Top 40 Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Cranberries

Who said cranberries are just for eating? You can use these beautiful and tiny red berries to brighten up your holiday decoration as well.

Cranberry decorations are festive, beautiful, and most importantly, easy to assemble. Put them in a vase and see them float in the water or use them as napkin rings.

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So if you want something distinctive this Christmas, have a look at our ideas below! And just for the information, real cranberries last for several weeks. So they will cheer up your house throughout the holidays.

  1. Beautiful Lantern Decoration

Fill vintage looking lamp with cranberries, place a pillar candle inside it and put it up for decoration.

  1. Dress Up The Sculpture:



Thread a needle with fishing line and spread some fresh cranberries through it. Next, drape the garland over the sculpture.

  1. Frozen Christmas Wreath:

Adorn your entrance with this lovely, frozen wreath. Tie this wreath with a red wooden scarf or a porch rail for added effect.

  1. Decorate Your Mantel:



You can even decorate your mantelpiece with cranberries. Take an elongated transparent glass jar and fill it halfway up with cranberries. Put a pillar candle on it and it’s ready for display.

  1. Use It With Candles:

A combination of cranberries, rosemary and candles can never go out of fashion. Take a mason jar, put rosemary, cranberries, tea light candle in it and fill it with water.

  1. A Vibrant Red Wreath:

As mentioned, cranberry wreaths can be in various ways, including a full cranberry wreath.

  1. Combine With Rosemary And Citrus:

You can even combine cranberry with other natural elements like citrus, rosemary and a moss wreath for a quick display.

  1. Cranberry Centerpiece:

Here’s a simple DIY for a Christmas cranberry centerpiece for you. Ensure that you have enough Epsom salt for it.

  1. Cranberry Garland For Tree:

Cranberry garlands would look amazing dressed on a tree. Did you notice the popcorn garland? Now that’s something novel!

  1. Flower Vase:

This one is exemplary. A clear, glass flower vase is filled with cranberries and fresh flowers are placed to enhance its beauty.

  1. Cranberry Wreath:

There is a plethora of ways to use cranberries on a wreath. Either use the whole branch of cranberries to add depth to the wreath or combine it with evergreen leaves.

  1. Napkin Ring:

We love the simplicity of this napkin ring. It’s perfect for entertaining Christmas and Thanksgiving parties.

  1. Peace On Earth:

There can never be a single day for spreading peace, right. So this, holiday, spread peace in your family with this lovely decoration idea.

  1. Outdoor Cranberry Décor:

Shelter pillar candles in glass vases and top with cranberries. These luminaries will brighten the path to your house.

  1. Spread Glow In Your House:

Here’s a lovely idea to spread a warm, festive glow in your house. We are loving the tiny cranberry wreaths used for this idea.

  1. For The Dressing Table:

For a glamorous touch, plant an amaryllis flower in a glass vase. Place the narrow one inside a larger one and fill the empty space with cranberries.

  1. Float With The Candles:

Take a shallow bowl, fill it half way and put cranberries and tea candles on it.

  1. For The Kitchen:

Hang cranberry wreath from the kitchen shelf for an instant uplift. And you can place some pineapples too for a warm look.

  1. Decorate The Topiary:

Dress your topiary with burlap and cranberry garlands to give a makeover to your porch. Trust me, it looks amazing.

  1. A Lovely Centerpiece:

Here’s a simple and stunning centerpiece idea for you. Place votive candles in a triangular dish and fill the rest with cranberries and twigs.

  1. Cranberry Wreath Against A White Background:

Hang the cranberry wreath against the white background to make it pop. The pink bow is looking different, yet amazing.

  1. White Cranberry:

What? Cranberries come in white as well. Yes, they do! In this idea, a medium sized wreath is decorated with white cranberries and leaves around the wreath ring.

  1. Cranberry Wedding Centerpiece:

This centerpiece would look amazing if you are organizing a Christmas wedding.

  1. Combine With Apples:

This is such a lovely wreath. You can prepare this wreath for the Thanksgiving and use it all holiday long.

  1. A Candle Cake:

This looks like a beautiful candle cake, isn’t it? You can use it as a centerpiece for your dining table.

  1. Cranberry Garland:

Fresh cranberry garlands wrapped around festoon glass jugs, windows or doors give a casual look to the house.

  1. Topiary Tree:

Tame a three-tier hollow cake plate and drop the cranberries inside the step. Decorate the tree with tiny Christmas trees and ornaments to create a festive display.

  1. Christmas Vase:

This cranberry Christmas vase would look great in your kitchen or as a tablescape. All you’d need are fresh cranberries, a floating candle, artificial greenery and a floating candle.

  1. Cranberry Wreath Decorated With Bow:

Here’s another cranberry wreath combined with pine leaves and an oversized bow.

  1. Cranberry Topiaries:

Here’s a budget friendly topiary made with toothpicks, cranberries, and foam balls.

  1. Combine With Pomegranates:

You can also combine cranberries with pomegranates in a wooden bowl for a centerpiece for your dinner table.

  1. A Lovely Outdoor Decoration:

Here’s another lovely decoration made with cranberries.

  1. Use It On The Kitchen Shelf:

Decorate your kitchen shelf with cranberries filled in a bowl. You can also place a wreath near it.

  1. Use Cranberry Branches:

Take a transparent glass jar, fill it with water and put some cranberry branches in it. Display it in the living room.

  1. For The Table Decoration:

For a quick table decoration, fill transparent jars with cranberries, put a pillar candle inside it and arrange on the table runner.

  1. Evergreen Cranberry Wreath:

Wrap a white ribbon around the wreath, keeping it 4 to 6 inches apart. Tie the cranberries around the wreath and layer the ribbon.

  1. A Rustic Look:

Take an old fashioned, rustic type lantern, fill it with cranberries, hollies, pillar candle and put it on display.

  1. Evergreen Bough:

Here’s another great way to put cranberries to use. You can use it as a centerpiece for your bedroom.

  1. Ice Ice Baby:

This ice wreath would look lovely outdoors. But before that, you need to ensure that the region you reside is cold enough to handle it.

  1. Make It Beautiful:



Here’s another similar candle decoration idea, but with a twist. Instead of mason jar, a round jar is used.

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