnificent.

  1. Glittery Garland:

Make this glittery garland with your child to adorn your mantelpiece. Or you can use it for the window as well.

  1. Black And White Ribbon Tree Topper:

For the tree topper, you can use either a complete black or a black and white ribbon. It will look great with the gold ornaments.

  1. For Your Christmas Party:

If you are organizing a Christmas party in your house. This glamorous table setting would work for the new year party as well.

  1. Black And Gold Scheme For The Living Room:

This living room is set up in the most contemporary way possible. Black and gold cushions are placed on the white sofa, and the twig tree is decorated with black stars and lightings.

  1. A Vibrant Mantelpiece:

This one’s so beautifully decorated that it does not even look over the top despite being one.

  1. Black And Gold Mugs:

Place these black and gold mugs on your side or center table and create a cozy feel in your house.

  1. A Cluster Of Ornaments:

Take some gold ornaments, tie it with a black or a black and white ribbon and put it on display. A simple and easy decoration item.

  1. Black And Gold Chandeliers:

The black and gold paper chandeliers or mobile would make a cost-effective alternative to expensive chandeliers.

  1. Black And Gold Table Setting:

If you want to create an unusual table setting, follow the above idea.

  1. Black And Gold Chandelier:

This is simply marvelous. This chandelier, made with gold and silver ornaments on a black frame would look absolutely stunning in your living room.

  1. Ornaments in Jar:

Place ornaments in a jar and put it on display on your coffee table.

  1. Merry Christmas:

This Merry Christmas sign is elegance personified. A black cardboard with antique golden frame is put on display here.

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