Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

For most of us, Christmas is the time to enjoy the festivities and holidays to the fullest. It is the time to decorate your house and plan a scrumptious platter for the entire family. But for all the Nightmare Before Christmas fans, things work out differently. They want to celebrate the Christmas in a Halloween style. What can be a better way than following the theme of this 1993 classic and give your Christmas decorations an eerie twist? Here, we have compiled the top 40 Nightmare before Christmas decorations that will certainly allure the horror-loving Christmas revelers.

1. The Jack Skellington Wreath:



Give your visitors the awe of Jack Skellington with this wreath that looks fun and eerie at the same time. The trick is to decorate a wreath with Christmas balls painted with Jack Skellington face stencil. Complete the look with black and white stripe ribbon.

2. Jack Skellington On The Door:

Give your door decorations a horror twist with this Jack Skellington door. This paper craft is totally amusing and yes, the creepiness is at its best! And it’s pretty easy to make too. You and your kids would enjoy decorating your door with this fun idea.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin:



This is an interesting pumpkin decoration on the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. Recreate your halloween decorations and turn them into something Christmassy with just a few twist. The Santa hat on the pumpkin is looking so appropriate!

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4. Nightmare Before Christmas Stocking:

This is easy and effective. The stocking on the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. Sew a stocking on a canvass with plaid pattern. Don’t forget to put some few elements of the theme you’re using. For this one, the skull outline makes it pretty cool. Which Santa are you calling upon?

5. Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments:



What do you think about this ornament? It is perfect to match the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas in your decor. You can tie this up and hang on your Christmas tree.

6. Horror Wreath:

Another eerie wreath decoration straight from the Nightmare Before Christmas. This one’s is really interesting and pretty easy to make. You just need a couple of black and white stripe ribbons, mesh and a Jack Skellington figure. What do you say?

7. Cute Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments:

Who says Nightmare before Christmas decorations can’t be adorable and cute? These cute little baubles are perfect for a Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree decoration.

8. Skellington Door Decor:

Give your Christmas door decorations a horror twist with this Jack Skellington design. Replace your usual elf-themed stockings and put your favorite Nightmare before Christmas character like Jack.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas Mason Jar Decorations:

Decorate your mason jars with this theme and surprise everyone with it. The ribbon is matching perfectly with the decoration. This is probably one of the easiest DIY decoration that you can recreate.

10. Christmas Tree Decoration:

These are the cute DIY Christmas tree ornaments inspired from this famous flick. They can change the way your Christmas decorations look! I love how those eerie yet adorable Christmas tree ornaments give the tree an amazingly twisted look.

11. Nightmare Before Christmas Door:

A door decoration is the best way to express your ideas for Christmas revelries. Cut a few colored paper, particularly black, yellow and white. Trace an outline of Jack Skellington, paste them on your door and voila! You’ve got this not-so-ordinary door.

12. Hand Painted Nightmare Before Christmas Baubles:

You can make your own Nightmare Before Christmas baubles. So, paint all your favorite characters from the movie on these ornaments.

13. Nightmare Before Christmas On The Wall:

This is pretty brilliant, a perfect decoration for those who don’t have enough space for a huge Christmas decorations. A wall decoration on the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. Can’t get creative than this! The tiny red star is adding the pop of color to this decor.

14. Nightmare Before Christmas In The Yard:

The Nightmare Before Christmas characters in the yard is perfect to add a creepy feeling to the festive season. Have this amazing Jack skellington and sally standee can be spookingly adorable outdoor Christmas decorations.

15. Nightmare Before Christmas Figure:

For those who like minimalist style of decoration, you can use miniatures and figurines for centerpiece. A perfect Nightmare Before Christmas figure for the table!

16. Nightmare Before Christmas Tree Decorations:

Decorate your white Christmas tree with the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ figures and it’s done! If you have a miniature characters of Sally and Jack, hang ’em up and you’re good to go.

17. Inverted Wine Glass Candle Stands:

Amazing DIY inverted wine glass candle stands inspired from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This can be a perfect Christmas table decorations either for halloween or Christmas. Any takers?

18. Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath Ideas:

Another wreath design inspired by this movie. A green Christmas wreath decorated with spooky eye and teeth cut-outs. Don’t forget the red ribbon to have a Christmassy look.

19. Nightmare Before Christmas Inflatables:

Add cute ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ inflatables to your garden for the creepy outdoor decorations this year.

20. Nightmare Before Christmas Paper Crafts:

Interesting paper hangings for your room will zest up the eerie feeling in this festive season.  You can turn those plain white honeycomb paper balloons into creepy-inspired Christmas decor by simply adding spooky eyes and mouth cut-outs.

21. A Nightmarish Christmas Tree:

The Nightmare Before Christmas on the tree. This one is totally horrifyingly beautiful! The cuteness of snowflakes and Christmas baubles tamed the spookiness of Jack Skellington hanging around the Christmas tree. Love it!

22. Creepy Log Decoration:

A log with horn and a Christmas tree carved on it. What do you say about this Nightmare Before Christmas decoration idea?

23. Eyeballs Wreath:

Creepiness to the fullest with this eerie eyeballs wreath on the front door. Complete the set-up with black ribbons. This is perfect for those who have solid, plain doors.

24. Nightmare Before Christmas In The Office:

A creepy decoration idea for the reception in your office. This is like Santa Claus after-life. This is kinda brilliant. Santa Claus must have waited for a long,long time for a really good kid to give gifts to.

25. Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments For The Tree:

Another interesting ornament idea for the Christmas tree based on the theme of Nightmare before Christmas.

26. Nightmare Before Christmas Decoration In The Outdoors:

And here’s another Santa Claus after-life. An excellent decoration for the oudoors! Jack Skellington is rocking this one!

27. Purple Nightmare Before Christmas Tree:

A peppy twist to your Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations with this purple tree decorated with all the horror stuff. Decorated with skull balls and bats, this Christmas tree could be a perfect decoration for a festive holiday season.

28. Nightmare Before Christmas Bedroom Decoration:

A perfect decoration on the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. Get ready for some real nightmares!

29. Nightmare Before Christmas Centerpiece:

A creepy yet very stunning decoration on a classic theme! It doesn’t have any character that scream “Nightmare before Christmas” but the whole theme and color combinations is indeed about the movie.

30. Jack and Sally Figures For The Outdoors:

Large plywood cutouts of Jack and Sally will bring the horror tinge to your yard. Anyone could pull off the Jack Skellington (having only black and white), but with Sally, one might need a little bit of creative hand.

31. Printable Door Decoration:

This is probably one of the easiest door decoration for this coming Christmas. The printables for your front door are simple and effective decoration to reflect your mood for the festive season. This one is ideal for Nightmare Before Christmas.

32. Window Decoration:

Why leave the windows? Decorate them as well with Nightmare Before Christmas stuff like this one.

33. Nightmare Before Christmas Decor For The Office:

What do you think about this decoration? Isn’t it too much to invoke the horror?

34. Nightmare Before Christmas Candle Stands:

Candles are essential for any Christmasy decoration. So, why not choose these themed candle holders to change the settings this time? This is pretty easy and cool as well. You would just need Sally and Skellington’s outline and put them on a clear cylinder.

35. Christmas Tree Hangings:

These are some amazing ornaments for your Christmas tree – a Skellington Christmas ornament. You can find some of these figures in dollar stores. Don’t forget to pick up some Sallys too.

36. Another Christmas Tree Decoration:

This is also quite interesting. Loved the pumpkins with Santa hats! And instead of typical stars or angels as topper, a Skellington could be your top pick. This kind of decoration will go along well with silver and purple Christmas balls.

37. Nightmare Before Christmas Room Decoration:

Turn your living room into Nightmare Before Christmas set with this decoration going so well with the theme. I’d love to have this kind of decoration on my bedroom too. Spooky!!!

38. Nightmare Before Christmas Vase Decoration:

This is a pretty cool idea.  For those who have empty bottles lying around, it’s time to revamp and redecorate this Christmas. Paint them with green, white and light green. Then draw some Nightmare before Christmas outlines. Complete them with a few leaves on the top. A complete table decoration keeping up with the theme!

39. Tarot Card Ornament:

This is a unique idea to decorate Christmas Tree with tarot cards on the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas.

40. Nightmare Before Christmas Jars For The Table:

This is a brilliant idea of decorating your table on the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas with these lit up jars.

41. Nightmare Before Christmas Door Decorations

Greet your guests with this breathtaking Nightmare before Christmas-inspired door decoration. The arch is decorated with purple, black and green mesh ribbons. To add the elements of the movie, Jack skellington figures are added. And of course, to complete the decoration, skellington Christmas wreath was hung in the door.

42. Skellington Christmas Tree

Oh, I simply love this purple, white, silver and skellington Christmas tree! Would wouldn’t? The colors simple complemented with each other. The purple goes along well with the white Skellington ornaments.

43. Skellington and Sally Pumpkins


Light up your doorway or your center table with these Sally and Jack pumpkin lantern.

44. Jack Skellington String Garland

This is the result when you combine adorable and spooky. This is pretty cool too. Hang them around your living room or you can even wrap it around your Christmas tree. This is pretty awesome garland idea.

45. Jack Skellington Luminary

Here’s another luminary inspired by the movie Nightmare before Christmas. The white bottle look so magical with the light string inside. The boogieman outline added some spookiness to it. And to complete the set-up, black ribbon is wrapped around the neck bottle.

46. Sally Christmas Bauble

Decorate your door or Christmas tree with this Sally-inspired Christmas baubles. Put some blue glitters to a Christmas balls and draw Sally on it. And there you have this adorable ornament.

47. Nightmare Before Christmas Bottle Lights

Get mesmerized and spooked with these magical Nightmare before Christmas-themed bottle luminaries. Revamp your empty wine bottles. Put some character outlines on the surface and stringlights on the inside and there you have this mesmerizing lanterns.

48. Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown Clock Wreath

And here’s another brilliant idea for your Christmas (or Halloween) decorations – a countdown wreath!

49. Jack Skellington Snowflake Ornament

This is cute and spooky at the same time. With the cuteness of red snowflake, Jack Skellington becomes irresistibly adorable. This is a good addition to your Nightmare before Christmas-themed tree or decoration.

50. Jack and Sally Glass Decorations

Here’s another easy to make Nightmare before Christmas inspired glass centerpiece. Instead of having those Jack and Sally ornament in a Christmas tree, you can just pile them up in a clear glass cylinder. Easy peasy, right?

These are the top Nightmare Before Christmas themed decoration ideas for your exhilarating Christmas parties with a twist. Do try them and enjoy the Christmas with an undertone of Halloween!

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