Top 40 Felt Ornaments For Christmas

To have a cozy and calm Christmas, you can use a variety of things to enhance the décor like garlands, ribbons, ornaments and warm color palette.

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But if you want to create something sweet and exciting this Christmas, try making these cute felt ornaments. You can use these ornaments to adorn your mantels, trees, lamps, etc. Not feeling crafty? Don’t worry! You can purchase felt ornaments at every affordable price. Below we have compiled 40 best felt ornament ideas for you.

  1. Peppermint Felt Ornament:

This is so cute that we might even eat it. Just add a ribbon bow at the top and hang it from the Christmas tree. And since it’s unbreakable ornament, you can use it again and again.

  1. Matryoshka Doll Ornament:

Reindeer, Santa, ornament shapes are very common, but how often have you seen a Matryoshka Doll Ornament hanging from the Christmas tree? So make these ornaments to make your Christmas tree stand out!

  1. Christmas Tree Felt Ornament:

The felt Christmas tree ornaments are perfect for the beginners. They are easy and quick to make. And you can also use up the embellishment lying in your stash.

  1. Felt Penguins:

Can you make some space for these felt penguins in your house? They will look amazing arranged on your tabletop or mantelpiece.

  1. Cute Owl Ornament:

This cute owl ornament would make a fabulous addition if you are opting for the woodland theme for the Christmas.

  1. Sweet Squirrel Ornament:

Say hello to the two squirrel buddies here. Are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet? Ask your child what he would like to name them? Chestnut and Chessie would be cool right.

  1. Round Alphabet Felt Ornaments:

Want to teach your kids alphabets while having fun time crafting? Then make these felt monogram ornaments. You and your child can make ornaments on the initial of each family member.

  1. Bacon Ornament:

This one is too funny. People just cannot get enough of bacon and here’s the proof of that. Even Santa will love it.

  1. Gloves Shaped Ornament:

These baseball gloves shaped ornament are too beautiful to be expressed in words. Did you notice the baseball player and a beautiful spectator ornament? Sports lovers would be delighted.

  1. Elf Ornament:

Now that the Christmas is coming, the elves are busy making toys to deliver to young boys and girls. But these elves have taken some time out to beautify your house.

  1. Woodland Fox Ornament:

This handsome fellow has come all the way from Savanna to greet you for Christmas. He is sweet-faced, handsome and would make a great addition to children’s room.

  1. Button And Felt Ornament:

A lovely winter scene is made using buttons and felt. In one ornament, the snowman is interacting with snowwoman. And in the other, snowman is playing with a reindeer.

  1. Deer Ornament:

Here’s a cute deer ornament with button nose and eyes. It’s hanging from the tree from a red ribbon.

  1. Cute Christmas Tree:

This felt Christmas tree ornament is very different from what were usually get to see. The frills at the edges are lending a beautiful touch.

  1. Snowman Felt Ornament:

These cheery snowmen would look great not just on your Christmas tree, but also as gift tags. The only difficulty here would be making perfect hats.

  1. Felt Bell Ornament:

Christmas conjures images of carols and choirs, right? So why not hang these lovely bell ornaments from the Christmas tree? It will give a bright touch to your décor.

  1. Mistletoe Ornament:

Hang these felt ornaments from the ceiling to inspire holiday smooches. Or you can hang it on the tree as a decorative statement.

  1. Felt Polar Bear Ornament:

If you love animal themed ornament, then this set of white polar bear ornaments would make a perfect pick. You can also use them as gift tags.

  1. Tree Felt Ornament:

This twirling tree ornament would make a strong statement in a modern décor. It’s contemporary, yet stands true to the tradition.

  1. White Felt Ornaments:

You can also create a bunch of these felt ornaments to present as gifts to the children. Or there’s always an option of decorating your tree with it. Or just dress up your canister with it.

  1. Adorable Mouse Ornament:

This ornament is made using a baby sock, isn’t that great? After going through the tutorial, you would only wish that you had collected enough baby socks.

  1. Felt Car Ornament:

Enough of the same old, boring ornaments. It’s time to create something different for the Christmas. Use these lovely car shaped ornaments for decorating your Christmas tree.

  1. French Hen Ornament:

These ornaments would look best with the rustic or country theme.

  1. Hang The Ornament From The Tree:

This image does not just give us an idea for making the ornament, but also hanging the ornament. We never though you could dress up your chair with it.

  1. Felt Mitten Ornament:

Add some cozy vibes to your Christmas tree with these mitten shaped felt ornament. Just click on the link to get detailed instructions.

  1. Adorable Christmas Tree Ornament:

These darling Christmas tree ornaments are sure to brighten up your house. And there are perfect for beginners. String them in a garland to hang from the mantel.

  1. Felt Hummingbird Ornament:

This hummingbird needs a tree to thrive. Can you give him some space in your Christmas tree?

  1. Pineapple Ornament:

Add tropical charm to your house with this cheery pineapple. It will brighten the space and will shoo away the winter doldrums.

  1. Cardinal Ornament:

A red cardinal ornament would look stunning against the green Christmas tree. Just look at the finesse with which it’s made. Lovely!

  1. For The Scandinavian Décor:

These white and blue ornaments would look fantastic if you are planning a Scandinavian décor for Christmas.

  1. Felt Holy Family Ornament:

This is cuteness personified. The entire Jesus’ family is made in this ornament.

  1. Felt Christmas Mitten Ornament

Here’s a colorful mitten ornament looking great hung outdoors.

  1. Felt Camera Ornament:

If you want something different to decorate your tree, hang these felt ornaments from the tree.

  1. Dala House Ornament:

Show off your stitching skills on this felt Swedish Dala house. It’s inspired by the carved and painted horses of Sweden.

  1. Freeform Tree Ornament:

You know what’s the best part of this ornament? It’s adaptability. You do not have to be an expert in sewing to create this lovely ornament.

  1. The Cutest Of All:

This is the most creative of all the felt ornaments we’ve seen. It’s not made entirely of felt, but pinecone is also used in this idea.

  1. Spiderman Felt Ornament:

Your little superhero fan is sure to be delighted to see this ornament.

  1. A Group Of Ornaments:

This picture has ornaments of all the Christmas’s important symbols.

  1. Stacked Felt Ornament:

This one’s a felt ornament with a difference. Instead of sewing together pieces of felt, pieces of felt are stacked to make a Christmas tree.

  1. Goldfinch Felt Ornament:

Here’s another lovely bird ornament to enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree. He is looking a bit infuriated right now. He might feel a tad better when you hang him on the tree.


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