Top 30 Cute Deer Decoration Ideas For Christmas

The most magical season is approaching. As busy as you can get, Christmas is the best time of creating and decorating your house with typical Christmas items. As Christmas decorative items, deer heads and antlers are gaining extreme popularity these days. Do you know why? Because deer or reindeer are symbols of Christmas. So today, Christmas 365Greetings will show you how to incorporate these cute animals into your festive décor.

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1. Deer Décor:



Getting a set of real deer head or antlers can cost you a bomb. So here’s a simple, cute and affordable DIY for making a deer décor at home.

  1. Woodland Charm:

This one is super cool. The blogger has lined a cake stand with dried mosses, faux snow, pinecones, glass balls, evergreen sprigs and accords. But the highlight is the reindeer cookies.

  1. In Your Dining Table:



As you must be aware, metallic are very popular during the Christmas. Along with the beautiful snowflake plate, the blogger has also placed miniature deer near it.

  1. Woodland Centerpiece:

The tiny, little deer standing beside the pine cones, rosemary and birch bark is making the decoration stand out.

  1. Wooden Slice Centerpiece:



Talented designer Virginia Fynes placed beautiful Christmas décor on top of the wooden slice to create a focal point.

  1. Fabric Reindeer:

Make your reindeer ready for Christmas with this lovely idea. The dapper scarf will keep him cozy and warm.

  1. Fantasy Christmas:

If you want to create a fantasy Christmas in your house, decorate with this elegant Scandinavian deer.

  1. Vine Deer:

This lovely wine deer is decorated beautifully with pine cone and berries garland. It will look stunning placed on your fireplace.

  1. Reindeer Ornament:

The beauty of the reindeer ornament will enhance the beauty of you Christmas tree manifold. Very finely crafted, we must say.

  1. Oh Deer:

Create a pretty scene in your house by covering a white plate with artificial snow and setting it on the bed of pine twigs. Put some tiny deer statues and trees and the woodland is ready.

  1. Deer With Wooden Antlers:

Made of mango wood and iron, this stunning deer with wooden antlers will look beautiful placed underneath your wreath, as you can see in the picture.

  1. Reindeer Candle Holder:

These are the cutest and most magnificent candle holders ever. You can place these candleholders in the center of your holiday table for a polished look.

  1. Woodsy Reindeer:

Don’t you think these reindeer look beautiful with the pine cones? One of our favorite ideas.

  1. Shimmer Shimmer:

How beautiful does this shimmery reindeer look to you? Very pretty, isn’t it? And it’s easy to replicate too. You just need to coat a reindeer figurine with silver glitter and tie a red ribbon around it.

  1. Capiz Reindeer:

These handsome reindeer are crafted in Capiz, a shell unique to the Philippines. It is then adorned with metal antlers and painted in gold. With a crimson scarf, it couldn’t get more stylish.

  1. Cute Wooden Reindeer Ornament:

Here’s a cute, little wooden reindeer covered with snow. Place this wooden reindeer on your entrance to welcome your guest in a cheerful way.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Reindeer Friend:

This one of the most novel ideas in my opinion.

  1. Deer Cutouts:

Here’s an adorable gift tag idea for you. Draw and cut out the reindeer on a thick material, make a hole and thread yarn through it. Your gift tag is ready.

  1. Clothespin Reindeer:

Here’s a cute decor item to make with your tiny tot. After he’s made these clothespin reindeer, you can put it display.

  1. Wooden Reindeer:

These reindeer are giving out perfect Christmassy vibes. Loved the ornaments they’re wearing.

  1. Rustic Christmas Reindeer Artwork:

Dress up your indoors or outdoors with this beautiful reindeer painting. With just a little paint and salvaged wood, you can make this inexpensive decor for the holidays.

  1. Reindeer String Art:

If you are in search for a project to keep your children busy during the winter days, this reindeer project is for you.

  1. Glittering Statement:

The handsome white deer is complementing the colorful wreath very well. And the foam cones sprayed with glitter are a great addition.

  1. Deer Stockings:

This is the classiest way to incorporate deer and reindeer in your Christmas decor. The color the stockings is blending well with the theme.

  1. For The Modern Decor:

This one’s for people opting for modern decor this season. We love everything about this decorating, from the Christmas tree, to the paintings.

  1. Deer Bust:

Hang a deer bust around the wreath for a trendy and quirky twist. Even they will love to be a part of your holiday decor.

  1. Deer Near A White Topiary Tree:

These white deer are looking stunning placed near a white topiary tree. The colorful wreath is giving a nice pop of color.

  1. Rustic Twig Reindeer:

Give your store bought reindeer some crafty touches for a gorgeous look. It will look great with any theme.

  1. Place It On The Table:

This one is looking so cute perched on the dining table. We love the colorful Christmas tree too!

  1. The Best Of All:

This one is indeed the best of all. Despite using so many deer cutouts, it is not looking over the top.


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