Top 40 Decoration Ideas With Santa Boots

If you want to give traditional looks to your home decor but with a unique taste, you can opt for Santa boots decoration. Small or over sized boots and filled with decorative items preferred by you can add festive accents to your home. At the same time, they assure your kids that Santa will actually come over to give them lots of Christmas gifts. There are many ideas to use them in different parts of your home. Here are the top 40 Santa boots decoration ideas for Christmas.

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1. Traditional Santa Boot Decoration:

1. Traditional Santa Boot Decoration


These over-sized Santa boots in their traditional form are the best decor idea that you can add to your Christmas decorations.

2. Stylish Santa Boots In Black:

Prepare a Santa boot decoration using big sized black shoes beside your Christmas decoration and fill it with gifts and chocolates.

3. Santa Boots With Candy Canes:

3. Santa Boots With Candy Cane


It looks stunning when lovely red colored boots are decked with candy canes. Traditionally beautiful!

4. Cowboy Style Decoration:

What about the cowboy style boot decoration in the center of your house with beautiful cranberries tagged with a plaid ribbon.

5. Handmade Santa Boots:

You can create a cute little Santa boot decoration by following simple DIY steps. Decorate it with pine cones and pretty ornaments.

6. Santa Boot Ornament:

Decorate your Christmas tree with Santa boot ornaments. Glittering boots can add an extra spark to your tree decoration.

7. DIY Santa Boots:

This is another striking idea to make a beautiful Santa boot for a sparkling Christmas decoration.

8. Paper Crafted Red & White Boots:

Give your imagination a little edge and create beautiful paper-crafted Santa boots. This handmade boot looks awesome on the front doors.

9. Garden Decor For Santa Boots:

Prepare garden themed decoration with plaid style Santa boots filled with cranberries and lots of green shrub.

10. Santa Boots With Jingle Bells:

Fill your Santa boot with bottle brush and jingle bells to give a minimalist yet brilliant look to your Christmas decoration.

11. Tree Decoration With Santa Boots:

These Santa boot-shaped ornaments look mesmerizing on Christmas tree.

12. Centerpiece Decoration:

Deck your home with Santa boot centerpiece with all the glittery elements filled in it. It is so traditional!

13. Outdoors Boot Decoration:

Red Santa boots right in the center of garden is a good idea of decoration. Add some green leaves and tie a burlap ribbon knot to give traditional look.

14. Decorate Flowers With Boots:

No other decoration will compete with this! Simply place red floral in plaid style red Santa boots.

15. Merry Christmas Decoration:

Spread a message of Merry Christmas with this beautiful Santa boot decoration.

16. Hanging Swag Decoration:

Beautiful swag decoration with jingle bells, star, cranberries, snow, and plaid gives a vintage look to your Christmas decoration.

17. Front Door Decoration:

This is a contemporary version of Santa boots decoration. This whole look is so magical!

18. Noel Centerpiece Decor:

This is a glittery table centerpiece made with NOEL sign and Santa boot.

19. Ceramic Santa Boots:

This is an alluring style for your home decor this Christmas. Choose a ceramic Santa boot and stuff it with candy canes for a charming look.

20. Red & White Centerpiece:

Traditional Christmas colors of red and White are stunningly used in this decor idea.

21. Black Boots Decoration Idea:

Give your Santa boot decor a personal touch with this idea.

22. Santa Boot Kitchen Decor:

You can use Santa boots for your Christmasy kitchen decor as well. It works as a beautiful kitchen tools holder.

23. Vintage Santa Boot Decoration:

Add vintage charm to your festive decor with this rustic idea using Santa boots filled with jingle bells..

24. Knitted Santa Boot:

Display your creativity with am adorable red knitted Santa boot decor. It is looking so cute!

25. Transparent Santa Boots Decoration:

This one will be truly loved by your kids. Toffees filled in a transparent Santa boot will certainly attract them.

26. Table-Top Decoration:

Differently sized Santa boots can always make a stunning tabletop decoration. Loved the snow flakes designs and plaid ribbons on these boots!

27. Topiary Christmas Decoration:

This is an alluring topiary decoration using a metallic Santa boot.

28. Wreath Decoration Using Santa Boots:

Your Christmas decorations will look more charming with this knitted wreath adorned with a tiny Santa boot.

29. Pine Cone Decoration In Santa Boots:

This is a beautiful decor using black boots and pine cones.

30. Christmas Tree In Santa Boot:

This is a stunning decoration using a small Santa boot and a tiny Christmas tree. It looks perfect for fireplace mantel decor.

31. Cute Santa Boot Arrangement:

This is the most adorable decoration using little red boots filled with cute candy-shaped ornaments.

32. Handmade Christmas Door Hanger:

Santa boots turned into an adorable door hanging is an exceptional Christmas decoration idea.

33. Rustic Decoration:

This is a rustic decoration that can be easily made at home.

34. Creative Bamboo Santa Boot:

This is a creative idea for making Santa boot for your Christmas home decor.

35. Primitive Santa Boot Decoration:

This is the most creative idea of yard decoration using boots and lots of primitive stuff.

36. Golden Bottle Brush Tree:

This is the most glistening Christmas centerpiece for your home decoration during festive season.

37. Wooden Boot Decoration:

What about this cute wooden boot? It is looking so lovely with a red Santa hat.

38. Lovely Santa Boot Decoration:

This centerpiece will be certainly loved by your kids.

39. Snowman Decoration With Santa Boot:

What’d you say about this snowman in a Santa boot?

40. Crafty Santa Boot Decoration

A crafty Santa boot with golden NOEL print is looking so stunning and festive.

These are the top 40 Christmas decorations done using stylish, unique, crafty, shimmery, and traditional Santa boots. Add them to your home decor for a conventionally chic decoration.

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